List of E-roads in Germany

European routes in Germany
Germany has 40 European routes
European routes in Germany highlighted in blue
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Class-A European routesEdit

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
  E22 Dutch border near Bunde Ferry crossing to Sweden at Sassnitz Planned to be rerouted over A 20 between Lübeck and Westerstede
  E26 283 176 A 24 in Hamburg A 100 in Berlin Concurrent with A 24 from Munich to A 10, A 10 from A 24 to A 111, and A 111 from A 10 to Berlin; was E28 before 1980
  E28 A 10 in Berlin Polish border near Nadrensee Concurrent with A 11; was E74 from 1950-1975 and E26 from 1975-1980
  E30 Dutch border near Bad Bentheim Polish border near Königs Wusterhausen
  E31 Dutch border near Goch Hockenheim
  E34 Bad Oeynhausen Dutch border near Hapert
  E35 Swiss border Dutch border near Emmerich am Rhein
  E36 Polish border at Forst Berlin
  E37 336 209 Cologne Bremen Concurrent with A 1
  E40 Belgian border near Aachen Polish border near Görlitz Concurrent with A 44, A 4, A 45, A 480, A 5, and A 4
  E41 Swiss border near Singen Dortmund
  E42 Belgian border near Wittlich Aschaffenburg
  E43 Austrian border Würzburg Concurrent with A 7 and A 96
  E44 Giessen Luxembourgian border
  E45 1022 635 Austrian border Danish border Concurrent with A 7, A 3, A 9, A 99, A 3 and A 93
  E47 Lübeck Ferry to Denmark Concurrent with A 1 and B 207
  E48 Czech border Schweinfurt
  E49 Czech border Magdeburg
  E50 French border Czech border
  E51 479 298 Nuremberg Berlin
  E52 French border Austrian border
  E53 Munich Czech border
  E55 Czech border Ferry to Denmark
  E56 Austrian border Nuremberg
  E60 Austrian border Austrian border

Class-B European routesEdit

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
  E233 91 57 A37 at Dutch border A1 near Emstek Was E232 before 1987
  E234 162 101 B 73 at Cuxhaven A 7 at Walsrode Concurrent with A 27; was E233 before 1987
  E251 281 175 A 10 near Berlin L 29/ B 96 near Sassnitz Concurrent with B 96 and E22 to Süderholz, A 20 from Süderholz to Glienke and B 96 from Glienke to Berlin
  E314 A76 at Dutch border A4 near Aachen
  E331 A 44 near Dortmund A 7 near Kassel Concurrent with A 44
  E422 59 37 A 602/A 1 near Trier A1/B 268 near Saarbrücken Concurrent with A 1
  E441 106 66 A 9 west of Hof A 4 near Chemnitz Concurrent with A 72
  E451 144 89 A 480/A 5 east of Giessen (AD Reiskirchener) A 6/A 67 northeast of Mannheim (AD Viernheimer) Concurrent with A 5 from Giessen to Darmstadt and A 67 from Darmstadt to Mannheim
  E531 89 55 A 5 west of Offenburg B 33/A 864 north of Donaueschingen
(AD Bad Dürrheim)
Concurrent with B 33a from A 5 to Offenburg, B 3 from Offenburg to B 33 and B 33 from B 3 to A 864
  E532 Austrian border at Füssen A 96/A 7 at Memmingen Concurrent with A 7
  E533 B 2 in Munich Austrian border south of Mittenwald Concurrent with A 95 from Munich to Eschenlohe and B 2 from Eschenlohe to Austrian border
  E552 Austrian border at Simbach am Inn A 99 in Munich Concurrent with A 94 from Munich to Forstinning, B 12 from Forstinning to Heldenstein, A 94 from Heldenstein to Burghausen, B 12 from Burghausen to Austrian border; planned to be rerouted on A 94
  E641 35 22 Austrian border near Melleck Austrian border near the A 8 Concurrent with B 21

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