Chernihiv Governorate

Chernihiv Governorate (Ukrainian: Чернігівська губернія, romanizedChernihivska huberniia) was one of administrative territorial subdivision of Ukraine in 1918–1925. It was inherited from the Russian system of territorial subdivisions that existed prior to World War I.

Chernihiv Governorate
Чернігівська губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian State and Ukrainian SSR
Ukrainian State 1918 divisions.png
  Chernihiv Governorate
• (1897)
52,396 km2 (20,230 sq mi)
• (1897)
• Established
February 27 1918
• Disestablished
August 01 1925
Political subdivisionscounties: 18 (1918–1919)
11 (1919–1923)
okruhas: 5 (1923–1925)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Chernigov Governorate
Mogilev Governorate
Kursk Governorate
Hlukhiv Okruha
Konotop Okruha
Nizhyn Okruha
Chernihiv Okruha
Today part ofChernihiv Oblast
Kiev Oblast
Bryansk Oblast
Kursk Oblast
Gomel Region

Administrative divisionEdit

The governorate consisted of 18 counties (powiats).

In 1919, the northern Mhlyn, Novozybkiv, Starodub, and Surazh counties, with their mixed Ukrainian–Belarusian–Russian population, were transferred from Ukraine to the newly established Gomel Governorate of the Russian republic.[1]

In 1925, the governorate’s territory was redistributed among Hlukhiv, Konotop, Nizhyn, and Chernihiv districts (okruhas).[1]


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