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This is a list of characters in the 34th Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Much of the footage and plotline for Goseigers was adapted for the American series Power Rangers Megaforce and its sequel series Power Rangers Super Megaforce.


The Goseigers are young members of the Gosei Angel (護星天使, Gosei Tenshi) race, humans born with mysterious powers who 10,000 years ago moved to the Gosei World (護星界, Goseikai) so not to cause trouble for regular humans. Using the Heaven's Tower (天の塔, Ten no Tō) as a bridge between the dimensions, the Gosei Angels made it their mission to protect Earth. They are divided into three Tribes: the optimistic Skick Tribe (スカイック族, Sukaikku Zoku) with power over the aerial elements, the tough Landick Tribe (ランディック族, Randikku Zoku) with power over the earth, and the calm-headed Seaick Tribe (シーイック族, Shīikku Zoku) with power over the water element.[1][2] Prior to battle, the team announces their arrival by saying "Protecting the planet is an angel's duty." (「地球(ほし)を護るは天使の使命。」, "Hoshi o mamoru wa tenshi no shimei.") followed by "Tensou Sentai Goseiger!" (「天装戦隊ゴセイジャー!」, "Tensō Sentai Goseijā!"). With the power of the Miracle Gosei Headders, the Goseigers become the Super Goseigers (スーパーゴセイジャー, Sūpā Goseijā). Prior to battle, the Super Goseigers announce their arrival by saying "The Gosei feeling is like a hot crystal, Super Goseigers!" (護星の想いの熱き結晶、スーパーゴセイジャー!, Gosei no omoi no atsuki kesshō, Sūpā Goseijā).


Alata (アラタ, Arata) is a member of the Skick Tribe who has been the childhood friend of Eri. He has an innate ability to see through to the true essence of things. Unlike his Skick Tribe partner Eri, Alata is ten times more sensitive to the wind and he can easily pick up and track evil around the area. He, like Eri, also has a bubbly and positive personality. Whenever in a pinch, he never gives up and fights his way through. Alata truly believes in protecting the Earth and everyone. He is the first to befriend and truly trust Nozomu. However, despite being a strong leader for the group, Alata is usually an airhead and often does things before thinking about them. After transforming into Gosei Red (ゴセイレッド, Gosei Reddo), Alata says, "Skick Power of Storm! Gosei Red" (嵐のスカイックパワー!ゴセイレッド, Arashi no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Reddo).[3][4] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Red becomes Super Gosei Red (スーパーゴセイレッド, Sūpā Gosei Reddo), saying "Miraculous Storm! Super Gosei Red" (奇跡の嵐!スーパーゴセイレッド, Kiseki no Arashi! Sūpā Gosei Reddo).[5]

Alata is portrayed by Yudai Chiba (千葉 雄大, Chiba Yūdai).[6] As a child, he is portrayed by Yusuke Akiyama (秋山 悠介, Akiyama Yūsuke).


Eri (エリ) is a member of the Skick Tribe who is the most maternal of the group and optimistic about life. She excels in assessing situations, and is also a very bold fighter. Eri's personality resembles that of a cheerful and bubbly girl, as she is always thinking positively and never gives up. She also lacks common sense, as shown when collaborating with Moune in episode 9. Because of her capricious and airhead personality, she often clashes with her teammembers, especially Moune. She is often seen eating something, especially sweets. After transforming into Gosei Pink (ゴセイピンク, Gosei Pinku), Eri says, "Skick Power of Breeze! Gosei Pink" (息吹のスカイックパワー!ゴセイピンク, Ibuki no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Pinku).[7][8] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Pink becomes Super Gosei Pink (スーパーゴセイピンク, Sūpā Gosei Pinku), saying "Miraculous Breeze! Super Gosei Pink" (奇跡の息吹!スーパーゴセイピンク, Kiseki no Ibuki! Sūpā Gosei Pinku).[9]

Eri is portrayed by Rika Sato.[10] As a child, she is portrayed by Mutsumi Aou (栗生 睦未, Aō Mutsumi).


Agri (アグリ, Aguri) is a hot-blooded Landick warrior and elder brother of Moune who acts cool. He prides himself on being the strongest fighter out of the five Goseigers. After transforming into Gosei Black (ゴセイブラック, Gosei Burakku), Agri says, "Landick Power of Stone! Gosei Black" (巌のランディックパワー!ゴセイブラック, Iwao no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Burakku). As Gosei Black, he can team up with his sister to perform combination attacks.[11][12] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Black becomes Super Gosei Black (スーパーゴセイブラック, Sūpā Gosei Burakku), saying "Miraculous Stone! Super Gosei Black" (奇跡の巌!スーパーゴセイブラック, Kiseki no Iwao! Sūpā Gosei Burakku).[13]

Agri is portrayed by Kyousuke Hamao.[14]


Moune (モネ, Mone) is Agri's younger sister and youngest member of the group. However, she has a very strict nature which causes Eri to often get on her nerves. Despite this, she can be loving and always sticks to the battle ahead. Hyde sometimes calls her a child as she sometimes has a childish nature. After transforming into Gosei Yellow (ゴセイイエロー, Gosei Ierō), Moune says, "Landick Power of Sprouting! Gosei Yellow" (芽萌のランディックパワー!ゴセイイエロー, Megumi no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Ierō). As Gosei Yellow, she can perform the Insulator Kick (絶縁体キック, Zetsuentai Kikku).[15][16] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Yellow becomes Super Gosei Yellow (スーパーゴセイイエロー, Sūpā Gosei Ierō), saying "Miraculous Sprouting! Super Gosei Yellow" (奇跡の芽萌!スーパーゴセイイエロー, Kiseki no Megumi! Sūpā Gosei Ierō).[17]

Moune is portrayed by Mikiho Niwa.[18]


Hyde (ハイド, Haido) is the oldest of the group and the lone member of the Seaick Tribe, after the death of his partner Magis. Because he is the oldest, he is wise and usually calm, often paying very close attention to detail no matter how trivial. Whenever he calls Moune childish because of a mistake she makes, she will respond by calling him an old man. He serves in keeping the team together. After transforming into Gosei Blue (ゴセイブルー, Gosei Burū), Hyde says, "Seaick Power of Surging Waves! Gosei Blue" (怒涛のシーイックパワー!ゴセイブルー, Dotō no Shīikku Pawā! Gosei Burū). As Gosei Blue, he can perform the Seaick Spin (シーイックスピン, Shīikku Supin).[19][20] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Blue becomes Super Gosei Blue (スーパーゴセイブルー, Sūpā Gosei Burū), saying "Miraculous Surging Waves! Super Gosei Blue" (奇跡の怒涛!スーパーゴセイブルー, Kiseki no Dotō! Sūpā Gosei Burū).[21]

Hyde is portrayed by Kento Ono (小野 健斗, Ono Kento).


Magis (マジス, Majisu) was a member of the Seaick Tribe and the former partner of Hyde. Prior to the beginning of the series, he was killed by Kurasuniigo of the 5000 °C after sacrificing himself to save Hyde, briefly transforming into Gosei Green (ゴセイグリーン, Gosei Gurīn) to do so. Magis only appears in flashbacks; first in Epic 10 "Hyde's Partner", and again in Epic 39 "Epic Zero". It was later revealed that Magis has a dolphin motif as Gosei Green and his catchphrase is "Seaick Power of Life" (命のシーイックパワー, Inochi no Shīikku Pawā).[22]

Magis is portrayed by Yousuke Itou (伊藤 陽佑, Itō Yōsuke), who previously portrayed Sen'ichi "Sen-chan" Enari in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Gosei KnightEdit

Gosei Knight (ゴセイナイト, Gosei Naito) is a mysterious warrior of which the Gosei World has no record. Ten-thousand years ago, he was originally the Groundion Headder (グランディオンヘッダー, Gurandion Heddā) and battled the Yuumajuu alongside Brajira until they got separated. Ending up in a glacier, Groundion made a pact with the planet itself as it gives him the means to assume his human-like form to fight the revived Yuumajuu and cleanse the Earth of any threat to it. His motivations however have put him at odds with the current Goseigers, as he doesn't care for the people who inhabit the Earth and pollute it. Over time, while fighting alongside the Goseigers, Gosei Knight realizes their missions are one and the same. When the Yuumajuu were finally defeated and the forces of Matrintis appear, along with his life-force dwindling by then, Gosei Knight is in a dilemma of continue aiding the Goseigers or not. It was only after realizing that humans, in the example of Nozomu, have the potential to right their wrongs and protect the planet just as much as they can damage it as well, that Gosei Knight is able to truly fight alongside the Goseigers as their support.

Once Buredoran is revealed to be Brajira, their relation revealed to the Goseigers in the process, Gosei Knight personally battles his former master before being captured so his Final Power can be used by the villain. Soon after being tortured, Gosei Knight is infused with Brajira's Dark Gosei Power and forced to once more serve his master as Dark Gosei Knight (ダーク・ゴセイナイト, Dāku Gosei Naito). However, Alata manages to exhaust the evil energy within Gosei Knight and replenish it with his own Gosei Power. Eventually, after Brajira is defeated and the world safe, Gosei Knight decides to rest once more to regain his full power. Supporting the Goseigers during the Legend War, Gosei Knight sacrifices his ability to assume humanoid form to defeat the first Zangyack invasion force. During the events of 199 Hero Great Battle, while briefly obtaining the Gosei Knight Ranger Key holding his power, Gosei Knight regains his usual form and aids the Goseigers in helping the Gokaigers in their fight against the Black Cross King.

Unlike the Goseigers, Gosei Knight uses the mysterious Knightick Power (ナイティックパワー, Naitikku Pawā), enabling him to use the abilities of the Skick, Landick, and Seaick Tribes. When fighting, he refers to himself as "The Earth purifying knight of destiny! Gosei Knight" (地球を浄める宿命の騎士!ゴセイナイト, Hoshi o kiyomeru shukumei no kishi! Gosei Naito).[23][24]

Gosei Knight is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (小西 克幸, Konishi Katsuyuki).

Master HeadEdit

Master Head (マスターヘッド, Masutā Heddo) is the leader of the Gosei World and the Goseigers' contact to their homeworld, providing them with information to fight Warstar and later the Yuumajuu. In the end, Master Head sacrifices himself to provide the Goseigers with Gosei Ultimate. However, Master Head's spirit endured and ended up in another dimension. Playing a role in giving Gosei Knight the power to help in the Goseigers' final battle with the Matrintis Empire, Master Head reveals himself when he temporarily possesses Professor Amachi to give the Goseigers assistance, giving them insight about the Yuumajuu's sealing and Brajira.

Master Head is voiced by Ikuya Sawaki (沢木 郁也, Sawaki Ikuya), who also voices the Tensouder and acts as the series' narrator.

Amachi Astronomical InstituteEdit

The Amachi Astronomical Institute (天知天文研究所, Amachi Tenmon Kenkyūjō) is the home of Alata's good friend Nozomu and his father Professor Shuichirou Amachi. The members of the Goseigers work for the Professor part-time.

Nozomu AmachiEdit

Nozomu Amachi (天知 望, Amachi Nozomu) is a grade four student who is Alata's good friend. He first meets Alata when the Goseiger stops a baby carriage from rolling down a flight of stairs at a park. After their first encounter, Alata leaves to rejoin his teammates, but forgets his Change Card. Nozomu saves Alata in battle by bringing the Change Card to him. Although it is the Goseigers' policy not to let mankind know of their existence, Alata convinces his teammates not to erase Nozomu's memory; instead, they make him their close ally.[25]

Nozomu is portrayed by Sakuya Nakamura (中村 咲哉, Nakamura Sakuya).

Shuichirou AmachiEdit

Professor Shuichirou Amachi (天知 秀一郎博士, Amachi Shūichirō-hakase) is an amateur astronomer who runs the Amachi Institute, Nozomi's father and only present parent as his wife Yuko (裕子, Yūko) works away from home and rarely comes home. He hires the Goseigers as part-time workers, unaware of their actions. Regardless, Amachi aids them on certain occasions and eventually learns the truth about the Gosei Angels from Master Head after agreeing to be his medium to talk through due to being of pure heart.[26]

Shuichirou is portrayed by Louis Yamada LIII (山田ルイ53世, Yamada Rui Gojūsan-sei), the tsukkomi of the Hige Danshaku (髭男爵, Hige Danshaku) manzai duo.


Datas (データス, Dētasu) is a robot that is sent by Master Head to Earth, prior to Heaven's Tower being destroyed as both an emergency system and means for communication between the Gosei World and Earth. Tending to end his sentences with "desu", and usually sleeping when not needed, Datas also can pinpoint the likely location of villain activity. His form resembles the Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O arcade machine. Datas did not reappear in the Legend War because he was beaten and badly damaged by Zangyack.

Datas is voiced by Kōki Miyata (宮田 幸季, Miyata Kōki).


To perform their mission, the Gosei Angels use the mystical Gosei Power (ゴセイパワー, Gosei Pawā) sealed away in Gosei Cards that are kept in the Gosei Card Buckle belts.

  • Tensouder (テンソウダー, Tensōdā): The Tensouder is a device that reads the various Gosei Cards, with the activation call of "Tensou!", enabling the Gosei Angels to use Tensou Techniques. A Change Card allows the user to transform into a Goseiger. The Tensouder says "Gotcha" whenever it is opened and then [Command], [Tribe] Power (○○○○パワー, [command] [tribe] Pawā) when a Tensou Technique is executed.[27]
  • Gosei Blaster (ゴセイブラスター, Gosei Burasutā): The Gosei Blaster is the individual side arm for each Goseiger. A Headder can be added onto it to give it new powers. Depending on the Headder used, a Goseiger can execute a [Name] Bullet (○○バレット, [Name] Baretto) attack. Furthermore, depending on which elemental Headder group is used, the Goseigers can perform a [tribe] Bullet (○○バレット, [tribe] Baretto) group attack. Using the Taka (Red), Crow (Pink), Kuwaga (Black), Sai (Yellow), and Sawshark (Blue) Headders, the Goseigers can execute the Sky-Land-Sea Bullet (スカイランドシーバレット, Sukai Rando Shī Baretto) attack. Using the Ptera and Tyranno Headders, Gosei Pink and Yellow can execute the Ultimate Dinosaur Trick (最強恐竜トリック, Saikyō Kyōryū Torikku) attack, also called the Dinosaur Bullet (ダイナソーバレット, Dainasō Baretto).[28][29][30][31][32]
  • Skick Sword (スカイックソード, Sukaikku Sōdo): The Skick Sword is Gosei Red's personal Gosei Weapon (ゴセイウェポン, Gosei Weapon) resembling the tail of a dragon, with which he can execute the Red Break (レッドブレイク, Reddo Bureiku) attack.[33] With Gosei Pink, he can perform the Sky Combi Break (スカイコンビブレイク, Sukai Konbi Bureiku). With the four Goseigers, he can execute the Gosei Super Sonic (ゴセイスーパーソニック, Gosei Sūpā Sonikku) attack and the Red Dynamic (レッドダイナミック, Reddo Dainamikku) attack when using the Sky Dynamic card.
  • Skick Shot (スカイックショット, Sukaikku Shotto): The Skick Shot is Gosei Pink's personal Gosei Weapon resembling the feathers of a phoenix, with which she can execute the Pink Trick (ピンクトリック, Pinku Torikku) attack.[34] With Gosei Red, she can perform the Sky Combi Break. With the four Goseigers, she can perform the Gosei Super Sonic attack. With Gosei Yellow, she can execute the Gosei Combi Sonic (ゴセイコンビソニック, Gosei Konbi Sonikku) attack and the Gosei Shining (ゴセイシャイニング, Gosei Shainingu) attack. In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, she can execute the Pink Double Attack (ピンクダブルアタック, Pinku Daburu Atakku) with Shinken Pink.
  • Landick Ax (ランディックアックス, Randikku Akkusu): The Landick Ax is Gosei Black's personal Gosei Weapon that has the crushing power of a snake, with which he can execute the Black Attack (ブラックアタック, Burakku Atakku) attack.[35] In Epic 05, it was revealed to be extremely heavy, as Hyde had to use it with both hands before he could even pick it up. With Gosei Yellow, he can perform the Land Combi Attack (ランドコンビアタック, Rando Konbi Atakku). With the four Goseigers, he can perform the Gosei Super Sonic attack. With Gosei Blue, he can execute the Gosei Hurricane (ゴセイハリケーン, Gosei Harikēn) attack.
  • Landick Claw (ランディッククロー, Randikku Kurō): The Landick Claw is Gosei Yellow's personal Gosei Weapon that resembles the fangs of a saber-toothed tiger, with which she can execute the Yellow Shock (イエローショック, Ierō Shokku) attack.[36] With Gosei Black, she can perform the Land Combi Attack. With the four Goseigers, she can perform the Gosei Super Sonic. With Gosei Pink, she can perform the Gosei Combi Sonic and the Gosei Shining.
  • Seaick Bowgun (シーイックボウガン, Shīikku Bōgan): The Seaick Bowgun is Gosei Blue's personal Gosei Weapon that has the speed of a shark, with which he can execute the Blue Check (ブルーチェック, Burū Chekku) attack.[37] With the four Goseigers, he can perform the Gosei Super Sonic. With Gosei Black, he can perform the Gosei Hurricane.
  • Gosei Buster (ゴセイバスター, Gosei Basutā): The Gosei Buster is the combination of all five of the Gosei Weapons. With it, the Goseigers can perform the Gosei Dynamic (ゴセイダイナミック, Gosei Dainamikku) finisher by placing their Gosei Dynamic Cards onto their weapons. The Goseigers say "Assemble, Gosei Buster!" (アセンブル、ゴセイバスター!, Asenburu, Gosei Basutā!) in combining into it, say "Flashing Skick Power! Raging Landick Power! Serene Seaick Power!" (閃くスカイックパワー!猛るランディックパワー!冴えるシーイックパワー!, Hirameku Sukaikku Pawā! Takeru Randikku Pawā! Saeru Shīikku Pawā!) in placing their Gosei Dynamic Cards onto it, and say "Punish!" (パニッシュ!, Panisshu!) in performing the finisher.[38]
  • Landsea Buster (ランドシーバスター, Randoshī Basutā): The Landsea Buster is the combination of the Landick Gosei Weapons and the Seaick Bowgun. With it, Gosei Black, Yellow, and Blue can perform the Landsea Dynamic (ランドシーダイナミック, Randoshī Dainamikku) finisher by placing their Landsea Dynamic Cards onto their weapons. Gosei Black, Yellow, and Blue say "Assemble, Landsea Buster!" (アセンブル、ランドシーバスター!, Asenburu, Randoshī Basutā!) in combining into it and say "Punish!" in performing the finisher.
  • Sky Buster (スカイバスター, Sukai Basutā): The Sky Buster is the combination of the Skick Gosei Weapons. With it, Gosei Red and Pink can perform the Sky Dynamic (スカイダイナミック, Sukai Dainamikku) finisher by placing their Sky Dynamic Cards onto their weapons. Gosei Red and Pink say "Assemble, Sky Buster!" (アセンブル、スカイバスター!, Asenburu, Sukai Basutā!) in combining into it and say "Punish!" in performing the finisher.
  • Leon Cellular (レオンセルラー, Reon Serurā): The Leon Cellular is Gosei Knight's cellphone-like device that allows him to perform Tensou Techniques via a three-digit code on his cards and the activation call of "Tensou!". Like the Tensouder, the Leon Cellular says "Gotcha" whenever it is opened. Whenever a Tensou Technique is executed, the Leon Cellular says [Command], Knightick Power (○○○○ナイティックパワー, [command] Naitikku Pawā). The voice on the Leon Cellular is more mechanical than that of the Tensouder.[39]
  • Leon Laser (レオンレイザー, Reon Reizā): The Leon Laser is Gosei Knight's personal weapon. It has both a gun mode and a sword mode, known as the Leon Laser Sword (レオンレイザーソード, Reon Reizā Sōdo), which allows him to execute the Knight Metallic (ナイトメタリック, Naito Metarikku) attack.
  • Dynamic Leon Laser (ダイナミックレオンレイザー, Dainamikku Reon Reizā): The combination of the Leon Laser, the Leon Cellular and the Vulcan Headder. With it, Gosei Knight can perform the Knight Dynamic (ナイトダイナミック, Naito Dainamikku) finisher. Gosei Knight says "The Convicting Knightick Power!" (断罪のナイティックパワー!, Danzai no Naitikku Pawā!) and "Punish!" in performing the finisher.[40] With the Super Goseigers, Gosei Knight can perform the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic (ミラクルゴセイナイトダイナミック, Mirakuru Gosei Naito Dainamikku) finisher. When wielded by Super Gosei Red and used alongside the other Super Goseigers, the Dynamic Leon Laser's finisher is the Super Sky-Land-Sea-Knight Dynamic (スーパースカイランドシーナイトダイナミック, Sūpā Sukai Rando Shī Naito Dainamikku).
  • Gosei Tensword (ゴセイテンソード, Gosei Tensōdo): The Gosei Tenswords enable the Goseigers to become the Super Goseigers once the dome on top of the each staff holds a Miracle Gosei Header and the Goseigers announce "Super Tensou!" (超天装!, Chō Tensō!), a voice calls out Super Change (スーパーチェンジ, Sūpā Chenji), covering them in the Gosei Tector (ゴセイテクター, Gosei Tekutā) armor. Gosei Red can execute the Super Red Break (スーパーレッドブレイク, Sūpā Reddo Bureiku) attack, Gosei Pink can execute the Super Pink Trick (スーパーピンクトリック, Sūpā Pinku Torikku) attack, and Gosei Black can execute the Super Black Attack (スーパーブラックアタック, Sūpā Burakku Atakku) attack. By pressing a button and pulling the trigger on the handle, the Super Goseigers can execute a finisher. When used by the Skick Super Goseigers, its finisher is the Super Sky Dynamic (スーパースカイダイナミック, Sūpā Sukai Dainamikku).[41][42] When used by the Landick Super Goseigers, its finisher is the Super Land Dynamic (スーパーランドダイナミック, Sūpā Rando Dainamikku).[43][44] When used by Super Gosei Blue, its finisher is the Super Sea Dynamic (スーパーシーダイナミック, Sūpā Shī Dainamikku).[45] When used by the Skick and Landick Super Goseigers, its finisher is the Super Sky-Land Dynamic (スーパースカイランドダイナミック, Sūpā Sukai Rando Dainamikku). When used by all five Super Goseigers together, its finishers are the Super Sky-Land-Sea Dynamic (スーパースカイランドシーダイナミック, Sūpā Sukai Rando Shī Dainamikku) and Super Sky-Land-Sea-Knight Dynamic with the Dynamic Leon Laser. With Gosei Knight, the Super Goseigers can perform the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic. In Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Super Gosei Pink can perform the Pink Double Attack Part 2 (ピンクダブルアタックパート2, Pinku Daburu Atakku Pāto Tsū) with the Gosei Blaster alongside Gokai Pink.
  • Super Tensword (スーパーテンソード, Sūpā Tensōdo): The combination of the Gosei Tensword and the Tensouder. With it, The Super Goseigers can perform the Miracle Gosei Dynamic (ミラクルゴセイダイナミック, Mirakuru Gosei Dainamikku) finisher by placing the Miracle Gosei Dynamic Cards in the Tensouders. The Super Goseigers say "Punish!" in performing the finisher.
  • Super Sentai Bazooka (スーパー戦隊バズーカ, Sūpā Sentai Bazūka): The Super Sentai Bazooka is a cannon used by the Goseigers and Gokaigers that is created by the power and spirit of the previous 33 Super Sentai teams. It appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.

Gosei CardsEdit

The Gosei Cards (ゴセイカード, Gosei Kādo) allow the Goseigers to perform Tensou Techniques (天装術, Tensō Jutsu, [Note 1]). All of the Gosei Cards, when placed in the Tensouder, are activated with the activation call "Tensou!"[46]

Gosei Card Types
  • Change (チェンジ, Chenji): Initiates the transformation from Gosei Angel to Goseiger. There is a Change Card for each Goseiger.
  • Summon (サモン, Samon): Summons either the Gosei Headders, Gosei Weapons, Gosei Machines, Gosei Wonder or Gosei Ultimate. There is a Summon Card for each Gosei Weapon, Gosei Headder, Gosei Machine, and Brother set (there is one Seaick Brother Summon Card for Gosei Blue and two Landick and Skick Brother Summon Cards each for the Landick and Skick Goseigers respectively).
  • Gosei Dynamic (ゴセイダイナミック, Gosei Dainamikku): Activates the Gosei Dynamic attack when used with the Gosei Buster. Each Goseiger has his or her own Gosei Dynamic Card.
  • Landsea Dynamic (ランドシーダイナミック, Randoshī Dainamikku): Activates the Landsea Dynamic attack when used with the Landsea Buster. Gosei Black, Yellow, and Blue have his or her own Landsea Dynamic Card.
  • Sky Dynamic (スカイダイナミック, Sukai Dainamikku): Activates the Sky Dynamic attack when used with the Sky Buster or the Red Dynamic when used with the Skick Sword. Gosei Red and Pink have his or her own Sky Dynamic Card.
  • Combine (コンバイン, Konbain): Combines the Gosei Machines into Gosei Great (there are five Gosei Great Combine Cards).
  • Victory Charge (ビクトリーチャージ, Bikutorī Chāji): Initiates Gosei Great's finishers. There is a Victory Charge Card for each Gosei Giant combination, except for the Exotic, Mystic, Ultimate and Sky-Land-Sea Gosei Greats, for each Goseiger (there is one Seaick Gosei Great Victory Charge Card for Gosei Blue, two Landick and Skick Gosei Great Victory Charge Cards each for the Landick and Skick Goseigers respectively and six Ground Gosei Great Victory Charge Cards for each Goseiger).
  • Dual Combine (デュアルコンバイン, Dyuaru Konbain): Combines Gosei Great, Datas Hyper, the Skick Brothers, Landick Brothers and Seaick Brothers into Hyper Gosei Great (there are five Hyper Gosei Great Combine Cards) or Gosei Great and Gosei Ground into Ground Gosei Great (there are six Ground Gosei Great Combine Cards).
  • Wonder Power (ワンダーパワー, Wandā Pawā): Summons Gosei Wonder (there are five Wonder Power Cards).
  • Wonder Combine (ワンダーコンバイン, Wandā Konbain): Combines Gosei Wonder and the Gosei Machines into Wonder Gosei Great (there are five Wonder Gosei Great Combine Cards).
  • Wonder Charge (ワンダーチャージ, Wandā Chāji): Initiates Wonder Gosei Great's finisher (there are five Wonder Charge Cards).
  • Miracle Gosei Power (ミラクルゴセイパワー, Mirakuru Gosei Pawā): A Summon (サモン, Samon) card that initiates the transformation to Super Goseiger. There is a Miracle Gosei Power Card for each Goseiger.
  • Super Change (スーパーチェンジ, Sūpā Chenji): A Change (チェンジ, Chenji) card that initiates the transformation from Gosei Angel to Super Goseiger. Unlike the other Gosei Cards, the activation call for this card is "Super Tensou!". This card has only been used once by Gosei Black. In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, a version of this card allows the Shinkengers (except Shinken Red) to become Super Shinkengers without the Inromaru.
  • Miracle Gosei Dynamic (ミラクルゴセイダイナミック, Mirakuru Gosei Dainamikku): Activates the Miracle Gosei Dynamic attack when used with the Super Tensword. Each Super Goseiger has his or her own Miracle Gosei Dynamic Card.
  • Ultimate Charge (アルティメットチャージ, Arutimetto Chāji): Initiates Gosei Ultimate's finisher (there are five Ultimate Charge Cards).
  • Ultimate Power (アルティメットパワー, Arutimetto Pawā): Summons Gosei Ultimate (there are five Ultimate Power Cards).
  • Ultimate Combine (アルティメットコンバイン, Arutimetto Konbain): Combines Gosei Great and Gosei Ultimate into Ultimate Gosei Great.
  • Kaentornado (カエントルネード, Kaentorunēdo): Exclusive to Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku.
  • Miracle Combine (ミラクルコンバイン, Mirakuru Konbain): Exclusive to Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. Combines Gosei Great, Datas Hyper, Skick Brothers, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, Knight Brothers, the Groundion Headder into Ground Hyper Gosei Great.
  • Modikara Victory Charge (モヂカラビクトリーチャージ, Mojikara Bikutorī Chāji): Exclusive to Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. Initiates Ground Hyper Gosei Great's finisher.
  • Outbreak (アウトブレイク, Autobureiku): Enhancement card.
  • Splash (スプラッシュ, Supurasshu): Elemental card.
  • Expand (イクスパンド, Ikusupando): Spell card.
  • Explosion (エクスプロージョン, Ekusupurōjon): Elemental attack card.
  • Focus (フォーカス, Fōkasu): Perception-affecting card.
  • Spark (スパーク, Supāku): Thunder element card.
Skick Power Gosei Cards
There are two of each Skick Power Gosei Card each for Gosei Red and Gosei Pink.
  • Invisibreeze (インビジブリーズ, Inbijiburīzu): Outbreak Card that turns the user into a whirlwind to move without being detected.
  • Windrive (ウィンドライブ, Windoraibu): Splash Card that allows the user to bring another object or person to him or her with a whirlwind.
  • Twistornado (ツイストルネード, Tsuisutorunēdo): Explosion Card that summons a large transparent whirlwind.
  • Comprethunder (コンプレッサンダー, Konpuressandā): Spark Card that summons a storm cloud that launches lightning bolts.
  • Defenstorm (ディフェンストーム, Difensutōmu): Expand Card that summons a wall of wind.
  • Memoryfly (メモリーフライ, Memorīfurai): Expand Card that erases parts of the memory of the target(s) so humans are not aware of the Gosei Angels' existence and any nightmarish experience.
  • Reflecloud (リフレクラウド, Rifurekuraudo): A special Card given to Kamen Rider Decade to counter Kani Lazer's attack. First used in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.[47]
Landick Power Gosei Cards
There are two of each Landick Power Gosei Card each for Gosei Black and Gosei Yellow.
  • Rockrush (ロックラッシュ, Rokkurasshu): Explosion Card that lifts up giant rocks from the ground.
  • Roplant (ロープラント, Rōpuranto): Outbreak Card that produces an ivy from the ground that ensnares a target.
  • Sparquake (スパークェイク, Supākweiku): Spark Card that produces electricity from vibrations in the ground.
  • Defenstone (ディフェンストーン, Difensutōn): Expand Card that summons a wall of stones.
  • Memorybury (メモリーベリー, Memorīberī): Expand Card that erases parts of the memory of the target(s) so humans are not aware of the Gosei Angels' existence and any nightmarish experience.
  • Reflequartz (リフレクォーツ, Rifurekuōtzu): A special Card given to Kamen Rider Ryuki to counter Kani Lazer's attack. First used in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.[47]
Seaick Power Gosei Cards
There is one of each Seaick Power Gosei Card for Gosei Blue.
  • Presshower (プレッシャワー, Puresshawā): Splash Card that summons several jets of water from the ground.
  • Memorywash (メモリーウォッシュ, Memorīwosshu): Expand Card that erases parts of the memory of the target(s) so humans are not aware of the Gosei Angels' existence and any nightmarish experience.
  • Waterlens (ウォーターレンズ, Wotārensu): Outbreak Card that clears any interference, interstellar or otherwise.
  • Camoumirage (カモミラージュ, Kamomirāju): Focus Card that allows the user to assume a disguise.
  • Defenstream (ディフェンストリーム, Difensutorīmu): Expand Card that summons a wall of water.
  • Istop (アイストップ, Aisutoppu): Splash Card that blasts out a cone of frost that freezes anything in its path.
  • Refleclear (リフレクリア, Rifurekuria): A special Card given to Kamen Rider Blade to counter Kani Lazer's attack. First used in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.[47]
Knightick Power Gosei Cards
Unlike the Goseigers, Gosei Knight uses the numbers on his Leon Cellular to activate his Tensou Techniques in addition to Gosei Cards.
  • Change
    • Code 717 initiates the transformation from Gosei Knight to the Groundion Headder.
    • Code 535 initiates the transformation from the Groundion Headder to Gosei Knight.
  • Summon
    • Code 848 summons the Vulcan Headder.
    • Code 262 summons the Knight Brothers.
  • Knight Dynamic (ナイトダイナミック, Naito Dainamikku): Code 474 activates the Knight Dynamic attack when used with the Dynamic Leon Laser.
  • Combine: Code 353 initiates the combination of Groundion and the Knight Brothers into Gosei Ground.
  • Victory Charge: Code 919 initiates Gosei Ground's finisher, as well as the finisher of Ground Gosei Great.
  • Dual Combine: Code 525 initiates the combination of Gosei Great and Gosei Ground into Ground Gosei Great.
  • Explosion: Code 202 activates all Explosion Cards.
    • Rockrush
    • Twistornado
  • Spark: Code 303 activates all Spark Cards.
    • Comprethunder
  • Splash: Code 404 activates all Splash Cards.
    • Presshower
    • Freezedrive (フリーズドライブ, Furīzudoraibu): Splash Card that blasts out a cone of frost with a whirlwind that freezedries anything in its path.
  • Focus: Code 505 activates all Focus Cards.
    • Trianglobal (トライアングローバル, Toraiangurōbaru): Focus Card that merges the energies of the Skick, Landick, and Seaick Powers. Its effects can be duplicated through the simultaneous use of the Twistornado, Sparquake, and Presshower cards.
  • Outbreak: Code 606 activates all Outbreak Cards.
    • Roplant
  • Expand: Code 707 activates all Expand Cards.
    • Denfenstorm
    • Defenstream

Gosei Headders & Gosei MachinesEdit

The Gosei Headders (ゴセイヘッダー, Gosei Heddā) are living head-like items that help the Goseigers, serving only those who share their common attributes. Normally dormant on Headder Island (ヘッダーアイランド, Heddā Airando), the Goseigers can call upon them with the Headder Gosei Cards. Groups of Headders that are summoned together from different tribes are usually known as Brothers (ブラザー, Burazā). They can also be attached unto the Gosei Blaster. The Goseigers can also summon robotic bodies for the Gosei Headders to attach to, turning them into the Gosei Machines (ゴセイマシン, Gosei Mashin).

  • Dragon Headder (ドラゴンヘッダー, Doragon Heddā): The Dragon Headder is Gosei Red's personal Headder.[48] After combining with an airliner body, it can transform into the Gosei Dragon (ゴセイドラゴン, Gosei Doragon) and use its fire breath and missile in combat. It forms the upper body and head of Gosei Great and the waist of Ground Gosei Great.[49]
  • Phoenix Headder (フェニックスヘッダー, Fenikkusu Heddā): The Phoenix Headder is Gosei Pink's personal Headder.[50] After combining with a fighter aircraft (F-15 Eagle) body it transforms into Gosei Phoenix (ゴセイフェニックス, Gosei Fenikkusu), which can fire the Phoenix Beam from its mouth. It forms Gosei Great's left arm and Ground Gosei Great's left shoulder.[51]
  • Snake Headder (スネークヘッダー, Sunēku Heddā): The Snake Headder is Gosei Black's personal Headder.[52] After combining with a Shinkansen (700 Series Shinkansen) body, it turns into Gosei Snake (ゴセイスネーク, Gosei Sunēku). It forms the waist, right leg, and upper left leg of Gosei Great.[53]
  • Tiger Headder (タイガーヘッダー, Taigā Heddā): The Tiger Headder is Gosei Yellow's personal Headder.[54] After combining with a bulldozer body it turns into Gosei Tiger (ゴセイタイガー, Gosei Taigā). It forms the lower left leg of Gosei Great.[55]
  • Shark Headder (シャークヘッダー, Shāku Heddā): The Shark Headder is Gosei Blue's personal Headder.[56] After combining with a submarine body, it becomes Gosei Shark (ゴセイシャーク, Gosei Shāku) which can attack with torpedoes. It forms Gosei Great's right arm and Ground Gosei Great's right shoulder.[57]
  • Seaick Brothers (シーイックブラザー, Shīikku Burazā): The Seaick Brothers are a trio of submarine style Headders that combine onto Gosei Great to form Seaick Gosei Great.
    • Manta Headder (マンタヘッダー, Manta Heddā)[58]
    • Sawshark Headder (ソーシャークヘッダー, Sōshāku Heddā)[59]
    • Hammershark Headder (ハンマーシャークヘッダー, Hanmāshāku Heddā)[60]
  • Landick Brothers (ランディックブラザー, Randikku Burazā): The Landick Brothers are a trio of ground Headders that combine onto Gosei Great to form Landick Gosei Great. Together, they are able to execute the Landick Brothers Attack (ランディックブラザーアタック, Randikku Burazā Atakku).
    • Kuwaga Headder (クワガヘッダー, Kuwaga Heddā)[61]
    • Sai Headder (サイヘッダー, Sai Heddā)[62]
    • Tyranno Headder (ティラノヘッダー, Tirano Heddā)[63]
  • Skick Brothers (スカイックブラザー, Sukaikku Burazā): The Skick Brothers are a trio of aerial Headders that combine with Gosei Great to form Skick Gosei Great. Together, they are able to execute the Skick Tornado (スカイックトルネード, Sukaikku Torunēdo) attack.
    • Taka Headder (タカヘッダー, Taka Heddā)[64]
    • Crow Headder (クロウヘッダー, Kurō Heddā)[65]
    • Ptera Headder (プテラヘッダー, Putera Heddā)[66]
  • Exotic Brothers (エキゾチックブラザー, Ekizochikku Burazā): The Exotic Brothers are four Headders resembling differently colored Dragon Headders in aqua, purple, orange, and yellow-green. They appeared only once as the result of Alata's Tensou Techniques under the effects of Fandaho of the Nonsense's attack, losing the ability to summon them after the Warstar Alien was defeated.
  • Hyper Change Headder (ハイパーチェンジヘッダー, Haipā Chenji Heddā): The Hyper Change Headder resembles a bullet and allows Datas to transform into Datas Hyper.
  • Mystic Brothers (ミスティックブラザー, Misutikku Burazā): The Mystic Brothers are a duo of the ostrich-like Mystic Runner (ミスティックランナー, Misutikku Rannā) and the Egg Headder (エッグヘッダー, Eggu Heddā) which is composed of a pair of Headders similar to two halves of an egg. To attack, the Mystic Runner kicks the Egg Headder like a soccer ball.[67]
  • Groundion Headder (グランディオンヘッダー, Gurandion Heddā): The Groundion Headder is Gosei Knight's true form.[68] After combining with an off-road dump truck body, he becomes Groundion (グランディオン, Gurandion). As Groundion, he can execute the Groundion Eraser (グランディオンイレイザー, Gurandion Ireizā) attack where he shoots an energy beam while unleasing a torrent of missiles. He forms the main body of Gosei Ground and chest and feet of Ground Gosei Great, with Gosei Knight himself forming the head in both formations.[69]
  • Vulcan Headder (バルカンヘッダー, Barukan Heddā): The Vulcan Headder combines with the Leon Laser to give it Gatling-like abilities.
  • Knight Brothers (ナイトブラザー, Naito Burazā): The Knight Brothers are a duo of lion-based Gosei Machines.
    • Sealeon (シーレオン, Shīreon): A sea-type Headder that combines with a cruise ship body. Sealeon forms Gosei Ground's right leg, as well as Ground Gosei Great's right arm.[70]
    • Skyon (スカイオン, Sukaion): A sky-type Headder that combines with a blimp body. Skyon forms Gosei Ground's left leg, as well as Ground Gosei Great's left arm.[71]
  • Miracle Gosei Headders (ミラクルゴセイヘッダー, Mirakuru Gosei Heddā): The Miracle Gosei Headders are golden Headders that allow the Goseigers to become the Super Goseigers. They also change to the Goseigers' respective colors and grow giant while attaching themselves to Gosei Ultimate.
    • Miracle Dragon Headder (ミラクルドラゴンヘッダー, Mirakuru Doragon Heddā): Due to its vast power, the Miracle Dragon Headder was originally known as the Abare Headder (アバレヘッダー, Abare Heddā) for its raging power that it was feared for. Though it is originally taken by Buredoran, the Headder assumes its true form and fights by Gosei Red's side as his personal Miracle Headder.
    • Miracle Phoenix Headder (ミラクルフェニックスヘッダー, Mirakuru Fenikkusu Heddā): Gosei Pink's personal Miracle Headder.
    • Miracle Snake Headder (ミラクルスネークヘッダー, Mirakuru Sunēku Heddā): Gosei Black's personal Miracle Headder.
    • Miracle Tiger Headder (ミラクルタイガーヘッダー, Mirakuru Taigā Heddā): Gosei Yellow's personal Miracle Headder.
    • Miracle Shark Headder (ミラクルシャークヘッダー, Mirakuru Shāku Heddā): Gosei Blue's personal Miracle Headder.
  • Gosei Wonder (ゴセイワンダー, Gosei Wandā): Gosei Wonder is a blue Gosei Machine that is featured in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie. It has five Headders, and can separate into five Gosei Machines. Each then combine to become Wonder Gosei Great.[72]
    • Gosei Bird (ゴセイバード, Gosei Bādo): Gosei Bird is an eagle-themed Gosei Machine that comprises the body of Gosei Wonder, and then the upper body and head of Wonder Gosei Great.
    • Kabuto Headder (カブトヘッダー, Kabuto Heddā): After combining with a fighter aircraft (F-15 Eagle) body, the Kabuto Headder transforms into Gosei Kabuto (ゴセイカブト, Gosei Kabuto) and can form Wonder Gosei Great's left arm.
    • Crocodile Headder (クロコダイルヘッダー, Kurokodairu Heddā): After combining with a Shinkansen (700 Series Shinkansen) body, the Crocodile Headder becomes Gosei Crocodile (ゴセイクロコダイル, Gosei Kurokodairu). It forms the waist, right leg, and upper left leg of Wonder Gosei Great.
    • Elephant Headder (エレファントヘッダー, Erefanto Heddā): After combining with a bulldozer body, the Elephant Headder turns into Gosei Elephant (ゴセイエレファント, Gosei Erefanto) and forms the lower left leg of Wonder Gosei Great.
    • Dolphin Headder (ドルフィンヘッダー, Dorufin Heddā): After combining with a submarine body, the Dolphin Headder becomes Gosei Dolphin (ゴセイドルフィン, Gosei Dorufin) and forms Wonder Gosei Great's right arm.

Universal Annihilation Army WarstarEdit

The Universal Annihilation Army Warstar (宇宙虐滅軍団ウォースター, Uchū Gyakumetsu Gundan Wōsutā) are the first set of fictional antagonists of the thirty-fourth Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger, that battle the Goseigers in order to destroy the Earth. Following an insect theme, the name of each member's home world being an anagram of the type of Earth insect they represent, all Warstar-related members and things have names that are modifications of the Japanese names of American Science fiction films. "Warstar" itself is from Star Wars (スターウォーズ, Sutā Wōzu). Most of Warstar is defeated in episode 15, with only a handful of members remaining to take revenge in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie.

Fictional historyEdit

Warstar's forces are based on the Universal Mothership Indevader (宇宙母船インデベーダー, Uchū Bosen Indebēdā, [Note 2]) and seek to steal the life force of other planets with their insect-based forces. Before their invasion of Earth, they realized that the Gosei Angels would be trouble for them, so they destroyed the Heaven's Tower (天の塔, Ten no Tō) in a preemptive strike. Unbeknownst to them, five Gosei Angels were living on the Earth at the time. Eventually, Warstar is defeated when its leader and base are destroyed by the Goseigers.

Mons DrakeEdit

The Great King Mons Drake (大王モンス・ドレイク, Daiō Monsu Doreiku, 1-15), also known as Mons Drake of the Planet (惑星のモンス・ドレイク, Wakusei no Monsu Doreiku), is a Monsu Alien (モンス星人, Monsu Seijin, Atlas moth) who is the leader of Warstar armed with the Drake Tomahawk (ドレイクトマホーク, Doreiku Tomahōku). His signature attacks are the Planet Bullet (惑星弾, Wakusei Dan), the Syzygial Bullet (惑星直列弾, Wakusei Chokuretsu Dan), and his most powerful attack being the Gravity Fall (引力落とし, Inryoku Otoshi) ceremony where he uses the dark matter in his body to cause a nearby satellite to impact the planet he is currently on. Before invading the Earth, his new follower Buredoran informs him of the Gosei Angels and the threat that they pose to his plans, so Mons Drake tasks Dereputa to destroy Heaven's Tower in a preemptive strike in an attempt to bar the Gosei Angels from Earth. However, as five Gosei Angels were on the planet at the time, Mons Drake is forced to have his forces deal with them. Eventually, after growing tired of the Goseigers' interference, Mons Drake performs the Gravity Fall ritual to make the Moon collide with Earth. However, the ceremony is stopped by the Goseigers with Dereputa seemingly killed off. Soon after, Mons Drake attempts another plan by transferring Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash into the Earth to burn every human. However, he is instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and consumed in the resulting explosion. His spirit later appears to Brajira, unsuccessfully trying to attack him before being cast away.[73][74] Mons Drake's name comes from Star Trek (スタートレック, Sutā Torekku).

Mons Drake is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三, Iizuka Shōzō).


Dereputa of the Meteor (流星のデレプタ, Ryūsei no Dereputa, 1-12 & 16) is a Zutinma Alien (ズティンマ星人, Zutinma Seijin, Mantis) who was a foot soldier until his fighting spirit attracts Mons Drake's attention, promoting him to combat commander and his right-hand man. His signature attacks are the Meteor Bullet (流星弾, Ryūsei Dan) (using his forearms to unleash an energy blast), Super Meteor Bullet (超流星弾, Chō Ryūsei Dan), Meteor Dimensional Bullet (流星縦横弾, Ryūsei Jūō Dan), and the Super-Galactic Meteor Bullet (超銀河流星弾, Chō Ginga Ryūsei Dan). He was the one who destroyed Heaven's Tower when Warstar began its invasion on Earth, and became Gosei Red's nemesis after severely injuring his forearm in their initial confrontation. However, when Mons Drake pushes the Gravity Drop forward, Dereputa barely survives Hyper Gosei Great's attack and is presumed dead. In reality, discarding his breastplate with a scar on his chest from the attack, Dereputa came to the realization of acting on his own to prove his superiority. After Mons Drake's demise, Dereputa resurfaces to settle things with Gosei Red while attacking his teammates to ensure no interference. Though he was finally defeated, Dereputa unknowingly releases the Yuumajuu.[75][76][77] Dereputa's name comes from Predator (プレデター, Puredetā).

Dereputa is voiced by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也, Koyama Rikiya). Koyama is known for his role as Joe the Haze in Kamen Rider Black RX.


Buredoran of the Comet (彗星のブレドラン, Suisei no Buredoran, 1-15 & The Movie) is a treehopper-like[Note 3] alias adopted by Brajira after he arrived to the present era just as the Indevader arrives in Earth's orbit; managing to become one of Mons Drake's top commanders within a short time while providing Warstar with intelligence on the Gosei Angels. Fighting the Goseigers personally whenever their Tensou Techniques or weaknesses are exploited, Buredoran uses the Buredolancer (ブレドランサー, Buredoransā) along with his signature attack, the Comet Bullet (彗星弾, Suisei Dan) (which allows him to fire an energy blast from his hand). He is in charge of enlarging the monsters by using the Bibi Bugs. Buredoran pilots the Indevader prior to its destruction, and survives to resume his Yuumajuu guise, though he does briefly return to his Warstar form during the events of Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie.[78][79] Buredoran's name comes from Blade Runner (ブレードランナー, Burēdo Rannā).

Buredoran is voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).


Gyōten'ō of the Supernova (超新星のギョーテンオー, Chōshinsei no Gyōten'ō) is a Doditake Alien (ドッディテケ星人, Dodditeke Seijin, Katydid), referring to himself as Warstar's strongest officer. One of the last remaining members of Warstar after Mons Drake's destruction, Gyōten'ō has been hunting for the Horn of Ragnarok on another planet. He appears in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie, managing to achieve the weapon and swallowing it once the end of the world is assured. Though he damages the Dragon Headder prior to enlarging, Gyōten'ō is destroyed by Wonder Gosei Great; with the Horn shattered in the process.[80] Gyōten'ō is named after Captain EO (キャプテンEO, Kyaputen Ī Ō).

Gyōten'ō is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (柴田 秀勝, Shibata Hidekatsu).


Deinbaruto of the Morning Star (明星のデインバルト, Myōjō no Deinbaruto) is a Desapoda Alien (デサプオダ星人, Desapuoda Seijin, Diopsoidea), Gyōten'ō's right-hand man, and one of the last remaining members of Warstar after Monsu Doreiku's destruction. He appears in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie, assisting his commanding officer before he's destroyed by the female Goseigers.[80] Deinbaruto is named after Deep Impact (ディープ・インパクト, Dīpu Inpakuto).

Deinbaruto is voiced by Bin Shimada (島田 敏, Shimada Bin).


The poisonous Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫, Bībi Mushi), are living products of the dark aspects of previous alien races that Warstar conquered. After Warstar fell, Brajira kept the Bibi Bugs' hive to utilize them for the Yuumajuu before Kinggon takes it. When Kinggon was destroyed, the Bibi Bug Hive ended up in Metal-Alice's possession, modifying them to convert into Bibi Nails to enlarge Matroids. Eventually, the Bibi Bugs are destroyed after Brajira's death. However, one Bibi Bug survives and evolves into a humanoid form called King Bibi (キングビービ, Kingu Bībi) who enters the body of Yumeko Hoshino in order to execute a master plan that would destroy the Goseigers and everything they stood for in order to avenge his kind while feeding on the darkness in human hearts. However, King Bibi's plan fails and he is destroyed soon after by Ground Gosei Great.[81]

The Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi (魔虫兵ビービ, Machūhei Bībi) are foot soldiers that were originally dolls that are given life through the Bibi Bugs, and armed with various weapons. Originally used by Warstar, the Bibi Soldiers were used by the other organizations.[82]

The Bibi Soldiers and the Bibi Bugs are named after B movies (B級ムービー, bī-kyū mūbī). King Bibi is voiced by Kenji Nomura (乃村 健次, Nomura Kenji).


The Aliens (星人, Seijin) are the insect-based alien monsters from different planets that serve Warstar. Their full names relate to their talents. With the use of Buredoran's Bibi Bugs, they are able to enlarge.

  • Mizogu of the Clump (塊のミゾーグ, Katamari no Mizōgu, 1): Mizogu is a Brasca Alien (ベラスカ星人, Berasuka Seijin, Scarab), able to suck up rubble into the grinder on his stomach to create boulders that he uses to attack or capture opponents. He is summoned for Warstar's initial attack on Earth before the Goseigers destroy him with the Gosei Buster.[83] Mizogu's name comes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (未知との遭遇, Michi to no Sōgū). Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki (宇垣 秀成, Ugaki Hidenari).
  • Zaruwaku of the UFO (UFOのザルワック, Yūfō no Zaruwakku, 2): Zaruwaku is a Gubydal Alien (グバイデレ星人, Gubaidere Seijin, Ladybug) who can transform into a UFO and duplicate himself so he can abduct people in order to make money off of them. Though he was defeated by the Gosei Buster, Zaruwaku is enlarged by the Bibi Bugs before being destroyed by Gosei Great.[84] Zaruwaku's name comes from Planet of the Apes (猿の惑星, Saru no Wakusei). Voiced by Mitsuru Ogata (小形 満, Ogata Mitsuru).
  • Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow (氷雪のユウゼイクス, Hyōsetsu no Yūzeikusu, 3): Yuzeikusu is a Garyusu Alien (ガリュース星人, Garyūsu Seijin, Non-Biting Midge (ユスリカ, Yusurika)) with freezing-based powers. Even though he initially failed his superiors, Yuzaikusu refused to return until he fulfilled his mission. After being defeated by the Gosei Buster, Yuzeikusu is enlarged before being destroyed by Gosei Great.[85] Yuzeikusu's name comes from The Thing (遊星からの物体X, Yūsei kara no Buttai Ekkusu). Voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (安元 洋貴, Yasumoto Hiroki).
  • Mazuarta of the Music (ミューズィックのマズアータ, Myūzikku no Mazuāta, 4): Mazuarta is a Teckric Alien (トッケリク星人, Tokkeriku Seijin, Cricket) who considers himself to be the universe's best musician even though the sound he produces is painful to human ears; and more so to the Skick Tribe Gosei Angels. With Buredoran as his manager, Mazuarta almost kills everyone with his music, were it not for Eri's singing voice negating his sound. After being defeated by the Gosei Buster, Mazuarta is enlarged before being destroyed by Gosei Great.[86] Mazuarta's name comes from Mars Attacks! (マーズアタック!, Māzu Atakku!). Voiced by Ryuzou Ishino (石野 竜三, Ishino Ryūzō).
  • Ucyuseruzo of the Influenza (流感のウチュセルゾー, Ryūkan no Uchuseruzō, 5): Ucyuseruzo is a Bugntes Alien (バグンテス星人, Baguntesu Seijin, Stinkbug) capable of producing a virus that changes smart students into Bibi soldiers via his sneezes. After an antidote is devised, Ucyuseruzo is defeated by the Gosei Buster, then destroyed by Seaick Gosei Great.[87] Ucyuseruzo's name comes from The War of the Worlds (宇宙戦争, Uchū Sensō). Voiced by Ryūsei Nakao (中尾 隆聖, Nakao Ryūsei).
  • Hidou of the Swift Runner (韋駄天のヒドウ, Idaten no Hidō, 6): Hidou is a Ylabungora Alien (イラブンゴラ星人, Irabungora Seijin, Dragonfly) capable of moving at blinding speeds. Alata is able to counter him, but Dereputa separates him from the others. In response, the others train to master Alata's ability so they can counter Hidou's speed while Alata fought Dereputa. When they fought him as Gosei Great, they couldn't beat his speed. After being enlarged, Hidou is destroyed by Landick Gosei Great.[88] Hidou's name comes from The Hidden (ヒドゥン, Hidun). Voiced by Wataru Takagi (高木 渉, Takagi Wataru).
  • Abauta of the Research (研究のアバウタ, Kenkyū no Abauta, 7): Abauta is a Zuteramedorop Alien (ズテラメドロプ星人, Zuteramedoropu Seijin, Protohermes grandis) able to observe and research an opponent in order to counter them. Abauta is destroyed by Landick Gosei Great.[89] Abauta's name comes from Avatar (アバター, Abatā). Voiced by Akio Nojima (野島 昭生, Nojima Akio).
  • Fandaho of the Nonsense (出鱈目のファンダホー, Detarame no Fandahō, 8): Fandaho is a Totsneho Alien (トツネホ星人, Totsuneho Seijin, Hornet) able to scramble his target with the antennae on his back. Going to Earth on his own, Fandaho attempts to make an impression on Mons Drake by causing chaos on the streets. In the end, he is destroyed by Exotic Gosei Great.[90] Fandaho's name comes from Fantastic Four (ファンタスティック・フォー, Fantasutikku Fō). Voiced by Yasuhiro Takato (高戸 靖広, Takato Yasuhiro).
  • Irian of the Queen Bee (女王蜂のイリアン, Joōbachi no Irian, 9): Irian is a Bswa Alien (ブスワ星人, Busuwa Seijin, Bee) with ability to produce a fluid that paralyzes male targets, allowing her to use them as material for her furniture. Defeated by the female Goseigers, an enlarged Irian is destroyed by Skick Gosei Great.[91] Irian's name comes from Alien (エイリアン, Eirian). Voiced by Yukana (ゆかな).
  • Kurasunigo of the 5000°C (5000℃のクラスニーゴ, Gosendo no Kurasunīgo, 10): Kurasuniigo is a Luview Alien (ルビーウ星人, Rubīu Seijin, Weevil) able to exude heat from his armor that he uses in his Spin Crisis (スピンクライシス, Supin Kuraishisu) and Corona Crisis (コロナクライシス, Korona Kuraishisu) attacks. While Dereputa went sent to destroy the Heaven's Tower, Kurasunigo was sent to boil the Earth's sea before he was seemingly killed when Magis sacrificed himself to stop him. However, Kurasunigo reemerged from the water months later to resume his mission. After the Goseigers use the Gosei Buster on him, they finally destroy him with Seaick Gosei Great and avenge Magis.[92] Kurasunigo's name comes from Solar Crisis (クライシス2050, Kuraishisu Nii Maru Gō Maru). Voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (前野 智昭, Maeno Tomoaki).
  • Yokubabanger of the Electric Shock (電撃のヨークババンガー, Dengeki no Yōkubabangā, 11): Yokubabanger is a Daicaci Alien (ダイケシ星人, Daikeshi Seijin, Cicada) and one of Mons Drake's top soldiers. He is sent to Earth to absorb surrounding electricity and use it to commit acts of destruction before Gosei Yellow weakens him for the Goseigers to defeat with the Landick Bullet attacks. After being enlarged, Yokubabanger manages to siphon Gosei Great's power before he is destroyed by Datas Hyper.[93] Yokubabanger's name comes from Batteries Not Included (ニューヨーク東8番街の奇跡, Nyū Yōku Higashi Hachibangai no Kiseki). Voiced by Kōzō Shioya (塩屋 浩三, Shioya Kōzō).
  • Powereddark of the Mutation (変わり種のパワードダーク, Kawaridane no Pawādodāku, 13): Powereddark is a Hognlo Alien (ホグンロ星人, Hogunro Seijin, Longhorn beetle) who uses modified Power Seeds (パワーシード, Pawā Shīdo) created by Buredoran to counter any of the Goseigers' attacks and wields his own version of the Skick Sword. Defeated by the Mystic Brothers, an enlarged Powereddark is destroyed by Mystic Gosei Great.[94] Powereddark's name comes from Howard the Duck (ハワード・ザ・ダック/暗黒魔王の陰謀, Hawādo za Dakku/Ankoku Maō no Inbō). Voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto (松本 保典, Matsumoto Yasunori).
  • Targate of the Satellite (衛星のターゲイト, Eisei no Tāgeito, 14): Targate is a Thailago Alien (スアイラゴ星人, Suairago Seijin, Goliath Beetle) who specializes in teleportation. As one of Mons Drake's top soldiers, he offers his aid in eliminating the Goseigers and is promised the seemingly fallen Dereputa's place as his leader's right hand in return. Able to withstand the Gosei Buster, it took a Sky-Land-Sea Bullet to defeat him before Mystic Gosei Great and Datas Hyper finally destroyed him.[95] Targate's name comes from Stargate (スターゲイト, Sutāgeito). Voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu).

Other AliensEdit

  • Dorunpasu of the Revival (再生のドルンパス, Saisei no Dorunpasu): Dorunpasu is one of Mons Drake's top soldiers who used his resurrection ability to revive the Aliens the Goseigers destroyed. Dorunpasu is destroyed by Gosei Great. Dorunpasu's name comes from Starship Troopers (スターシップ・トゥルーパーズ, Sutāshippu Turūpāzu). He only appears in the special drama sessions of the first original soundtrack.

Earth Condemnation Group YuumajuuEdit

The Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu (地球犠獄集団 幽魔獣, Chikyū Gigoku Shūdan Yūmajū, [Note 4]) are the second set of fictional antagonists of the thirty-fourth Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger, as well as the second group to battle the Goseigers while pursuing their goal of destroying the Earth. Like their predecessors, the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar, each of their names is a modification of a film title. For the Yuumajuu, these films are monster movies and each member of the Yuumajuu is modeled after a specific cryptid or other horror film creatures mixed with an arthropod element. In addition, the kanji in a Yuumajuu's name is indicative of its abilities. The name "Yuumajuu" comes from the Japanese title for the film Rise of the Gargoyles (U.M.A(ユーマ) 2010, Yūma Nisenjū), which in turn uses a Japanese term for cryptid: "U.M.A. (Unidentified Mysterious Animal)".

Fictional historyEdit

Ten thousand years ago, the Yuumajuu battled the ancient Gosei Angels until their two leaders were sealed by Brajira in the Erurei Box (エルレイの匣, Erurei no Hako, [Note 5]), the source of the Yuumajuu's power. In 2010, Dereputa's meteor shower inadvertently exposed the Erurei Box, allowing Brajira to secretly break the seal and rejoin them in his Buredoran guise, freeing the Yuumajuu once more as they intend to pollute the Earth and make it into an ideal paradise for themselves. At the same time, Gosei Knight is reawakened in response to stop them.


Makuin of the Blob (ブロブの膜(マク)イン, Burobu no Makuin, 17-32) is the leader of the Yuumajuu who wishes to reform the world in his image so his kind can flourish and take delight in human suffering. He can use his Dorodorod (泥ドロッド, Dorodoroddo) cane to perform spells and manipulate his body. He can also convert himself into the Yuuma Buster (幽魔バスター, Yūma Basutā) for Kinggon to use in their Yuuma Dynamic (幽魔ダイナミック, Yūma Dainamikku) attack; which utilizes the "Shimmering Yuumatick Power!" (ゆらめきの幽魔チックパワー!, Yurameki no Yūmachikku Pawā!). While starting phase one of their final plan, Makuin is apparently destroyed by Ground Gosei Great. However, Makuin intends for his apparent demise to absorb the full brunt of Super Gosei Power before his remains are transferred into the Erurei Box to regenerate and create the Yuuma Hole (幽魔ホール, Yūma Hōru) to destroy the Earth. After the box is enlarged and placed on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Makuin begins the final phase of their plan: absorbing the entire Earth. But the Goseigers travel inside and once they overcoming his illusions, reach his core in the Yuuma Hole and destroy him once and for all. His spirit later appears before Brajira along Kinggon, futilely trying to attack him before being cast away.[96][97] He is named after The Blob (マックイーンの絶対の危機, Makkuīn no Zettai no Kiki) and his name includes the kanji for "membrane" (, maku). He is modeled after an earthworm.

Makuin is voiced by Chafurin (茶風林, Chafūrin).


Kinggon of the Bigfoot (ビッグフットの筋(キン)グゴン, Biggufutto no Kingugon, 17-32) is the military leader of the Yuumajuu and one of their strongest warriors; armed with the Kingbō (金グ棒, Kingubō) kanabō. He tends to say certain words three times in a sentence. Though he and Makuin are a powerful pair, Kinggon unintentionally falls under the spell of his friend Jogon by Buredoran, nearly getting himself killed by the Goseigers when he attempts to prove his superior strength to what he believed was Makuin. However, Kinggon realized he was deceived and managed to find the Bibi Bugs' hive before returning to get rid of Buredoran. Kinggon aids Makuin in their final plan until his partner is killed off and he himself is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate soon after. His spirit later appears to Brajira along with Makuin; futilely trying to attack him before being cast away.[98][99] He is named after King Kong (キングコング, Kingu Kongu), which in turn sounds similar to the Japanese ape-like cryptid Hibagon and uses the kanji for "muscle" (, kin). He is modeled after a tarantula.

Kinggon is voiced by Kosuke Takaguchi (高口 公介, Takaguchi Kōsuke).


Buredoran of the Chupacabra (チュパカブラの武(ブ)レドラン, Chupakabura no Buredoran, 18-29) is the Yuumajuu's strategist armed with the Bredolicers (武レドライサー, Bredoraisā); an alias Brajira used to get close to the Yuumajuu so he can seal them. However, after Warstar was defeated by the Goseigers, Buredoran resumes his Yuumajuu guise as he releases Makuin and Kinggon, providing them with the enlarging Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫, Bībi Mushi) and Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi.[80][100] Sensing the Abare Headder, Buredoran manages to take it as his weapon by acting without the others and somehow tames it. However, Gosei Red manages to reach the Headder and convert it into the Miracle Dragon Headder, resulting in Buredoran's first defeat by the Goseigers as Makuin and Kinggon imprison him for his recklessness. Though he's eventually released, Buredoran proceeds to turn Kinggon against Makuin and take his place as the latter's right-hand man in order to remove him from power. However, this scheme backfires and Buredoran is defeated by Ground Gosei Great. Eventually, after aligning himself with the Gedoushu, Buredoran's remains are found by Metal-Alice, who presents him to her leader, Robogōgu, who revives him as Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg.[101][102] As a Yuumajuu, Buredoran's name includes the kanji for "warrior" (, bu) and is now modeled after a house centipede.

Buredoran is voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).

Minor YuumajuuEdit

The minor Yuumajuu (幽魔獣(ユーマじゅう), Yūmajū) are cryptid-based monsters with arthropod elements who avoided their Makuin and Kinggon's fates by hiding within different parts of the Earth before their leaders are released. Their full name relates to the cryptids on which they are based. Like the aliens of Warstar, with the use of Buredoran's Bibi Bugs, the Yuumajuu are also able to enlarge.

  • Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko (ツチノコのト稀(マレ)ヅ, Tsuchinoko no Tomarezu, 17): Tomarezu is the first Yuumajuu to attack, able to dig underground and spew out a green slime that can melt humans down into a toxic sludge that can seep into the earth and taint it unless he is destroyed. After being destroyed by Gosei Knight, Tomarezu is secretly revived by Buredoran's Bibi Bugs and is enlarged; gaining the ability turn into a tank-like form, only to be destroyed by Groundion's Groundion Eraser.[103] Tomarezu is named after Tremors (トレマーズ, Toremāzu) and uses the kanji for "dilute" (, mare). He is modeled after a common pill-bug. Voiced by Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士, Nagasako Takashi).
  • Zeibu of the Mummy (ミイラのゼイ腐(ブ), Miira no Zeibu, 18): Zeibu is able to turn people into his mummified slaves, those he also wields the Cursed Sand and the Cursed Whip. He planned to use a television broadcast to turn more humans into his slaves and mummify the entire planet until the Goseigers and Gosei Knight stop him. After Gosei Knight defeats him, Zeibu is revived by the Bibi Bugs before he's finally destroyed by Hyper Gosei Great.[104] Zeibu is named after They Live (ゼイリブ, Zei Ribu) and uses the kanji for "decayed" (, fu). He is modeled after a centipede. Voiced by Norio Wakamoto (若本 規夫, Wakamoto Norio).
  • Giemurou of the Kappa (河童のギエム郎(ロウ), Kappa no Giemurō, 19): Giemurou is a Yuumajuu warrior with the ability to absorb moisture and fights like a sumo wrestler. Found by Buredoran, Giemurou is used in a scheme to use Gosei Knight's power to convert humans into kappas and have them convert others as well, all while sucking the planet dry. After Gosei Knight escapes his confines, he summons the Knight Brothers and becomes Gosei Ground to destroy an enlarged Giemurou.[105] Giemurou is named after The Host (グエムル-漢江の怪物-, Guemuru -Hangan no Kaibutsu-) and uses the kanji for "son" (, ). He is modeled after a tick. Voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (大友 龍三郎, Ōtomo Ryūzaburō).
  • Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran (ケサランパサランのペサラン挫(ザ), Keseran-Pasaran no Pesaranza, 20): Pesaranza is a Yuumajuu who feeds off of the persistent love between humans. Reconstructed from his remains by Makuin, Pesaranza drives humans to be obsessive to get their hearts just right for feeding. In addition to super speed, Pesaranza can break his body up into several fluff balls to avoid being hit by an attack. He is destroyed by the combined efforts of Gosei Ground and Skick Gosei Great.[106] Pesaranza is named after 1943's Phantom of the Opera (オペラ座の怪人, Operaza no Kaijin) and uses the kanji for "break" (, za). He is modeled after a leech. Voiced by Norihisa Mori (森 訓久, Mori Norihisa).
  • Waraikozou of the Gremlin (グレムリンのワライコ僧(ゾウ), Guremurin no Waraikozō, 21): The childish Waraikozou loves to destroy anything mechanical. He is destroyed by the combined efforts of Gosei Ground and Gosei Great.[107] Waraikozou is named after The Twilight Zone (トワイライトゾーン, Towairaito Zōn) and uses the second half of the kanji for "brat" (小僧, kozō). He is modeled after a flea. Voiced by Chihiro Suzuki (鈴木 千尋, Suzuki Chihiro).
  • Uobouzu of the Nessie (ネッシーのウオボ渦(ウズ), Nesshī no Uobōzu, 22): Uobouzu talks in poems and eats shadows, leaving his victims in a state of paralysis that becomes fatal over time. Having battled Groundion in the past, Uobouzu is found by Makuin, who asks for his aid to finish what he started ages ago. Uobouzu eventually meets his end against Ground Gosei Great.[108] Uobouzu is named after The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (ウォーター・ホース, Wōtā Hōsu) and uses the kanji for "whirlpool" (, uzu). He is modeled after a snail. Voiced by Junpei Morita (森田 順平, Morita Junpei).
  • Zaigo of the Skyfish (スカイフィッシュのザイ粉(ゴ), Sukaifisshu no Zaigo, 23): Zaigo is able to raise humans' temperature via spark attacks, such as the Zaigo Stardust (ザイ粉スターダスト, Zaigo Sutādasuto) and the Spacy Shower (スペイシーシャワー, Supeishī Shawā). Defeated by the male Goseigers, an enlarged Zaigo is destroyed by Ground Gosei Great.[109] Zaigo is named after Psycho (サイコ, Saiko) and uses the kanji for "powder" (, ko). He is modeled after a stick insect. Voiced by Anri Katsu (勝 杏里, Katsu Anri).
  • Semattarei of the Brocken Spectre (ブロッケン妖怪のセマッタ霊(レイ), Burokken Yōkai no Semattarei, 24): Semattarei is able to cast illusions, such as the Yuumajuu previously destroyed by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. He is used by Buredoran to force the Goseigers to get the Abare Headder for him, who then uses the item on Semattrei to enhance his power to the point where his illusions can become tangible. In the end, he is destroyed by the Super Goseigers.[110] Semattarei is named after Pet Sematary (ペット・セマタリー, Petto Sematarī) and uses the kanji for "ghost" (, rei). He is modeled after a harvestman. Voiced by Juji Matsuda (松田 重治, Matsuda Jūji).
  • Sarawareteiru of the Fairy (妖精のサラワレテ居(イル), Yōsei no Sarawareteiru, 25): Sarawareteiru is used in Makuin's scheme to target Moune, having her use her golden pixie dust to assume the form of the girl's mother. However, as Moune finally sees through the deception and Gosei Knight exposes her, Sarawareteiru is defeated by the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight before being destroyed by Ground Gosei Great.[111] Sarawareteiru is named after FairyTale: A True Story (フェアリーテイル, Fearī Teiru) and uses the kanji for "to live" (, iru). She is modeled after a leaf insect. Voiced by Yū Sugimoto (杉本 ゆう, Sugimoto Yū).
  • Hit of the Tengu (天狗のヒッ斗(ト), Tengu no Hitto, 26): Hating human laughter, Hit uses a gourd that can suck in anyone who laughs in its presence in a scheme to rid the world of laughter. He's capable of using his feathered gauntlets to execute wind attacks like the "Tickling Wind". In the process of his mission, Hit captures all of the Goseigers except Gosei Blue and Gosei Knight, who trick Hit into breaking his gourd to free everyone before the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight defeat him. After being enlarged, Hit overpowers Gosei Great and Gosei Ground until Seaick Gosei Great disables his wind attacks, allowing Gosei Ground to destroy the Yuumajuu.[112] Hit is named after It (IT, Ittu) and uses the kanji for "fight" (, to). He is modeled after a scorpion. Voiced by Toshihiro Ogura (おぐら としひろ, Ogura Toshihiro).
  • Jogon of the Ningyo (人魚のジョ言(ゴン), Ningyo no Jogon, 27): An old friend of Kinggon's, Jogon is able to latch special seashells onto people which target a flaw in them and makes them believe everyone around them is saying it behind their backs. Among his victims were Aguri and unintentionally Kinggon. After being hit by the Miracle Gosei Dynamic, an enlarged Jogon is overwhelmed by Gosei Great and Gosei Ground before being destroyed by Landick Gosei Great.[113] Jogon is named after Creature from the Black Lagoon (大アマゾンの半魚人, Dai Amazon no Hangyojin) and uses the kanji for "language" (, gon). He is modeled after a silverfish. Voiced by Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀, Matsuno Taiki).
  • Pikarime of the Shakōkidogū (遮光器土偶のピカリ眼(メ), Shakōkidogū no Pikarime, 28): Pikarime is an old friend of Makuin's who uses her powers to abduct all of the children in the city in order to have them all jump off a cliff into the ocean. Pikarime is defeated by the Super Goseigers' Miracle Gosei Dynamic before being enlarged, during which, she is destroyed by Ground Gosei Great's Ground Great Strike (Taka Headder version).[114] Pikarime is named after Village of the Damned (光る眼, Hikaru Me) and uses the kanji for "eye" (, me). She is modeled after an ant. Voiced by Kanae Oki (沖 佳苗, Oki Kanae).
  • Elmgaim of the Baku (獏のエルムガイ夢(ム), Baku no Erumugaimu, 30): Originally only able to eat the dreams of those asleep, Elmgaim gets a power boost from the Erurei Box that enables him to eat souls as well, leaving his comatose victims in despair while causing them to grow roots capable of rotting the planet. After being defeated by Super Gosei Pink's Super Sky Dynamic and Gosei Knight's Knight Dynamic, he is enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, where after a failed attempt to steal the Goseigers' dreams, he's destroyed by Ground Gosei Great.[115] Elmgaim is named after A Nightmare on Elm Street (エルム街の悪夢, Erumugai no Akumu) and uses the kanji for "dream" (, mu). He is modeled after a velvet worm. Voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka (伊丸岡 篤, Imaruoka Atsushi).

Other YuumajuuEdit

  • Bītūsu of the Poltergeist (ポルターガイストのビートゥース, Porutāgaisuto no Bītūsu): Bītūsu is able to blow a gale and become invisible. Defeated by Gosei Knight, an enlarged Bītūsu is destroyed by Ground Gosei Great. Bītūsu is named after Beetlejuice (ビートルジュース, Bītorujūsu). The kanji used in his name is unknown as he only is mentioned in the special drama sessions of the third original soundtrack.

Machine Onslaught Empire MatrintisEdit

The Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis (機械禦鏖帝国マトリンティス, Kikai Gyoō Teikoku Matorintisu) are the third set of fictional antagonists of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Like both predecessor villain groups, the characters that comprise Matrintis are named after films. Matrintis' names come from movies that feature robots. Another naming quirk of Matrintis is that their names feature non-Japanese characters. The name "Matrintis" is itself a portmanteau of the title of the film The Matrix (マトリックス, Matorikkusu) and Atlantis (アトランティス, Atorantisu), referencing their origins from beneath the sea.[116] Unlike members of the first two (Warstar and the Yuumajuu), who were modeled after terrestrial invertebrates, Matrintis characters are modeled after marine invertebrates.

Fictional historyEdit

Matrintis was an ancient empire that sank into the sea 4500 years ago due to an unknown event. However, due to a cybernetically modified survivor and his robotic creations taking refuge in the Machine Fortress Terminel (機械要塞ターミネル, Kikai Yōsai Tāmineru, [Note 6]), the Matrintis Empire resurfaces in 2010 and used the likes of Warstar and the Yuumajuu to get an advantage over the Goseigers through studying their fighting abilities. After a failed attempt to obtain an energy source, the Matrintis Empire officially makes their presence known as they uses the information on the Goseigers to begin their plan to enslave humanity. However, the Matrintis Empire's leader meets his end in the long run after drafting Buredoran to his ranks.


Robogorg of the 10-sai (10(テン)サイのロボゴーグ, Tensai no Robogōgu, 33-44) [Note 7] was originally a human scientist who perfected a method of immortality through cybernetics. Though ostracized for his methods prior to converting himself into a cyborg, the Matrintians begged for his help when their city sank into the sea. Since then, Robogorg believes all organic life because of their emotions have no purpose other than to serve him and his machines by using fear. Though he uses Matroids to do his dirty work, Robogorg is not above personally getting involved in fights if it benefits his need to gather data on an opponent. His title comes from his 10 built-in abilities whose Japanese names include the mora string sai: the Genius Brain (鬼才ブレイン, Kisai Burein) to create and improve Matroid designs, the Punishment Bomb (制裁ボム, Seisai Bomu), the Fortress Armor (要塞アーマー, Yōsai Āmā), the Devastation Vulcan (撃砕バルカン, Gekisai Barukan), the Blasting Missile (爆砕ミサイル, Bakusai Misairu), the Lumbering Saber (伐採セイバー, Bassai Seibā), the Dictatorship Hurricane (独裁ハリケーン, Dokusai Harikēn), and the Salvation Cell (救済セル, Kyūsai Seru) that would enable Robogorg to be rebuilt with help. His most powerful moves are the Calamity Destruction (厄災デストラクション, Yakusai Desutorakushon) cannon, an all-out attack that causes earthquakes and can only be used once, and the Suicide Crusher (玉砕クラッシャー, Gyokusai Kurasshā) self-destruct, with enough power to wipe out a continent. Using his creations to gather intel on the Goseigers, using Bred-RUN as his trump card against them. After getting enough info on his enemies, Robogorg makes his move to finish them off by using Bred-RUN as a sacrifice to seal the Tensouders and the Leon Cellular. However, the Leon Cellular is still functional as Gosei Knight ruins his scheme to kill the Gosei Angels easily. After enlarging he tries to use a self-destruct attack to wipe out the Goseigers and possibly all of Japan, but is stopped by Datas Hyper and Gosei Ground before being scrapped by Ultimate Gosei Great. However his head survives, taunting the Gosei Angels that he can easily rebuild himself with his Salvation Cell. However, Bred-RUN destroys the item and Robogorg realizes Bred-RUN regained his memories with Metal Alice's help. Confirming his killer's true nature, Robogorg's head is thrown into the air and obliterated by Bred-RUN's missiles. His spirit later appears to Brajira, futilely trying to attack him before being cast away.[117][118] He is named after RoboCop (ロボコップ, Robokoppu) and modeled after a shrimp.

Robogorg is voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi (小杉 十郎太, Kosugi Jūrōta).

Metal AliceEdit

Metal Alice of the Agent (エージェントのメタルA(アリス), Ējento no Metaru Arisu, 33-44) is Robogorg's personal attendant and the marshal of Matrintis who is the first high spec Matroid built by her master to serve him. In battle, able to shoot the breast-like G Cup Buster (Gカップバスター, Jī Kappu Basutā) missiles on her chest, she calculates any factor and uses previous battle data to enhance specs on Matroid designs. She wields the Alice Pad (A(アリス)パッド, Arisu Paddo) with the Alice Pad Sword (A(アリス)パッドソード, Arisu Paddo Sōdo) mode that allows her to summon the Bibi Soldiers and the Bibi Bugs to fight for Matrintis and converts the Bibi Bugs into the Bibi Nails (ビービネイル, Bībi Neiru) to enlarge the Matroids. After attempting to talk him to back away from the fight in their first encounters, Metal Alice has since become a frequent rival of GoseiKnight. After being destroyed by Wonder Gosei Great, Metal Alice loses Robogorg's respect as he deems her model low spec and installs a Punishment Bomb on her rebuilt body to keep her in her place. But after reviving Bred-RUN, and being saved by him, Metal Alice developed an interest in the concept of friendship while starting to realize that the Goseigers can not be underestimated. Soon on the eve of the final battle, after learning that Robogorg only kept her around in order to perfect Bred-RUN into an ideal servant, Metal Alice restores Bred-RUN's memory and sets up a scheme with him to do away with Robogorg. She then sacrifices herself to take Bred-RUN's place as a suicide bomber, letting Super Gosei Red detonate her Punishment Bomb. Though she barely survived the explosion, Metal Alice is destroyed by Bred-RUN.[119][120] She is named after Metropolis (メトロポリス, Metoroporisu) and modeled after a basket star.

Metal Alice is voiced by Marina Inoue (井上 麻里奈, Inoue Marina).


Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg (サイボーグのブレドRUN, Saibōgu no Buredoran, 39-45) is the revived form of Warstar/Yuumajuu member Buredoran, turned into a cyborg by Robogorg and made into the newest member of the Matrintis Empire with his memory wiped out save his name and hatred for the Goseigers. As a result, Buredo-RUN is more of a team player and secretly perfected to be an ideal Matroid and serve as Robogorg's trump card against the Goseigers. His weapons are the BuredoLaunchers (ブレドランチャー, Buredoranchā) in his shoulders and the Buremerangs (ブレメラン, Buremeran) that he uses as close-range weapons. It would turn out that Robogorg copied Bred-RUN's original memory and keep it on his person for analysis on the Goseigers. By the time he learns of this, Buredo-RUN is used by Robogorg in a scheme to cripple the Goseigers and Gosei Knight that drained of most of his energy as a result. However, Buredo-RUN regained his memories prior to the battle thanks to Metal Alice and had manipulated the fight's events so Robogorg's body would be heavily damaged by the Goseigers so he can personally finish the job. He then destroys Metal Alice before leaving the Goseigers in shock. Taking the Terminel as his base of operations, Buredo-RUN reveals his true nature as Brajira of the Messiah.[121] As a Matrintis member, Buredoran's name includes the English word RUN and is modeled after an ammonite.

As with his previous incarnations, Buredo-RUN is voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).


The Matroids (マトロイド, Matoroido) are the robotic servants of the Matrintis Empire. They follow three protocols: conquer humans, punish humans, and protect themselves from any hostility. With the use of Metal Alice's enhancement of the Bibi Bugs to become Bibi Nails, the Matroids are able to enlarge.

  • Zan-KT of the Shield (シールドのザンKT, Shīrudo no Zan Kē Tī, 33): Zan-KT is the first Matroid used by the Matrintis Empire to capture humans, able to transmutate a shield from surrounding materials and with data on the Goseigers for an added advantage. He is scrapped by Gosei Ultimate.[122] Zan-KT and the models that follow are named after Short Circuit (ショート・サーキット, Shōto Sākitto) and modeled after a scallop. Voiced by Taketora (武虎).
    • Zan-KT2 of the Shoot (シュートのザンKT2, Shūto no Zan Kē Tī Tsū, 34): Soon after his defeat, Zan-KT is rebuilt and upgraded with the battle data from his previous fight with the Goseigers, giving him an advantage until Gosei Knight intervenes. Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground are used to defeat Zan-KT2.[123] Zan-KT2 is named after Short Circuit 2 (ショート・サーキット2, Shōto Sākitto Tsū). Voiced by Taketora.
    • Zan-KT3 of the Short (ショートのザンKT3, Shōto no Zan Kē Tī Surī, 43): The Zan-KT3s are 3 mass-produced Matroids that combine the attributes of the previous models, though the Zan-KT3s are all easily destroyed by the Goseigers, one by the Sky Buster, another by the Landsea Buster and the last by Gosei Knight's Knight Dynamic.[124] Voiced by Ibuki (勇吹輝).[125]
  • Zuteru-S of the Mach (マッハのズテルS, Mahha no Zuteru Esu, 35): Zuteru-S is sent by the Matrintis Empire to gather humans for labor, able to fly at blinding speeds. His signature move, Mach Extreme (マッハエクストリーム, Mahha Ekusutorīmu), allows him to fire a barrage of missiles. He is destroyed by Ultimate Gosei Great.[127] Zuteru-S is named after Stealth (ステルス, Suterusu) and modeled after a copepod. Voiced by Isshin Chiba (千葉 一伸, Chiba Isshin).
  • Bazaruso-LJ of the Scan (スキャンのバザルソLJ, Sukyan no Bazaruso Eru Jē, 36): Bazaruso-LJ is sent to find physically fit humans and capture them in order to convert into cyborg soldiers. However, he is destroyed by Ultimate Gosei Great.[128] Bazaruso-LJ is named after Universal Soldier (ユニバーサル・ソルジャー, Yunibāsaru Sorujā) and modeled after a cuttlefish. Voiced by Toshitsugu Takashina (高階 俊嗣, Takashina Toshitsugu).
  • Adoborute-G of the Vital (バイタルのアドボルテG, Baitaru no Adoborute Jī, 37): Adoborute-G is sent to test out his petrifying Vital Meter on humans in a scheme to ensure their human slaves would not be defiant. He has optical camouflage that can disguise himself as a man in a pink rabbit suit. When he fires a barrage of bullets from his body, he says "Scatter Go-Go!" (サンランゴゴー!, Sanran Gogō!). Defeated by Super Gosei Yellow, Adoborute-G is eventually destroyed by Gosei Ultimate.[129] Adoborute-G is named after Crank: High Voltage (アドレナリン:ハイ・ボルテージ, Adorenarin: Hai Borutēji) and modeled after a coral. Voiced by Mitsuaki Hoshino (星野 充昭, Hoshino Mitsuaki).
  • Bakutofuji-ER of the Timer (タイマーのバクトフージER, Taimā no Bakutofūji Ī Āru, 39 & 40): Bakutofuji-ER uses the Time Reverse (タイムリバース, Taimu Ribāsu) ability, able to turn back time 10 seconds. He was used by Metal Alice to lure the Goseigers into a trap so Bred-RUN could destroy them. Enlarging to cover Bred-RUN, Bakutofuji-ER battles Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground before using his Time Reverse to fight against the former's Ultimate Strike. However, unbeknownst to Metal Alice, Bred-RUN shoots a beam into the colliding attacks that causes a time warp which sucks Alata and Bakutofuji-ER into it. The two battled in the past before returning to the present, with the Matroid finally destroyed by Ground Gosei Great.[130] Bakutofuji-ER is named after Back to the Future (バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー, Bakku tu za Fyūchā) and modeled after a horseshoe crab. Voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一, Sakaguchi Kōichi).
  • Ain-I of the Neutral (ニュートラルのアインI, Nyūtoraru no Ain Ai, 41): Ain-I is a Matroid designed by Metal Alice in her own scheme to understand the concept of friendship, placing a remote-controlled Alice Bomb (A(アリス)ボム, Arisu Bomu) with a 300 meter blast radius in his body. Left in the care of Eri, Ain-I is renamed "Koro" and learns much about humanity and friendship before Metal Alice deems the experiment a waste of her time and wipes out his memory while activating his battle mode. Though his brain is damaged in the fight, Metal Alice enlarges Ain-I and activates the Alice Bomb as Super Gosei Pink manages to use Gosei Ultimate to take Ain-I into the stratosphere before he suddenly reactivates and knocks Gosei Ultimate away to save Eri.[131] Ain-I is named after A.I. Artificial Intelligence (A.I., Ē Ai) and modeled after a starfish. Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi (山口 勝平, Yamaguchi Kappei).
  • Saroge-DT of Imitation (イミテイションのサロゲDT, Imiteishon no Saroge Dē Tī, 42): Saroge-DT is a Datas Hyper-like Matroid who ends his sentences with "death" (デス, desu), built personally by Robogorg after researching Datas' schematics and upgrading them while extracting data on the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. As a result, Saroge-DT is able to counter any attack by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. However, Saroge-DT is caught off guard by the effects of Gosei Blue's Camoumirage Card before being destroyed by the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic, then enlarged and beaten by Datas Hyper before he and Gosei Ultimate finally destroy the Matroid.[132] Saroge-DT is named after Surrogates (サロゲート, Sarogēto) and modeled after a sponge. Voiced by Takahiro Miyauchi (宮内 尊寛, Miyauchi Takahiro).

Brajira of the MessiahEdit

Brajira of the Messiah (救星主のブラジラ, Kyūseishu no Burajira), the primary antagonist, is a fallen Gosei Angel (元護星天使, moto Gosei Tenshi) with a Messiah Complex who assume the many guises of Buredoran to battle the Goseigers. While his guises were named after Blade Runner (ブレードランナー, Burēdo Rannā), Brajira is named after the film Brazil (未来世紀ブラジル, Mirai Seiki Burajiru). Both films are related to dystopias, reflecting his desire to reshape the world according to his desires.

Other than the Bibi Soldiers and Bibi Bugs, Brajira uses many weapons at his disposal. In his normal form, he uses the Dark Sword (ダークソード, Dāku Sōdo). He also carried the Buredolancer (ブレドランサー, Buredoransā) spear while in Warstar, the clawed Bredolicer (武レドライサー, Buredoraisā) gauntlets in his Yuumajuu guise, a Shōryū Bakuzantō-style blade in Gedoushu form, and both the hand-held Bremerang (ブレメラン, Buremeran) blades and built-in BredLaunchers (ブレドランチャー, Buredoranchā) while as a Matroid.

Brajira uses a perverted form of Gosei Power called Dark Gosei Power (ダークゴセイパワー, Dāku Gosei Pawā) sealed away in special Orbs (オーブ, Ōbu). By having an Orb enter his chest armor, Brajira can perform an ancient version of the Tensou Techniques (天装術, Tensō Jutsu), his being more crude compared to present Tensou Techniques used by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. He also has used the Tensou Technique Timetrouble (タイムトラブル, Taimutoraburu), an incomplete Tensou Technique that sent him to the future while mutating him by accident. Brajira has also mastered the forbidden Tensou Technnique End (エンド, Endo), that allows the user to bring life back to all creatures on the planet, using it as the basis for Nega End (ネガー・エンド, Negā Endo) which has the opposite effect and thus cause a mass extinction.

Brajira and his many incarnations are voiced by Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男, Tobita Nobuo).

Fictional character biographyEdit

Brajira was originally the most powerful of the Gosei Angels, able to use all three elements at once after killing his teammates to take their powers for his own. After sealing the Yuumajuu leaders Makuin and Kinggon while incognito as Bredoran of the Chupacabra, Brajira became obsessed with his mission as a Gosei Angel to the point of fashioning the Earth Salvation Plan (地球救星計画, Chikyū Kyūsei Keikaku), which would allow him to destroy the world and remake it in his own image as its Messiah. To that end, after the other Gosei Angels hold him responsible for killing his teammates, Brajira used the Time Travel Tensou Technique to travel from his time into the present, distorting his looks in the process as Warstar arrives on Earth. From there, Brajira joins Warstar under the name Buredoran of the Comet and provided them with his inventions - the Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi (魔虫兵ビービ, Machūhei Bībi) and the enlarging Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫, Bībi Mushi), along with his knowledge on the Gosei Angels so Warstar can do his dirty work in disabling them before he disposes of the aliens personally.

After Warstar's defeat by the Goseigers, Bredoran returns to the Yuumajuu after secretly unsealing its leaders to have them finish off the Goseigers, momentarily assuming his Warstar guise to take advantage of Gyōten'ō's plan to use the Horn of Ragnarok to destroy the planet. After losing face in the aftermath of the Abare Headder incident, Buredoran attempts to do away with both the Yuumajuu leaders and the Goseigers. The scheme backfires, and Buredoran is defeated by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight in Ground Gosei Great. In the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, Buredoran assumes a form similar to Doukoku known as Buredoran of Chimatsuri. In this form, Buredoran uses his Bibi Bugs to turn Shinken Red into his follower to use his fire Modikara with Makodama's power in a scheme to transfer the Sanzu Rivers' waters into the Gosei World through a portal that opens every two centuries. The plan fails and Buredoran meets his end against Ground Hyper Gosei Great. His near lifeless body is then discovered by Matrintis Empire's Metal-Alice after her encounter with a mysterious Super Sentai group, and he is rebuilt as Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg with his memories erased, as Robogorg knew of his true identity and intended to use his ability to seal the Tensouders. Bred-RUN regains his memory when Metal-Alice takes pity on him and restores it. With this, he sets up the Matrintis Empire's downfall and destroys Metal-Alice despite her act of kindness towards him.

Taking control of the Terminel, renaming it Labyrindel (ラビリンデル, Rabirinderu, [Note 8]), Brajira reveals his true form and captures Gosei Knight to make him his servant once more. Furthermore, using the military might of Warstar, the magic of the Yuumajuu, and the advanced technology of the Matrintis Empire, Brajira begins setting up his master plan to set up the Nega End (ネガー・エンド, Negā Endo, [Note 9]) ceremony by having his Dark Headders be destroyed so they can become wedges in key points to start the process by the time of the upcoming solar eclipse. After destroying Labyrindel in an attempt to get rid of Gosei Knight, Brajira begins his final battle with the Goseigers after activating the wedges. Upon being mortally wounded, he transfers the last of his Dark Gosei powers to the wedges in order to power them up for the activation of Nega End, intending to take everyone down with him. However, the Nega End is stopped by the Goseigers' Gosei Global technique, putting an end to Brajira's scheme.[133][134]

In the film Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, Brajira is revived by the Black Cross King and takes on the name Messiah of the Black Cross Brajira (黒十字の救星主ブラジラ, Kuro Jūji no Kyūseishu Burajira) with his belt donning the crest of the Black Cross Army.[135] He battles Gokai Red and Gosei Red within his own subspace, using the Bibi Soldiers to hold them off while having a Bibi Bug tail them so he can unleash dead-on hits. But once his strategy is exposed, the two red Sentai warriors defeat him. In a final gambit by the Black Cross Colossus, Brajira is revived again along with his Buredoran guises before they are all ultimately destroyed by the combined finishers of Gokaioh, Gosei Great, and many of the previous Sentai teams' giant robots.

Dark HeaddersEdit

Like his fellow Gosei Angels, Brajira utilizes Headders (ヘッダー, Heddā) as part of his arsenal, but uses them to create evil multi-headed monsters called Dark Headders (ダークヘッダー, Dāku Heddā). Like normal Headders, the Dark Headders can also serve as armaments. They are fusions of mythological beasts with a weapon element and are each named after a fantasy film series, with the heads' individual names divided in Japanese by the interpunct.

  • Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder (オルトウロスヘッダーのナモノ・ガタリ, Orutōrosu Heddā no Namono Gatari, 46): The two-faced Namono-Gatari is the first of the Dark Headders to be used by Brajira against the Goseigers, his red-eyed right head named Namono (ナモノ) and his blue-eyed left head named Gatari (ガタリ). Other than teamwork among his heads, Namono-Gatari can regenerate his horns unless both are cut off at the same time, which the Landick siblings exploited before defeating the Dark Headder with their Super Land Dynamic attack. Enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Namono-Gatari allows himself to be destroyed by Landick Gosei Great so he can become the Land Wedge (土の楔, Tsuchi no Kusabi) in the Nega End ceremony.[136] Namono-Gatari is named after The Chronicles of Narnia films (ナルニア国物語, Naruniakoku Monogatari) and is modeled after Orthrus, the Minotaur, and an axe. Voiced by Takahiro Imamura (今村 卓博, Imamura Takahiro, Namono) and Kyōsei Tsukui (津久井 教生, Tsukui Kyōsei, Gatari).
  • Bari-Boru-Dara of the Uniberus Headder (ユニベロスヘッダーのバリ・ボル・ダラ, Yuniberosu Heddā no Bari Boru Dara, 47): The triple-headed Bari-Boru-Dara is created by Brajira with the ability to turn into a right hand gauntlet, his red-eyed main head named Bari (バリ), his blue-eyed right head named Boru (ボル), and his yellow-eyed left head named Dara (ダラ). After being hit by the Super Sky-Land Dynamic attack and enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Bari-Boru-Dara allows himself to be destroyed by Seaick Gosei Great so he can become the Sea Wedge (海の楔, Umi no Kusabi) in the Nega End ceremony.[137] Bari-Boru-Dara is named after the Harry Potter films (ハリー・ポッター, Harī Pottā) and is modeled after the Unicorn, Cerberus, and a long spear. Voiced by Hisao Egawa (江川 央生, Egawa Hisao).
  • Lo-O-Za-Ri of the Hydrapan Headder (ヒドラパーンヘッダーのロー・オ・ザー・リ, Hidorapān Heddā no Rō O Zā Ri, 48): The four-headed Lo-O-Za-Ri is created by Brajira with the ability to turn into a left hand drill gauntlet, his white-eyed main head named Lo (ロー, ), his yellow-eyed right head named O (), his red-eyed left head named Za (ザー, ), and his blue-eyed head named Ri (). In battle, Lo-O-Za-Ri can shoot his drill arm blades and shoot green beams from his eyes. Enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Lo-O-Za-Ri is later destroyed by the combination of Datas Hyper and Gosei Ultimate and allows himself to become the Sky Wedge (空の楔, Sora no Kusabi) in the Nega End ceremony.[138] Lo-O-Za-Ri is named after The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (ロード・オブ・ザ・リング, Rōdo obu za Ringu) and is modeled after the Lernaean Hydra, Pan, and a drill. Voiced by Hiroshi Yanaka (家中 宏, Yanaka Hiroshi).


  1. ^ "Tensou" (天装, Tensō) is literally translated as "Celestial Armament".
  2. ^ The Indevader's name is a portmanteau of Independence Day (インデペンデンス・デイ, Independensu Dei) and The Invaders (インベーダー, Inbēdā).
  3. ^ Buredoran specifically resembles Bocydium globulare, commonly known as the Bell Bearer Leafhopper (ヨツコブツノゼミ, Yotsukobutsunozemi).
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  6. ^ The Terminel is named after the film The Terminator (ターミネーター, Tāminētā).
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  8. ^ Labyrindel is named after the film Labyrinth (ラビリンス/魔王の迷宮, Rabirinsu/Maō no Meikyū).
  9. ^ Nega End is named after the film The NeverEnding Story (ネバーエンディング・ストーリー, Nebāendingu Sutōrī).


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