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The European route E95 is a road in Europe and a part of the United Nations International E-road network. Approximately 2,527 kilometers (1,570 mi) long, it connects St Petersburg with Merzifon in north central Turkey. Between its northern terminus in Russia and its southern end, it passes in addition through Belarus and Ukraine. Between the ports of Odesa / Chornomorsk on Ukraine's southern coast and ports of Turkey (particularly, Samsun) vehicles are required to cross the Black Sea by ferry over a distance of 731 kilometers (approximately 455 miles).

E95 shield

Route information
Length2,527 km (1,570 mi)
Major junctions
North endSaint Petersburg, Russia
South endMerzifon, Turkey
Countries Russia
Highway system
International E-road network
Section of the E95 M05 highway near Kyiv.





    Odesa -   Samsun

There currently is no ferry from Odessa to Samsun. The best alternative is the ferry to Samsun from Chornomorsk, about 2 km away from Odesa.



Russian hard rock band Alisa has a song called "Trassa E-95" [1] dedicated to the road between Moscow and Saint Petersburg (previously part of E95, now part of E105).

Coordinates: 53°01′29″N 30°33′55″E / 53.0247°N 30.5652°E / 53.0247; 30.5652


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