Buaran railway station

Buaran Station (BUA) is a class III railway station located in Jatinegara, Cakung, East Jakarta. The station, which is located at an altitude of +11 m, is included in the Jakarta Operational Area I and only serves the KRL Commuterline route.

Buaran Station

Stasiun Buaran
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Buaran Station
General information
LocationJl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Jatinegara, Cakung, East Jakarta
Coordinates6°12′56″S 106°55′24″E / 6.215583°S 106.923215°E / -6.215583; 106.923215Coordinates: 6°12′56″S 106°55′24″E / 6.215583°S 106.923215°E / -6.215583; 106.923215
Elevation+11 m (36 ft)
Owned byKereta Api Indonesia
Operated byKAI Commuter
Platforms1 island platform
ConnectionsKoridor 11 Transjakarta (11V) Raden Inten
Structure typeGround
Other information
Station codeBUA
ClassificationClass III[1]
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towards Cikarang
Cikarang Loop Line
Full Racket
Klender Baru
towards Cikarang
towards Angke
Cikarang Loop Line
Half Racket
Buaran Station is located in Jakarta
Buaran Station
Buaran Station
Location in Jakarta

Building and layoutEdit

The old building of Buaran Station.

This station has 4 railway tracks.

Since 9 November 2018, this station has used a new building with a futuristic minimalist modern architecture which is located some distance to the west of the old building, to be precise to the west of the Jl. dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat. This new station is integrated with the Flyover Raden Inten TransJakarta bus station which serves corridor 11.[2] This relocation changed the layout of the railway track, which was originally flanked by two side platforms into one island platform between the two tracks.

1st floor Concourse, ticket counter, ticket gates
Platform floor Straight tracks for long-distance train to Jatinegara
Straight tracks for long-distance train to Cikarang
Line 2 (Klender)   Cikarang Loop Line to Jatinegara/Angke/Kampung Bandan
Island platform
Line 1   Cikarang Loop Line to Cikarang (Klender Baru)


The following is a list of train services at the Buaran Station.

Passenger servicesEdit

Supporting transportationEdit

Type Station Route Destination
TransJakarta Flyover Raden Inten   Pulogebang–Kampung Melayu
11V Pulogebang–Pasar Baru
N/A 2F (non-BRT) Pulogadung–Rusun Cakung Barat (Albo)
Flyover Raden Inten 11A (non-BRT) Layur–Pulogebang
11M (non-BRT) Rusun Rawa Bebek–Bukit Duri
11P (non-BRT) Rusun Pondok Bambu–Walikota Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta City Hall)
11Q (non-BRT) Kampung Melayu–Pulogebang (via East Flood Canal)
11R (non-BRT) Rusun Cakung–Bukit Duri
N/A JAK-33 (MikroTrans Jak Lingko) Duren Sawit–Rusun Klapa Village
Angkot (share taxis)[3] T25 Rawamangun Bus Terminal–Pulogebang Bus Terminal
T26 Rawamangun Bus Terminal–Pondok Kelapa
K22A Pulogebang Bus Terminal–Pondok Gede, Bekasi



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