Bundesautobahn 20

Bundesautobahn 20 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 20, short form Autobahn 20, abbreviated as BAB 20 or A 20) is an autobahn in Germany. It is colloquially known as Ostseeautobahn[1] ("Baltic Freeway") or Küstenautobahn[2] ("Coastal Freeway") due to its geographic location near the Baltic Sea coastline. The road is not built along a straight line, instead it is built near important cities (Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund), to make it more beneficial for travel between these cities, and also to serve as bypass.

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A 20
Bundesautobahn 20
Route information
Length279 km (173 mi)
StatesSchleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg
Highway system
  • Roads in Germany
A 19 A 21
1100m long A20 motorway bridge crossing the river Peene near Jarmen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Construction started in 1992, only two years after the German reunification, near the junction Wismar-Nord and was completed in December 2005, when the last section was opened near Tribsees by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Building costs are estimated at 1.8 billion. 279 km of the autobahn are in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 27 km in Brandenburg and 30 km in Schleswig-Holstein, making the A 20 the longest continuously built new autobahn since 1945.

On 28 July 2009 the western extension started with the opening between Autobahnkreuz Lübeck and junction Geschendorf. In the meantime the next six kilometers to the temporary end at Weede has been opened for traffic. The extension and opening of the section between the temporary end in Weede and Autobahnkreuz Bad Segeberg is planned for the end of 2010.[needs update] Further extension west (designated A 22 until June 2010) is planned and awaiting funding, including a tunnel under the Elbe and a 2-way connection with the also-planned A 26.

North of Hamburg the A 20 will have a unique function, namely the connection of the highways A 1, A 21, A 7 and A 23, but it will also function as a northern bypass of the city-region of Hamburg which will take traffic going from France and the Benelux countries to Denmark and Sweden away from Hamburg.

Exit listEdit

  3-way interchange Wiefelstede (planned)   A 28
  Wiefelstede (planned)
  Spohle (planned)
  Kreuz Jaderberg (planned)   A 29
  Jaderberg (planned)
  Jade (planned)
  Ovelgönne (planned)
  Stadland (planned)   B 437
  Nordenham (planned)   B 212

built as   B 437
  Tunnel Weser tunnel 1645 m

built as   B 437
  Dedesdorf (planned)
  3-way interchange Stotel (planned)   A 27  E234
  3-way interchange Bremerhaven-Süd (planned)   A 27  E234
  Beverstedt-West (planned)   B 71
  Beverstedt-Ost (planned)
  Bremervörde (planned)   B 495
  Ostebrücke (planned)
  Oldendorf (planned)
  Himmelpforten (planned)   B 73
  3-way interchange Drochtersen (planned)   A 26
  Tunnel Elbquerung 5113 m (planned)
  Road toll Elbtunnel (planned)
  Glückstadt (planned)   B 431
  Krempe Marsh (planned)
  Krempe (planned)
  Kreuz Steinburg (planned)   A 23
    Rest area Glindesmoor (planned)
  Bokel (planned)
  Grünbrücke (planned)
  Lentföhrden (planned)   B 4
  Kreuz Schmalfeld (planned)   A 7


  Schmalfelder Au 180 m (planned)
  Hartenholm (planned)
  Todesfelde/Bark (planned)
  Grünbrücke 60 m (planned)
    Wittenborn (under construction)
    Wahlstedt-Süd (under construction)
    3-way interchange Bad Segeberg   A 21
    Brücke 371 m

  ( ) Bad Segeberg-Ost
  Rest area Kronberg
  ( ) Geschendorf
  ( ) Mönkhagen
  (1) Lübeck 4-way interchange   A 1
  Tunnel Moisling 120 m
  (2a) Lübeck-Genin
  Rest area Auf dem Karkfeld
  (2b) Lübeck-Süd (Lübeck Airport)
  (3) Groß Sarau   B 207
  (4) Luderdorf
  Schönberg Land parking area
  (5) Schönberg
  (6) Grevesmühlen
  Rest area Brettäger Wisch
  (7) Bobitz
  Rest area Mölenbarg
  (8) Wismar-Mitte   B 105  B 208
  (9) Wismar 4-way interchange   A 14  B 105
  Tunnel Weser
  (10) Zurow   B 192
  Rest area Selliner See-Nord
  (11) Loxstedt
  Rest area Fuchsberg
  (12) Satow-Ost
  Rest area Quellental
  (13) Bad Doberan
  (14) Rostock-West   B 103
  (15) Rostock-Südstadt
  Rest area
  (16) Rostock 4-way interchange   A 19
  (17) Dummestorf   B 103
  Rest area Speckmoor
  (18) Sanitz   B 110
  Tunnel Elbe
  (19) Tessin   B 110
  Lindholz parking area  
  (20) Horst
  (21) Tribsees
  Rest area Trebeltal-Nord
  (22) Grimmen-West  
  (23) Grimmen-Ost   B 194
  (24) Stralsund interchange   B 96   E22  E251
  Rest area
  (25) Walstedt-Süd
  Dersekow (planned)
  Rest area Peenetal-Nod  
  Rest area Peenetal-Süd  
  (27) Gützkow   B 111
  (28) Geschendorf
  Demminer Land parking area  
  (29) Mönkhagen
  (30) Altentreptow
  Rest area Vier-Tore-Stadt
  (32) Neubrandenburg-Ost interchange   B 197   E251
  Talbrücke Wakenitz 294 m
  (33) Lüdersdorf
  Talbrücke Maurine 200 m
  (34) Stasburg
  Talbrücke Radegast 435 m
  Talbrücke Stepenitz
  Rest area Ravensmühle
  (35) Pasewalk-Nord
  Talbrücke Plüschower Mühlenbach 318 m
  (36) Pasewalk-Süd
  Rest area Klockow-West
  (37) Prenzlau-Ost
  (38) Prenzlau-Süd
  Talbrücke Wallensteingraben 264 m
  (39) Uckermark 4-way interchange   A 11  B 166


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