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D2 state road (Croatian: Državna cesta D2) is a trunk state road in the northern areas of Croatia that spans from the border crossing with Slovenia at Dubrava Križovljanska in the west via Varaždin, Koprivnica, Virovitica, Našice, Osijek, Vukovar, ending at the Ilok–Bačka Palanka Bridge border crossing with Serbia.[maps 1][1] The road is 347.9 km (216.2 mi) long.[2]

D2 state road shield
D2 state road
Route information
Part of European route E73
Length347.9 km (216.2 mi)
Major junctions
FromAiga immigration.svg Dubrava Križovljanska border crossing to Slovenia
 Državna cesta D35.svg D35 near Varaždin

Državna cesta D3.svg D3 near Varaždin
Državna cesta D528.svg D528 near Varaždin
Državna cesta D530.svg D530 in Zamlaka
Državna cesta D24.svg D24 in Poljanec
Državna cesta D41.svg D41 in Koprivnica
Državna cesta D210.svg D210 in Virje
Državna cesta D43.svg D43 in Đurđevac
Državna cesta D5.svg D5 near Virovitica
Državna cesta D34.svg D34 in Slatina and near Osijek
Državna cesta D69.svg D69 in Slatina
Državna cesta D314.svg D314 near Orahovica
Državna cesta D53.svg D53 in Našice
Državna cesta D515.svg D515 near Našice
Motorway-A5-Hex-Green.svg A5 in Osijek interchange
Državna cesta D7.svg D7 near Osijek
Državna cesta D518.svg D518 near Osijek
Državna cesta D213.svg D213 and
Državna cesta D417.svg D417 near Osijek
Državna cesta D418.svg D418 near Klisa
Državna cesta D55.svg D55 in Borovo Naselje
Državna cesta D519.svg D519 in Borovo Naselje

Državna cesta D57.svg D57 in Vukovar
ToAiga immigration.svg Ilok border crossing to Serbia
CountiesVaraždin, Koprivnica-Križevci, Virovitica-Podravina, Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Srijem
Major citiesVaraždin, Koprivnica, Virovitica, Našice, Osijek, Vukovar, Ilok
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Varaždin, on the D2 road route
Ludbreg, on the D2 road route
Koprivnica, on the D2 road route
Đurđevac, on the D2 road route
Virovitica, on the D2 road route
Našice, on the D2 road route
Osijek, next to the D2 road route
Osijek Airport, next to the D2 road route
Vukovar, on the D2 road route
Ovčara memorial centre, next to the D2 road route
Sotin, on the D2 road route
Mohovo, on the D2 road route
Šarengrad, on the D2 road route
Ilok, at the eastern terminus of the D2 road

Route descriptionEdit

Most of the D2 route runs parallel to the Drava River which is why it is often called the Drava River valley highway (Croatian: Podravska magistrala). However, east of Osijek as the Drava River flows into the Danube, the D2 road follows that river to its eastern terminus near Ilok. The D2 road connects either directly or via short connectors to the A4 and A5 motorways at Varaždin and Ludbreg (A4) and Osijek (A5) interchanges.[3] The road is also parallel to the A3 motorway further to the south. As it does not reach the capital Zagreb nor shares designation with any of the major Pan-European corridors, it carries a more moderate volume of passenger and freight traffic, but it is still often used as an alternative to the tolled motorway. Two further connections of the D2 state road to Croatian motorway network were planned: to the A12 and A13 motorways near Koprivnica and Virovitica respectively.[4] However the Government of Croatia cancelled construction of the two motorways in June 2012.[5]

Parts of the D2 state road are used as southern bypass of Varaždin and Osijek and those sections of the road are more recently built than most of the route, as the D2 originally ran through the two cities.[6][7] As of 2007 there were plans to upgrade the Osijek southern bypass to an expressway by construction of an additional carriageway, especially since all junctions along the section are already grade separated.[8] In September 2011, the expansion construction works were formally opened: The works are scheduled to be completed in 30 months and they comprise an additional 12.1-kilometre (7.5 mi) carriageway, adaptation of the existing interchanges and construction of a new interchange along the section. The works comprise the D2 section between interchanges with the A5 motorway and the Ž4091 road.[9]

Most of the D2 road also runs parallel to railway tracks. Currently, the only part of the D2 road that has been upgraded to expressway standards is the Osijek southern bypass between Josipovac and Tenjska interchanges.

The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, a state-owned company.[10]

Traffic volumeEdit

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske Ceste, operator of the road.[11] The most significant traffic volumes are recorded near Varaždin and Osijek as the D2 road serves as their southern bypass.

D2 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
  D2 1203 Dubrava Križovljanska 2,296 2,705 Adjacent to Dubrava Križovljanska border crossing.
The AADT figure estimated by Hrvatske ceste.
  D2 1208 Majerje 7,565 7,902 Between the Ž2046 and Ž2037 junctions.
  D2 1235 Hraščica 3,072 3,366 Between the Ž2252 and D35 junctions.
  D2 1210 Varaždin - south 13,669 14,594 Between the Ž2068 and D3 junctions.
  D2 1209 Šemovec 4,199 4,429 Adjacent to the Ž2054 junction.
  D2 1307 Ludbreg - west 6,068 6,132 Adjacent to the Ž2075 junction.
  D2 1308 Ludbreg - east 5,312 5,593 Adjacent to the D24 junction.
  D2 1312 Plavšinac 5,037 5,087 Adjacent to the L26034 junction.
  D2 1403 Đurđevac 5,888 6,013 Adjacent to the Ž2247 junction.
  D2 2201 Kloštar 5,078 5,363 Adjacent to the Ž2185 junction.
  D2 2203 Virovitica 7,556 7,856 Adjacent to the Ž4024 junction.
  D2 2302 Cabuna 4,428 4,618 Adjacent to the L40034 junction.
  D2 2307 Slatina - bypass 2,965 3,131 Between the Ž4025 and D34 junctions.
  D2 2305 Čačinci - south 2,962 3,170 Between the Ž4063 and D314 junctions.
  D2 2408 Feričanci - east 3,599 4,114 Between the Ž4058 and Ž4075 junctions.
  D2 2407 Našice 3,831 4,035 Adjacent to the L44044 junction.
  D2 2406 Bizovac - west 4,985 5,170 Between the Ž4067 and Ž4060 junctions.
  D2 2508 Osijek southern bypass 19,206 19,093 Between the D7 and D518 junctions.
  D2 3701 Klisa airport - north 4,617 4,664 Adjacent to D418 junction.
Estimated by Hrvatske ceste.
  D2 3723 Vukovar 11,076 11,530 Between the D55 and D57 junctions.
  D2 3801 Sotin 3,532 3,857 Adjacent to the Ž4152 junction.
  D2 3803 Ilok - west 886 993 Between the Ž4199 and Ž4200 junctions.

Road junctions and populated areasEdit

D2 junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
  Dubrava Križovljanska border crossing to Slovenia.[1]
  Slovenian route 228 to Ptuj, Slovenia.
The western terminus of the road.
  Dubrava Križovljanska
  Veliki Lovrečan
Ž2027 to Donja Voća.
  Brezje Dravsko
Ž2028 to Otok Virje.
  Križovljan Radovečki
Ž2035 to Natkrižovljan.
  Gornje Vratno
  Ž2029 to Vratno Otok (to the north) and Vinica and Biljevec (to the south).
Ž2036 to Družbinec and Strmec Podravski.
Ž2046 to Nova Ves Petrijanečka.
Ž2037 to Svibovec Podravski.
  To Varaždin via Optujska Street.
The westernmost intersection of the Varaždin bypass.
    D35 to Lepoglava and Sveti Križ Začretje (D1).
To Varaždin via Braće Radić Street.
  Ž2050 to Beretinec, Sveti Ilija and Novi Marof.
    D3 to Novi Marof (to the south). Start of the D3 concurrency.
  D528 to the A4 motorway Varaždin interchange.[3]
The southern terminus of the double carriage road.
  To Varaždin via Gospodarska Street.
The northern terminus of the double carriage road.
  To Varaždin via Vilka Novaka Street.
    D3 to Čakovec (to the north). End of the D3 concurrency.
The easternmost intersection of the Varaždin bypass.
  Trnovec Bartolovečki
Ž2053 to Zbelava.
Ž2022 to Orehovica, Mala Subotica and Belica.
Ž2054 to Jalžabet, Grešćevina and Tuhovec (D24).
Ž2071 to Čičkovina, Hrženica and Ludbreg.
    D530 to the A4 motorway Ludbreg interchange.[3]
Ž2052 to Jalžabet and Kelemen.
Ž2074 to D24 state road.
  D24 to Varaždinske Toplice and Novi Marof.
Ž2071 to Hrženica and Čičkovina.
Ž2075 within the town.
  Sigetec Ludbreški
Ž2076 to Slokovec, Mali Bukovec and Selnica Podravska.
Ž2075 within the town.
Ž2262 to Hrastovsko (D24).
  Globočec Ludbreški
  Ž2081 to Kuzminec and Zablatje (to the north) and to Rasinja and Veliki Poganac (to the south).
  Subotica Podravska
  Kunovec Breg
  D20 to Đelekovec, Prelog and Čakovec (D3).
  D41 to Križevci and D10 expressway Vrbovec 1 interchange (to the south) and to Gola border crossing to Hungary (to the north).[1]
Ž2149 to Koprivnički Bregi.
  Novigrad Podravski
Ž2150 to Delovi.
Ž2182 to Donji Mosti and Kapela.
  D210 to Molve, Ždala and Gola (D41).
Ž2183 to Šemovci (D43).
Ž2236 to Miholjanec, Donje Zdjelice, Babotok and the D43 state road.
  D43 to Bjelovar, Čazma and A3 motorway Ivanić Grad interchange.
Ž2213 to Budrovac and Sirova Katalena.
Ž2247 within the town.
Ž2232 to Suha Katalena, Šandrovac and Bulinac (D28).
  Kloštar Podravski
Ž2185 to Ferdinandovac and Novo Virje.
Ž2234 to Dinjevac and Grabrovnica.
Ž4001 to Dinjevac.
Ž4002 to Velika Črešnjevica, Velika Pisanica and the D28 state road.
  Stari Gradac
  Ž4007 to Rogovac, Lukač and Gradina.
Ž4006 to Turnašica and Velika Črešnjevica.
  Špišić Bukovica
Ž4008 to Bušetina.
Ž4242 to Topolovica and Mali Grđevac.
    D5 to Terezino Polje border crossing to Hungary[1] (to the north) and to Daruvar, Pakrac and to the A3 motorway Okučani interchange (to the south).
Ž4024 to Novaki, Sopje and Čađavica (D34).
  Ž3301 to Donji Daruvar (D5).
  Jugovo Polje
  Donji Meljani
  Ž3301 to Donji Daruvar (D5).
  D34 to Donji Miholjac.
  D69 to Voćin and Kamenska (D38).
Ž4025 to Bakić, Gornji Miholjac and Novaki.
Ž4296 within the town.
  Nova Bukovica
Ž4045 to Miljevci and Crnac.
  Bukovački Antunovac
Ž4038 to Čađavica (D34) (to the north) and to Četekovac (to the south).
  Ž4069 to Humljani and Slatinski Drenovac.
Ž4062 to Bukvik.
    D314 to Orahovica.
Ž4030 to Moslavački Krčenik and Zdenci (to the north) and to Kutjevo and Pleternica D38 (to the south).
Ž4072 to Dolci.
Ž4058 to Bokšić and the D53 state road.
  Ž4075 to Vučjak Feričanački, Đurđenovac and Pribiševci.
  Donja Motičina
  Ž4104 to Seona.
  D53 to Slavonski Brod (to the south). The D2 and D53 roads are concurrent to the east of this junction.
  D53 to Donji Miholjac (to the north). The D2 and D53 roads are concurrent to the west of this junction.
Ž4077 to Brezik Našički and Ličko Novo Selo.
  Markovac Našički
Ž4297 to Ž4168 county road.
    D515 to Đakovo (D7).
Ž4078 to Lađanska and Lila.
  Breznica Našička
  Ž4079 to Ledenik.
Ž4031 to Šljivoševci, Viljevo and the D34 state road.
Ž4052 to Harkanovci and Valpovo
Ž4079 to Ledenik
Ž4080 to Budimci.
Ž4237 to Ordanja and Andrijevac.
  Cret Bizovački
Ž4060 to Ladimirevci.
Ž4067 to Brođanci and Čepinski Martinci.
    D34 to Donji Miholjac (to the north). To Josipovac via Bizovačka Street (to the east).
The westernmost interchange of the southern Osijek bypass.


Josipovac interchange
  A5 Osijek interchange to Đakovo and the A3 motorway Sredanci interchange.
  Start of the E 73 concurrency (the E 73 comes from the A5 motorway to the west via short connector).
The western terminus of dual carriageway expressway.
  Frigis interchange
  D7 to Beli Manastir (to the north) and Đakovo (to the south).
  End of the E 73 concurrency (the E 73 goes to the north onto the D7 road).
To Osijek via Svilajska Street (to the north and south).
  Čepinska interchange
To Osijek via Svetog Leopolda Bogdana Mandića Street.
  Vinkovačka inerchange
To Osijek via Vinkovačka Street (to the north).
To Brijest (D518) via Vinkovačka Street (to the south).
  Trpimirova interchange
  D518 to Vinkovci (to the south).
To Osijek via Kneza Trpimira Street (to the north).


Tenjska interchange
To Osijek via Kralja Petra Svačića Street (to the north).
To Tenja via Tenjska Road (to the south).
The eastern terminus of dual carriageway expressway.
  Elektroslavonija interchange
To Osijek (to the north).
  Nemetin interchange
  D213 to Erdut (to the east).
  D417 to Port of Osijek (to the north).
    D418 to Osijek Airport.
  Ž4111 to Vera (to the north) and to Bobota and Pačetin (to the south).
  Borovo Naselje
  D55 to Vinkovci and the A3 motorway Županja interchange.
  D519 to Dalj (D213).
  D57 to Orolik, Nijemci and the A3 motorway Lipovac interchange.
Ž4174 to Lovas.
Ž4198 to Bapska and Lovas.
Ž4200 within the town.
Ž4199 to Principovac border crossing to Šid, Serbia (Serbian route 121).[1]
  Ilok–Bačka Palanka Bridge, border crossing to Serbia.[1]
  Serbian route 108 to Bačka Palanka, Vojvodina, Serbia.
The eastern terminus of the road.


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