List of fatal dog attacks in the United States

Fatal dog attacks in the United States cause the deaths of thirty to fifty people each year.[1] According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 468 deaths in the United States from being bitten or struck by a dog between 2011 and 2021.[2] This is an average of 43 deaths annually, ranging from a low of 31 deaths in 2016 and a high of 81 deaths in 2021.[2] More males were killed by dogs than females during the tracking decade.[2] Children between the ages of one to four are most often the victims, accounting for 29.4% of the fatalities from dog attacks in 2022; those under the age of seventeen accounted for 56.7% of all fatalities that year.[3]

Around 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, resulting in some 800,000 seeking treatment from a doctor.[3][4] Dogs not only cause morbidity and mortality as a result of bites, but they may also transmit zoonotic infections, which may also result in illness or death.[5] It is estimated that 15% to 20% of dog bite wounds become infected, with occasional cases of meningitis and endocarditis leading to death.[5][6] However, less than 1% of the 4.5 million dog bite incidents in 2022 resulted in a fatality.[3]

A 2018 Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center literature review covering fifteen years of dog bites treated at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and at the University of Virginia Health System.with meta-analysis by breed, found that dog bites were most likely to come from the following breeds (in order of highest incidents): pit bull, mixed breed, German shepherd, terrier, and Rottweiler.[7][8] Tracking by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) determined that pit bull type dogs were most likely to be involved in fatal attacks, accounting for 28% of fatalities from 1979 to 1998.[3] The AVMA documented 66 human fatalities caused by pit bull type dogs, 39 by Rottweilers, 17 by a German shepherd, 15 by husky type, 12 by Malamute, 9 by Dobermann Pinscher, 8 by Chow Chow, 7 by Great Dane, and 7 by St. Bernard.[3] Pit bulls and Rottweilers comprise six percent of the dogs in the United States, but account for 77 percent of fatal bites.[citation needed]

Alaska has more fatal dog bites per capita among the states of the U.S.[3] Between 1979 and 2005, the states with the most dog bite fatalities per capita were Alaska, South Dakota, Idaho, New Mexico, Arkansas, and South Carolina (from highest to lowest).[4]

Below are lists of fatal dog attacks in the United States reported by the news media, published in scholarly papers, or mentioned through other sources. In the lists below, the dog type or breed is assigned by the sources.

19th century fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
October 29, 1864 Henry Carey 10 Male Bloodhound (1) Gloucester New Jersey Carey was attacked by the dog and died soon afterward. Witnesses saw the boy being tossed in a field where his body was found. His smaller dog tried to defend him from the attack.[9]
November 5, 1865 Herman Miller 7 Male Newfoundland (1) New York City New York Miller was bitten on the face by his neighbor's dog. The wound was sewn up by the boy who died from hydrophobia (rabies) some two weeks later. The dog was shot.[10]
January 30, 1874 Ada Clare 39 Female Poodle (1) New York City New York Clare, an actress, was nursing a pet dog and was bitten in the nose. The dog died soon after. Clare died of rabies (hydrophobia) on Mach 4, 1874.[11][12][13]
March 19, 1877 Miss Boote Child Female English Bulldog (1) Cincinnati Ohio A little girl was feeding the dog when it attacked and started eating her. Neighbors tried to rescue the girl. Police shot the dog which then attacked them. Her mother was also injured in the attack.[14]
September 5, 1882 George R. Reeves 56 Male Unknown (1) Reeves County Texas Reeves was bitten by a dog and died of hydrophobia (rabies).[15][16]
November 8, 1890 August Cartwright Infant Male Newfoundland (1) Lead City (near Rochford) South Dakota A new family pet attacked and began eating the baby Cartwright who was briefly left alone with the dog by his mother. Cartwright's father killed the dog with his ax.[17]
September 30, 1896 Laura Barmann 7 Female St. Bernard (1) Maryville Missouri A group of children were attacked by a dog. One girl and a baby died. The dog was killed.[18]
Infant Female

20th century fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
November 13, 1909 John Eldice 1 Male Bull terrier (1) New York City New York An eight-year-old girl and eighteen-month-old Eldice were left alone with the dog that attacked the boy. The two were supposed to be watched by their older siblings while their mother worked. Neighbors heard the girl's screams and the dog's barking. The police shot the dog several times before it died. Eldice died in the hospital.[19]
November 13, 1912 Florence Dietz Female Unknown (1) Cleveland Ohio A bride was bitten by a puppy given to her as a wedding gift by her husband. She died of hydrophobia (rabies), along with the puppy and another dog that it bit.[20][21]
February 17, 1913 Minot A. Steel 46 Male Unknown (1) Portsmouth Rhode Island Steel was attacked and killed by a dog which was still at large.[22]
August 18, 1917 Ralph Protta 9 Male Mongrel (2) New York City New York Protta climbed a fence and was dragged into a yard by two dogs. Police shot one dog, ending the attack. The boy died before arriving at the hospital.[23]
July 28, 1923 Joseph Gennatt Jr. 9 Male Great Dane (2) Florham Park New Jersey Two guard dogs attacked a boy who entered a picnic park, severing his jugular vein. Six men attempted to stop the attack with sticks and stones, but the boy bled to death. The police arrested the dog's owner who leased the park.[24]
February 22, 1926 Harry Griffin 40 to 50 Male Unknown (2) Yonkers New York Griffin, a one-arm mechanic, was found dead after a dog attack. Police found and killed the dogs, following tracks and blood in the snow.[25][26][27]
July 31, 1944 Carol Pardo 6 Female German Shephard (1) Ephrata Pennsylvania Pardo was attacked by a working dog on a farm where her family was vacationing. She died in the hospital.[28]
February 7, 1947 Walter Momer Jr. 4 Male German Shephed (1) Philadelphia Pennsylvania Momer was attacked and killed by a stray dog while sledding near his home. A neighbor shot the dog, which had attacked four children the prior day.[29]
July 1, 1947 Stanley Balaben 11 Male Bull Terrior


The Bronx, New York City New York Balaben was near a public bathing pool when he was attacked and killed by a dog pack that had escaped its enclosure. The dogs' owner was convicted of second-degree manslaughter.[30]
June 18, 1962 Brett Alan Whitney 2 Male Siberian Husky (1) Boulder Colorado Whitney was killed in the backyard of his duplex by his neighbor's dog that was chained.[31]
November 8, 1965 Mrs. Ross Rasmussen 60 Female Geman Shepherd (1) Baraboo Wisconsin Rasmussen was killed by he pet dog in her home. The prior month, she spent three weeks in the hospital recovering from an attack by the same dog. Her husband shot the dog.[32]
December 17, 1967 Eugene H. Goodman Jr. 4 Male German Shepherd (4) Madison Heights Virginia A neighbor's dogs attacked and killed the Goodman brothers in their yard. Their father was injured in the attack. Police shot two dogs and impounded two others.[33][34]
Kenneth Goodman 3 Male
December 23, 1967 Darla Anne Harper 4 Female Great Dane (1) Fairyland Georgia Harper was playing outside when the family pet attacked her. She died on the way to the hospital.[34]
March 2, 1969 Susan Babiarz <1 Famale German Shepherd (1) Cheektowaga New York The one-month-old Babiarz was bitten by the family dog while in her crib. She later died from shock.[35]
April 11, 1969 Margaret Marie Sanford <1 Female Siberian Husky (1) St. Johns Michigan Seven-week-old Sanford was dragged from her crib and killed by the family pet. The dog was killed.[36]
February 9, 1970 Anthony Cliff 1 Male German Shepherd (1) Brentwood Missouri Eighteen-month-old Cliff was bitten while in his crib by the family pet. He later died in the hospital.[37]
April 15, 1977 Matthew Weck 5 Male St. Bernard (1) Lemont Illinois Weck tried to pet a neighbor's dog and was attacked. He was dead when he arrived at the hospital.[38]
November 20, 1979 Hubert Russell 6 Male German Shepherd (2) Jersey City New Jersey Two guard dogs were usually kept in an enclosed yard but escaped that day. Russell was bitten multiple times; the autopsy revealed that he had a severed jugular vein. Police shot the dogs.[39]
June 13, 1987 James Soto 2 Male Pit bull (1) Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill California The chained dog named Willy attacked Soto who wandered into its yard. His owner, Michael Barry, was the first dog owner to be charged with second-degree murder. Barry was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on December 22, 1989. Soto's family was also awarded $3.5 million in a civil suit.[40][41][42][43]
December 4, 1999 John Mickle 45 Male Pit bull (2) Fairfield County South Carolina While taking a walk, Mickle was dragged and bitten over 1,000 times by two loose dogs. The dogs' owner was charged with involuntary manslaughter.[44][45][46]

2000s fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
April 29, 2000 Cash Carson 10 Male Pit bull mix (2) San Bernardino County California Carson and a friend were walking on a neighbor's dirt road when he was attacked by two dogs whose gate had been left open. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.[47]
January 26, 2001 Diane Whipple 33 Female Presa Canario (2) San Francisco California Whipple was attacked by two dogs staying with her neighbors when entering her apartment.[48] Her neighbor was walking the dogs.[49] She died at the hospital. The neighbor was convicted of second-degree murder.[50]
September 7, 2003 Valerie DeSwart 67 Female Doberman pinscher (1) Medford New Jersey DeSwart was found dead in her home by her boyfriend ten days after adopting a dog. The dog was nearby, spattered in blood. The dog bit its previous owner, who had paid for it to be euthanized by the shelter. Law enforcement investigated the nonprofit shelter.[51][52]
March 8, 2005 Dorothy Sullivan 82 Female Pit bull (3) Partlow Virginia Sullivan was walking her Shih Tzu dog when she was attacked and killed by her neighbor's dogs which were running free. There were several prior complaints about the dogs. Their owner was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the first case of its kind in Virginia.[53][54]
May 10, 2006 Raymond Tomco 78 Male Pit buil (3) Lusby Maryland Tomco was found dead in his home with bite wounds from dogs belonging to his daughter. In the past year, she was cited multiple times for unlicensed and unrestrained dogs. Animal control shot one dog and took the others into custody to be euthanized.[55][56][57]

2010s fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
February 28, 2010 Ashlynn Anderson 4 Female Rottweiler (1) Astoria Oregon Anderson was attacked by one of her family's dogs. She was flown to the hospital but died due to blood loss while in transport. A few months before the fatal incident, a deputy had responded to a call and removed another aggressive dog that had bitten a family member. The dog was euthanized.[58][59][60]
November 12, 2012 Dawn Brown 44 Female Mastiff or

Bullmastiff (1)

Big Rock Illinois A recently adopted dog attacked Brown in her home. Her husband found her dead. They got the dog from a relative who did not want the dog around a newborn baby. The dog was brought to animal control and was euthanized.[61][62][63][64]
April 2, 2013 Tyler Jett 7 Male Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (1) Panama City Florida Jet was riding his bicycle when attacked by the dogs. He died a week later in the hospital. The dog owner was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to ten years in prison.[65][66][67][68][69]
Bulldog (1)
May 8, 2013 Carlton Freeman 80 Male Unknown (4) Harleyville South Carolina Freeman was attacked by several dogs that pulled him out of his motorized wheelchair.[70][71][72]
May 9, 2013 Pamela Maria Devitt 63 Female Pit bull (4) Littlerock California Devitt was out for a morning walk when she was attacked by dogs. Her DNA was found on four dogs, that had previously attacked others. The dogs' owner was convicted of second-degree murder.[73][74][75][76]
December 7, 2013 Jah'niyah White 2 Female Pit bull (2) Chicago Illinois White died after being attacked by two dogs. She was with her grandfather when the incident occurred.[77][78][79]
July 20, 2014 Johnathan Quarles <1 Male American Staffordshire Terrier (1) Dayton Ohio Quarles was visiting his step-grandmother when he was attacked. The dog attacked and injured another dog a month before. Animal control removed the dog.[80][81][82][83][84]
June 28, 2015 Jordan Collins-Tyson 3 Male Pit bull (1) Lawton Oklahoma The babysitter found the injured boy and called for help. The arriving police officers shot the dog. The dog bit the boy in the neck [85]
January 3, 2016 Tyler Trammell-Huston 9 Male Pit bull (3) Linda California Trammell-Huston was alone with his half-sister's dogs when he was attacked and killed.[86][87]
January 17, 2017 Skylar Dean Julius <1 Female German Shepherd (1) San Marcos Texas The family dog killed two-month-old Julius who was in her infant bouncer while her father was sleeping. Julius was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead.[88][89][90]
January 17, 2017 Logan Braatz 6 Male Border Collie (1) Atlanta Georgia Braatz was attacked while walking to his bus stop. He later died at the hospital. A second child was seriously injured but survived after spending weeks in the hospital. The dogs' owner was charged with involuntary manslaughter.[91][92][93][94]
Pit bull mix (1)
March 23, 2017 <1 Male Pit bull type (1) Lusby Maryland The family's pet attacked the eight-month-old boy, while he was being watched by a family friend. Police shot the dog to stop the attack but the boy was already dead.[95][96][97]
December 14, 2017 Bethany Stephens 22 Female Pit bull (2) Glen Allen Virginia Stephens, who had been walking her two dogs, was reported missing. The next day, she was found dead, with the dogs guarding and eating her body. Police said it appeared she had been mauled to death by the dogs. The dogs were euthanized.[98][99]
January 9, 2018 Laura Williams Ray 53 Female Pit bull (1) West Monroe Louisiana Ray was killed by a pit bull owned by her kennel client. Animal control euthanized the dog.[100][101][102][103]
March 7, 2018 <1 Female Wolfdog hybrid (1) Lee County Virginia The family pet attached an eight-day-old who was in a bassinet. She died at the hospital. The dog was euthanized.[104][105]
March 25, 2018 Hong Saengsamly 49 Female Pit bull (1–2) Milwaukee Wisconsin Saengsamly was attacked in her house by her pet dog. Her son found her dead, with the dog guarding her body. He shot the dog.[106][107]
May 30, 2018 <1 Female Pit bull (1) Miramar Florida An eight-month-old girl in a bouncy chair was attacked by the family pet while in the care of her grandmother. Fire and rescue declared her dead at the scene.[108]
July 8, 2018 Joseph Pettaway 51 Male Unknown (1) Montgomery Alabama Pettaway was attacked by a police dog, Niko, whose handler was responding to a burglary call. Pettaway had permission to stay at the house he was renovating. He died at the hospital.[109][110]
December 15, 2018 Angela Johnson 54 Female Pit bull (3) Anza California Johnson was attacked in her yard by loose dogs. She was taken to hospital and died on February 9, 2019. All three dogs were euthanized.[111][112][113] [114]
February 26, 2019 Bessie Jill Peterson 88 Female German Shepherd (6) Pall Mall Tennessee Peterson was mauled after going to the back of her yard to clean a drainage ditch. She died at the hospital.[115][116]

2020 fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
May 9, 2020 Lisa Urso 52 Female French Bulldog mix (1) Fox Lake Illinois Urso was found unresponsive on her patio after being attacked by the family dog. The dog had been involved in two previous bite incidents.[117][118]
October 19, 2020 Ruthie Mae Brown 36 Female Pit bull (7 to 8) Nauvoo Alabama Brown was killed by a dog pack while walking. A witness said Brown was attacked by seven or eight dogs.[119] Two of the animals were turned in by their owner; three others were captured.[120]
October 26, 2020 <1 German Shepherd mix (1) Hampton Virginia A dog killed an infant as it slept in bed with its parents. The baby's father awoke during the attack, saw the injuries to the child, and immediately killed the dog.[121][122]
December 17, 2020 Erick J. Quinn 46 Male Pit bull (1) Joliet Illinois Quinn was killed when he tried to calm a dog, which had become agitated when two women in the home Quinn was visiting began arguing.[123]

2021 fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
January 20, 2021 Cameron Hatfield 6 Male Pit bull (1) Brunson South Carolina Hatfield was killed at home by the dog, which was later euthanized by animal control authorities.[124]
March 16, 2021 Aziz Ahmed 3 Male Pit bull (2) Carteret New Jersey Ahmed and his mother were in their fenced-in backyard when the two dogs dug under. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter and died. His mother was hospitalized with injuries. The dogs were shot by police who responded to the incident.[125][126][127]
April 30, 2021 Elayah Brown 4 Female Mixed breed (1) Fort Worth Texas Brown was attacked by the family pet and later died at the hospital. Animal control euthanized the dog.[128]
June 13, 2021 Shamar Sherif Jackson 7 Male Unknown (2 to 5) Marion South Carolina Jackson and his brother were looking for their chihuahua when they were attacked by a dog pack. His brother escaped but Jackson was killed. Five dogs were taken into custody and their owner was charged with involuntary manslaughter.[129][130]
October 20, 2021 James McNeelis 7 Male Sheltland sheepdog x Corgie mix (1) Kiefer Oklahoma McNeelis was reported missing but was later found dead on his family's property. The police investigation revealed that he was killed by the family dog. The dog was adopted from the shelter three weeks earlier.[131]
December 30, 2021 34 Male American Bully (1) Chicago Illinois The victim was found by police in the living room of his home with visible bite marks. An autopsy determined the man died of multiple injuries from a dog mauling.[132]
Pit bull (2)

2022 fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
January 27, 2022 Saad Al-Anazi 59 Male German shepherd (2) Las Cruces New Mexico Al-Anazi was attacked outside his house by his neighbor's dogs. He died the next day in the hospital. Animal control took two of the dogs into custody.[133]
Unknown (1)
January 29, 2022 Olivia Grace Floyd 7 Female Rottweiler (1) Waynesboro Virginia Floyd was attacked by her grandparent's dog and died at the hospital. An adult woman was also injured. The grandparents were charged with involuntary manslaughter and her parents were charged with child neglect but the charges were dropped.[134][135]
February 17, 2022 Pam Robb 71 Female Bully mix (1) Fort Lauderdale Florida Robb was volunteering at an animal shelter and was working with a dog when it dog attacked and pulled her to the ground. Another woman attempted to intervene and suffered minor injuries. Robb was taken to a hospital and later died. The dog was euthanized.[136][137][138][139]
March 22, 2022 Serenity Garnett <1 Female American Bulldog x Great Pyrenees mix (1) Martinez Georgia The seven-month-old Garnett was attacked by the dog while being watched by her great-grandmother, who was renting a room from the dog's owners. The girl died at the hospital, where the great-grandmother was treated for injuries she received while trying to rescue the girl. The great-grandmother, who was watching the dog for its owners, was charged with second-degree murder.[140][141][142]
May 14, 2022 Scottie Brigman 36 Male Pit bull (4) Chesterfield County South Carolina Police found Brigman dead in the road, surrounded by four dogs. His body was covered in dog bites.[143]
May 22, 2022 Ronda Persall 57 Female Labrador Retriever mix (2) Cullman County Alabama Persall was attacked and killed by two dogs that had escaped from the neighbor's fenced backyard. The neighbor went outside when he heard commotion and found Persall who was still alive and lying next to a car. The neighbor took Persall to the hospital where she died.[144][145][146]
June 3, 2022 Debbie Boyd 70 Female Rottweiler (1) Sevier County Tennessee Boyd was attacked and killed by at least one of her two dogs. She was found dead in her home. A small child who was also in the home was not injured.[147][148][149]
July 7, 2022 Trena Peed 46 Female Pit bull (2) Greensboro North Carolina Peed was dog sitting two dogs at her home. She was attacked while letting them into the yard. The attack was heard and witnessed by neighbors. Police shot one of the dogs and took possession of both dogs.[150][151][152]
July 11, 2022 Apollo Duplantis 1 Male Unknown (1) Gentilly, New Orleans Louisiana The thirteen-month-old boy was attacked by the family dog and died at the hospital. The dog also attacked an officer and was shot at the scene.[153][154][155][156]
May 31, 2022 Richard Barry 59 Male English Bulldog (5) Selma California Barry was out for a walk when he was attacked and killed by five dogs that had escaped from a nearby house. Two family members witnessed the attack but were not able to save Barry. Animal Control captured the dogs.[157][158]
August 15, 2022 Mindy Kiepe 43 Female Great Dane (5) Rossie Iowa Kiepe was attacked and killed by her dogs. Her body was discovered in a ditch a short distance from her farm. All five dogs were euthanized.[159]
August 21, 2022 Pamela Jane Rock 61 Female Pit bull (5) Putnam County Florida Five dogs escaped from their yard and attacked Rock, a postal worker whose vehicle had broken down. She died the next day at a trauma center. One of her arms was amputated before she died. The dogs had a history of aggressive behavior and breaking free. The dogs were euthanized.[160][161][162][163]
October 5, 2022 Hollace Dean Bennard <1 Male Pit bull (2) Memphis Tennessee Two family pets attacked and killed the Bennard siblings. Their mother attempted to shield the children and suffered extensive injuries over her entire body and face but survived. Both dogs were euthanized.[164][165]
Lilly Jane Bennard 2 Female
October 7, 2022 Soon Han 80 Female Dogo Argentino (2) Baldy Mesa California Two dogs attacked Soon while she was out for a walk. The dogs were held by animal control, pending further investigation.[166][167]
October 24, 2022 Adult Male English Mastiff (1) Excelsior Springs Missouri A delivery driver was found dead in a yard after an Amazon van that had been parked for several hours was reported to authorities. The dogs were aggressive as the deputies approached and were shot and killed.[168][169][170][171]
German Shepherd (1)

2023 fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
January 6, 2023 Sadie Davila 7 Female Pit bull terrier mix (1) East Baton Rouge Parish Louisiana Davila was playing outside of a relative's house when she was attacked by a neighbor's dog. She was taken to the hospital and died. The dog's owner was arrested for negligent homicide. The dog was euthanized.[172][173][174]
January 21, 2023 7 Male Rottweiler (2) Fort Hall Indian Reservation Idaho A boy was attacked on his front porch by his neighbor's dogs. His mother was injured trying to stop the attack. Both were taken to the hospital where the boy was declared dead.[175] Tribal authorities euthanized the dogs.[175]
Mixed breed (2)
February 26, 2023 Ramon Najera 81 Male American Staffordshire Terrier (3) San Antonio Texas Najera was killed and his wife was seriously injured after three dogs escaped from a neighbor's yard through a hole in a fence. Two others were injured in the attack, and two men had required medical treatment after previous attacks. The owner was arrested and charged with criminal negligence.[176][177][178]
April 4, 2023 2 Male Mastiff x pit bull mix (1) Brunswick Maryland The boy was attacked and killed by a pet dog at a family member's house. He was declared dead at the hospital.[179][180]
April 13, 2023 Dezmond Thomas Trawick 22 Male American pit bull terrier (4) Brooklyn Center Minnesota Trawick was watching his brother's dogs for the day and was attacked in his backyard. He died at the hospital about an hour after the attack.[181][182][183]
May 9, 2023 Tamieka White 46 Female Pit bull type (1) Indianapolis Indiana White was dog-sitting, White died trying to protect her six-year-old son in an attack in her backyard. She was found in her garage and pronounced dead. Animal services impounded a deceased dog, three dogs, and a cat from the home.[184][185][186]
June 20, 2023 Helene Jackson 84 Female Unknown (2) Sierra Vista Arizona Jackson and her dog were attacked by two loose dogs. A man who came to her aid was also injured. The police shot two dogs.[187][188]
June 20, 2023 Lewis Flores 40 Male Unknown (pack) Rockport Texas Flores was attacked by a dog pack. Police stopped the attack but the pack scattered. The dogs were later captured and their owner was arrested in connection with Flores' death.[178]
July 29, 2023 Demarcus "Sam" McKenzie 27 Male Unknown (5 or 6) Skipperville Alabama Surveillance footage showed that dogs attacked McKenzie when he left his house.[189][190]
August 1, 2023 Robert “Bob” Northrop 71 Male Unknown (4) Kau Hawaii Northrop was attacked by dogs while walking to a friend's house. He later died in the hospital. The owners surrendered the dogs to animal control.[191][192]
August 31, 2023 Chanthy Philavong Mateu 93 Female Cane Corsos (2) Modesto California Mateu was attacked by her neighbor's dogs that had escaped from their yard. She later died in the hospital.[193][194]
October 31, 2023 63 Female Pit bull (2) Taylorsville Utah A woman was attacked by her son's two dogs in her yard. She was injured and lost one leg. She died on November 6, 2023.[195][196]
October 31, 2023 4 Male Pit bull mix (1) Spokane Washington A child was attacked by a family pet. He later died at the hospital. The dog was injured and euthanized.[197]
December 1, 2023 <1 Male Wolfdog hybrid (1) Chelsea Alabama A family pet attacked a three-month-old. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The dog was euthanized.[198][199][200]
December 5, 2023 Loyalty Scott 6 Male Great Dane x Mastiff mix (2) Portland Oregon Scott was attacked and killed by dogs belonging to a family friend while in her home. The owner was injured in the incident. The dogs were euthanized.[201][202]

2024 fatalities edit

Attack date Victim Age Gender Dog type (number) City or county State Details
January 31, 2024 William Mundine 85 Male Pit bull (2) Indianapolis Indiana Two loose dogs came into Mundine's backyard and attacked him. He suffered multiple bites on his arms and leg and died later in the hospital.[203][204][205][206]
February 15, 2024 Dominic Cooper 35 Male Pit bull (1+) Compton California The dogs started fighting during[207] feeding and turned on Cooper, their breeder. He was bitten in the leg and died in the kennel due to blood loss. His girlfriend found him the next day. Animal control euthanized 5 adult and 8 young dogs, with the approval of the victim's father.[208][209][210][211]
February 26, 2024 Beau Clark 4 Male Olde English Bulldogge (1) Hartselle Alabama Clark was attacked by a neighbor's dog when he entered its yard. He was evacuated to the hospital where he died.[212][213]
March 11, 2024 Daymon Balbuena <1 Male Pit bull (1) Woodbridge Township New Jersey The attack happened at the family home in the early morning hours. The three-month-old baby died at the scene and his mother was seriously injured. The father was also treated at the hospital. The family dog was euthanized.[214][215]

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