State Road 121 (Serbia)

State Road 121, is an IIA-class road in northern Serbia, connecting Croatia at Sot with Bosnia and Herzegovina at Jamena. It is located in Vojvodina.[1]

State Road 121 shield}}
State Road 121
Serbian: Državni put II reda 121
Serbian Cyrillic: Државни пут II реда 121
Route information
Maintained by JP "Putevi Srbije"
Length47.735 km (29.661 mi)
Major junctions
FromCroatiaSerbia border at Sot, Road 4199
ToSerbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina border at Jamena
Highway system
120 122

Before the new road categorization regulation given in 2013, the route wore the following names: M 18.1 and P 128 (before 2012) / 117 and 115 (after 2012).[2][3]

The existing route is a regional road with two traffic lanes. By the valid Space Plan of Republic of Serbia the road is not planned for upgrading to main road, and is expected to be conditioned in its current state.[4]


Section number Length Distance Section name
12101 12.264 km (7.620 mi) 12.264 km (7.620 mi) CroatiaSerbia border at SotŠid
12102 8.989 km (5.586 mi) 21.253 km (13.206 mi) Šid – Adaševci interchange
12103 26.482 km (16.455 mi) 47.735 km (29.661 mi) Adaševci interchange – Serbia–Bosnia and Herzegovina border at Jamena

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