Highway H07 (Ukraine)

H07 is an important Ukraine national highway (H-highway) in Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy Oblasts, Ukraine, running mainly west-east, and connecting Kyiv (if switching to another highway at Brovary) with Yunakivka in a more or less straight line.[1][2] It begins in Brovary at Highway M01/Highway E95, and passes through Krasylivka, Hoholiv, Rusaniv, Peremoha, Nova Basan, Novyi Bykiv, Pohreby, Rudivka, Pryluky, Okhyrky, Sribne, Kharkove, Lavirkove, Romny, Korovyntsi, Nedryhailiv, Vylshana, Komyshanka, Shtepivka, Sula, Sad, Sumy, Stetskivka, Pysarivka, and Yunakivka, before ending at the Russian border. The road then continues as Russian Highway R200 to Kursk.[3]

Highway H07 shield}}
Highway H07
Автошлях H07
Route information
Length334.7 km (208.0 mi)
Major junctions
West end M 01 E 95 in Brovary
 P45 P61 H 12 in Sumy
East endRussia R200 near Yunakivka
RegionsKyiv Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast, Sumy Oblast
Highway system
Roads in Ukraine
H 06 H 08


Marshrutkas from Kyiv to Sumy actually prefer to first travel by means of Highway M03, then turning onto Road P60 at Pyryatyn, and only then turning onto Highway H07 in Romny. The same stands for marshrutkas from Sumy to Kyiv. The reason is that on this route there are more rest stops for marshrutkas (in Boryspil, Pyryatyn, Lokhvytsya, Romny, and Nedryhailiv) than on Highway H07 (there are none before Romny except in Pryluky, but that poses a minor detour).[citation needed]

Main routeEdit

Main route and intersections with other highways in Ukraine:[1]

Marker Settlements with intersecting highways Notes Highway interchanges
0 km Brovary   M 01   E 95
Hoholiv T1004
Novyi Bykiv T2541
Zaizd (near Pryluky) P67
Bileshchyna (near Pryluky) T2524
Sribne T2530
Romny T1913 P60
Nedryhailiv T1904
Shtepivka T1906
Sumy P44 P45 P61   H 12
Yunakivka / Border (Russia)   R200

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