Cakung is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of East Jakarta, Indonesia. The subdistrict is roughly bounded with Bekasi Raya Road to the west, Bekasi Raya Road - Petukangan canal to the north, portion of Cakung river to the east, and Jakarta-Bandung-Surabaya railway to the south. Large area in Cakung is allotted to industrial or agricultural use. The Pulogadung industrial complex is located in the Subdistrict. The subdistrict is served by Jakarta's outer ringroad.

The city hall of East Jakarta is located in Pulogebang Administrative Villages in Cakung. Newly built Pulo Gebang Bus Terminal, which is arguably the largest of its kind, also located in this area.

The Cakung Drain is a flood canal that begins from Cakung, starting at the confluence of Cakung River and Buaran river, flows to the north, and flows out to the Jakarta Bay via Cilincing Administrative Village in Cilincing Subdistrict of the city of North Jakarta.

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)Edit

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The subdistrict of Cakung is divided into 7 kelurahan or administrative villages:

List of important placesEdit


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Coordinates: 6°11′S 106°57′E / 6.183°S 106.950°E / -6.183; 106.950