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Bundesautobahn 19

Bundesautobahn 19 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 19, short form Autobahn 19, abbreviated as BAB 19 or A 19) is an autobahn in eastern Germany that connects the Baltic port of Rostock to the A 24, which continues to the A 10 ring road around Berlin. The Warnowtunnel is the only stretch of autobahn so far that requires the payment of a general road toll for all vehicles.

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Bundesautobahn 19
Route information
Length124 km (77 mi)
Major junctions
North endBaltic port of Rostock
South endA 24 near Berlin
StatesMecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg
Highway system
A 17A 20

Exit listEdit

  Tunnel Warnowtunnel 790 m, toll road
  (4) Rostock-Überseehafen
  Bahnbrücke 100 m
  (5) Rostock-Nord
  (6) Rostock-Ost    
  Bahnbrücke 70 m
  (7) Rostock-Süd  
  (8) Kessin  
  (9) Rostock 4-way interchange    
  (10) Kavelstorf  
  Bahnbrücke 60 m
  parking area
  parking area  
  (11) Laage  
    Services Recknitznierung
  (12) Glasewitz
  parking area  
  (13) Güstrow  
  parking area
    Bansower Forst
  (14) Krakow am See
  parking area
  (15) Linstow
  Kiether Berg (planned)
  Nossentiner Heide/Schwinzer Heide (planned)
  (16) Malchow  
  (17) Waren (Müritz)  
    Rest area Müritz (planned)
  parking area
  (18) Röbe/Müritz    
  Rest area Eldetal
  Grünbrücke Wredenhagen (planned)
  Wredenhagen (planned)
  (20) Wittstock/Dosse    
  (21) Wittstock/Dosse 3-way interchange      

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