Hugh II, Duke of Burgundy

Hugh II of Burgundy (1084 – c. 6 February 1143) was duke of Burgundy between 1103 and 1143. Hugh was son of Odo I, Duke of Burgundy.[1] Hugh was selected custos for the monastery of St. Benigne, and this office would be held by his descendants until the end of the twelfth century.[2]

Hugh II
Hugh II.jpg
Seal of Duke Hugh
Duke of Burgundy
Reign1103 - 1143
PredecessorOdo I
SuccessorOdo II
Died(1143-02-06)6 February 1143
SpouseMatilda of Mayenne
Odo II, Duke of Burgundy
Sibylla of Burgundy
FatherOdo I, Duke of Burgundy
MotherSibylla of Burgundy
Seal of Hugh II of Burgundy

Marriage and issueEdit

He married, c 1115, Matilda of Mayenne, daughter of Walter, Count of Mayenne and Adelina de Presles.[3]

They had the following:

  • Aigeline (b.1116), married Hugh I, Count of Vaudemont
  • Clemence (b.1117), married Geoffrey III of Donzy[1]
  • Odo II, Duke of Burgundy, (1118–1162) married Maria of Champagne[1]
  • Gauthier, Archbishop of Besançon (1120–1180)
  • Hugh le Roux (1121–1171) married Isabel of Chalon[1]
  • Robert, Bishop of Autun (1122–1140)[1]
  • Henry, Bishop of Autun (1124–1170)[1]
  • Raymond, Count of Grignon (1125–1156) married Agnes of Montpensier[1]
  • Sibylla (1126–1150), married Roger II of Sicily[4]
  • Ducissa (b.1128), married Raymond de Grancy
  • Matilda (1130–1159), married William VII of Montpellier[1]
  • Aremburge (b.1132),[1] Nun


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