Robert of Burgundy (bishop of Langres)

Robert of Burgundy (1059–1111) was a son of Henry of Burgundy and grandson of Robert I, Duke of Burgundy. He was an archdeacon at Langres and was named bishop of Langres in 1085. [1] Together with his brother Odo I, Duke of Burgundy, he participated in the French expedition to the Iberian peninsula that ended, with little accomplished, in the failed siege of Tudela in 1087. [2]

Bishop of Langres
Blason Ducs Bourgogne (ancien).svg
Seal of Hugh III of Burgundy
Died18 September 1111
Noble familyHouse of Burgundy
FatherHenry, son of Robert I of Burgundy

He took the habit at the abbey of Molesme in 1111, and died at Châtillon-sur-Seine on 18 September 1111.[1]


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