Odo, Count of Nevers

Odo of Burgundy, in French Eudes de Bourgogne (1230 – 4 August 1266), was the Count of Nevers and Auxerre and the eldest son and heir of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy. His mother was Yolande of Dreux.[1]

Odo, Count of Nevers
Eudes de Bourgogne (1230-1269).jpg
Seal of Odo of Nevers
Noble familyHouse of Burgundy
Spouse(s)Maud of Dampierre
FatherHugh IV, Duke of Burgundy
MotherYolande of Dreux
Coats of Arms of Eudes of Burgundy, Count of Nevers and Auxerre

In 1265, Odo became one of the last European barons to lead a crusading force to the Holy Land. Among his fifty knights was Erard of Valery. He defended Acre when Sultan Baybars I harassed it on 1 June 1266 in advance of his besieging Safad. He died at Acre on 4 August and was buried in the church of Saint Nicholas. He left all his wealth to pay his followers and to endow hospitals and religious institutions. He was described by the Templar of Tyre as a "holy man", and his tomb attracted veneration. Within a year of his death, the poet Rutebeuf wrote a Complainte du comte Eudes de Nevers, a lament for a valiant knight and also for the city that lost its defender.[2]

Burgundy passed to Odo's brother, Robert.

Marriage and childrenEdit

Odo married Maud of Dampierre and had three daughters, all of whom became rulers of their parents' counties:


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