Austria in the Eurovision Dance Contest

Austria took part in the first Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007. The couple representing the country were Kelly and Andy Kainz. They were chosen internally by ORF. The dances they performed at the contest were Jive and Paso Doble. Austria came sixth after receiving 74 points from all other countries. Austria participated again in 2008, represented by Dorian Steidl and Nicole Kuntner.

Member stationORF
National selection events
Internal selection
  • 2007
National final
  • Dancing Stars For Europe
  • 2008
Participation summary
First appearance2007
Best result6th, 2007
Worst result13th, 2008
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It was announced that the Austrian broadcaster ORF has withdrawn from Eurovision Dance Contest 2010.[1] The Third Eurovision Dance Contest has been cancelled indefinitely.[2]


Professional dancers Andy and Kelly Kainz were internally selected to represent Austria in the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007. The couple had previously appeared on ORF's Dancing Stars. The first routine they performed at the competition was a Jive to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, originally by Andrews Sisters, but performed here by a choir and Stars Orchestra. Their second routine was a Paso Doble, to the tune "The Black Pearl" from the film series Pirates of the Caribbean, also performed by Stars Orchestra. Both routines were choreographed by Andy and Kelly, with British choreographer Richard Potter.[3]

In 2008, ORF hosted a national final called "Dancing Stars for Europe" to select the Austrian entry. The competition featured several couples that had previously featured on Dancing Stars, each composed of one celebrity and one professional dancer. The competition was won by television presenter Dorian Steidl and dancer Nicole Kuntner. Their routine was a fusion of Foxtrot, Jive and Hip Hop, and was performed to a medley of "The Third Man/Harry Lime theme by Anton Karas, "Der Kommissar" by After The Fire/Falco, "The Pink Panther Theme" by Henry Mancini and "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, all of which were performed by the Dance For Europe Orchestra.[4]


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Year Couple Dances Place Points
2007 Kelly Kainz and Andy Kainz Jive and Freestyle Paso Doble 6 74
2008 Dorian Steidl and Nicole Kuntner Slowfox, Jive and Hip Hop 13 29

Voting historyEdit

Austria has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1   Denmark 11
2   Germany 10
=   Finland 10
3   Switzerland 7
4   Poland 6
=   Portugal 6
=   Ukraine 6
5   Greece 5
=   Netherlands 5
=   United Kingdom 5

Austria has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1   Poland 20
2   Ukraine 15
3   Finland 12
4   Germany 10
5   Netherlands 8
=   Azerbaijan 8

Commentators and spokespersonsEdit

Year(s) Television commentator Dual television commentator Spokesperson
2007 Andi Knoll Nicole Burns-Hansen Peter L. Eppinger
2008 Marvin Wolf

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