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Car of the Year (COTY) is a common abbreviation for numerous awards.

The "Car of the Year" phrase is considered to have been introduced by Motor Trend magazine in 1949 when the new publication named Cadillac as Motor Trend Car of the Year.[1] The magazine continues its COTY award and has also expanded to separate trophies for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs)

Other publications and various organizations also have COTY recognitions. These may focus on regional markets, vehicle types, or market segments. An example is the "tow car of the year" in the UK (for pulling travel trailers).[2] The COTY also refers to the European Car of the Year award selected by a jury of European automotive journalists. Other COTY awards exist across numerous markets such as in Australia from the automobile magazine Wheels and the AJAC in Canada.




Year Middle East Motor Awards COTY
2013 Jaguar F-Type
2012 McLaren MP4-12C
2011 Volvo S60







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