Čađavica, Croatia

Čađavica is a village and municipality in Croatia in the Virovitica–Podravina County. It has a population of 2,009 (2011 census), of which 90% are Croats.[1] It is situated 14 kilometers NE of Slatina. Until 1920 it was an integral part of Hungary.

Čađavica, Croatia is located in Croatia
Čađavica, Croatia
Location of Čađavica in Croatia

The mother, Paula Mazaly, of the Hungarian Nobel-prize winner Georg von Békésy was born here. Navigable part of Drava river starts in the vicinity of Čađavica.


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Coordinates: 45°44′33″N 17°51′18″E / 45.74250°N 17.85500°E / 45.74250; 17.85500