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The FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films; English: International Federation of Film Producers Associations), created in 1933, is an organization composed with 36 member associations from 30 of the leading audiovisual production countries. Its Secretariat is located in Brussels, Belgium. FIAPF is also in charge of regulating international film festivals, including some of the world's most important ones.


FIAPF helps producers formulate policies and coordinate political action in these key areas:

  • Copyright and related intellectual property rights' legislation
  • Enforcement of IPR legislation and anti-piracy action
  • Deployment of digital technologies and their impact on the audiovisual value chain
  • Technology standardization process
  • Media regulation
  • Private and public sector film financing mechanisms
  • Trade-related issues


FIAPF members are 34 producer organizations from 27 countries:[1]

  Asociación General de Productores Cinematográficos
  Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales
  Fachverband der Audiovisions und Filmindustrie
  Vlaamse Onafhankelijke Film & Televisie Producenten v.z.w. (VOFTP)
  Canadian Media Producers Association
  China Film Producers Association
  Croatian Producers Association (HRUP)
  Audiovisual Producers Association (APA)
  Danish Film and TV Producers
  Estonian National Producers Union (ERPÃ)
  Audiovisual Producers Finland (APFI)
  Allianz Deutscher Produzenten - Film & Fernsehen e.V.
  Verband Deutscher Filmproduzenten e.V.
  Association of Icelandic Film Producers
  Film Federation of India
  National Film Development Corporation of India
  The Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (Khaneh Cinema)
  Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan
  Film Producers Association of Latvia
  Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA)[2]
  Association of Film Producers of Macedonia (MZFP Skopje)
  Association of Nollywood Core Producers (ANCOP)
  Virke Produsentforeningen
  Polish Producers Alliance (KIPA)
  Association of Cinema and Television Producers
  Film Producers Guild of Russia
  Slovak Audiovisual Producers Association (SAPA)
  Swedish Film Producers Associations
  Association Suisse des Producteurs de Films
  Film Yapimcilari Meslek Birligi (Fiyab)
  Sinema Eseri Yapimcilari Meslek Birligi (Se-Yap)
  Tesiyap Televizyon ve Sinema Film Yapimcilari Meslek Birligi
  Film Industry Association of Ukraine (FIAU)
  Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT)
  Independent Film and Television Alliance
  Motion Picture Association of America

Former members include:

Former Members
  Screen Producers Australia[3]
  Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry
  Magyar Audiovizualis Producerek Szovetsege (MAPSZ)
  Federación de Asociaciones de Productores Audiovisuales de España

Accredited film festivalsEdit

As of 2015, the FIAPF provided accreditation to 47 film festivals worldwide. The FIAPF categorizes the film festivals as Competitive, Competitive Specialised, Non-Competitive and Documentary/Short Film.[4]

Competitive film festivalsEdit

The following film festivals have been given competitive status by the FIAPF.[5]

Location Festival Date
  Tehran[6] Fajr International Film Festival February and April
  Berlin Berlin International Film Festival late February
  Cannes Cannes Film Festival mid-May
  Shanghai Shanghai International Film Festival late June
  Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary International Film Festival late June to early July
  Locarno Locarno International Film Festival early to mid-August
  Montreal Montreal World Film Festival late August
  Venice Venice Film Festival late August to early September
  San Sebastián San Sebastián International Film Festival mid to late September
  Warsaw Warsaw International Film Festival mid-October
  Tokyo Tokyo International Film Festival late October to early November
  Mar del Plata Mar del Plata Film Festival mid-November
  Tallinn Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival mid to late November
  Cairo Cairo International Film Festival late November
  Goa International Film Festival of India late November

Competitive specialised film festivalsEdit

The following film festivals have been given specialised competitive status by the FIAPF.[7]

Location Festival Theme
  Antalya International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Asian, central Asian, and European films
  Astana Eurasia International Film Festival Asian, central Asian, and European films
  Busan Busan International Film Festival[8] First feature Asian films
  Cartagena, Colombia Cartagena Film Festival Iberian and Latin-American films
 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo Competitive feature film festival specialized in first films
  Gijón Gijón International Film Festival Impact of music on films
  Istanbul Istanbul International Film Festival Art-oriented films: literature, theatre, music, dance, and fine arts
  Trivandrum International Film Festival of Kerala Asian, African, and Latin American films
  Kitzbühel Kitzbühel Film Festival Young directors
  Kolkata Kolkata International Film Festival Women directors
  Kyiv Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist" First feature films
  Lisbon Lisbon International Horror Film Festival Horror films
  Milan Noir in Festival Crime films
  Mumbai Mumbai Film Festival First feature films[9]
  Sitges Sitges Film Festival Fantasy and horror films
  Skopje Cinedays Film Festival European films
  Sofia Sofia International Film Festival First and second feature films
  Sydney Sydney Film Festival Avant-garde directing
  Turin Torino Film Festival First feature films
  Cluj Transilvania International Film Festival First and second feature films

Non-competitive film festivalsEdit

The following film festivals have been given non-competitive status by the FIAPF.[10]

Location Festival
  Rome Rome Film Festival
  Toronto Toronto International Film Festival
  Vienna Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale)

Documentary and short film festivalsEdit

The following film festivals are for documentary and short films.[11]

Location Festival
  Bilbao Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films
  Kraków Kraków Film Festival
  Oberhausen International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
  Tampere Tampere Film Festival

Former accredited film festivalsEdit

The following film festivals used to be accredited by the FIAPF, but withdrew.[12][13]

Location Festival
  Adelaide Adelaide (International) Film Festival, 2003 edition only
  Bogotá Bogotá Film Festival
  Brussels Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
  Frankfurt Lucas International Children's Film Festival
  Ghent Flanders International Film Festival Ghent
  Haugesund Norwegian International Film Festival
  Jeonju Jeonju International Film Festival
  Minsk Minsk International Film Festival[14]
  Moscow Moscow International Film Festival[15]
  Namur Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur
  São Paulo Mostra – São Paulo International Film Festival
  Sarajevo Sarajevo Film Festival
  St. Petersburg Message to Man International Film Festival[15]
  Stockholm Stockholm International Film Festival
  Thessaloniki Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  Valencia Cine Jove Valencia International Film Festival
  Valencia Mostra – Valencia Cinema of the Mediterranean
  Wiesbaden goEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Films
  Wrocław New Horizons Film Festival


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