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Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's pole vault

The Men's Pole Vault event at the 2000 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program was held at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday, 27 September and Friday, 29 September.[1]

Men's pole vault
at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
VenueStadium Australia
Date27 September 2000 (qualifications)
29 September 2000 (finals)
Competitors36 from 25 nations
Winning height5.90
1st, gold medalist(s) Nick Hysong
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Lawrence Johnson
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Maksim Tarasov
← 1996
2004 →

The pole vault has been ever present since the beginning of the modern Olympic Games in 1896.



Qualification Round
Group A Group B
27.09.2000 – 10:00h 27.09.2000 – 10:00h
Final Round
29.09.2000 – 18:30h


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in meters) prior to the 2000 Summer Olympics.

World Record 6.14 m Sergey Bubka Ukraine Sestriere, Italy 31 July 1994
Olympic Record 5.92 m Jean Galfione France Atlanta, United States 2 August 1996


The Bubka curse continued into a third Olympics as the dominant world record holder for this fifth Olympiad again failed to clear a height. Eight men managed to get to 5.90 m (19 ft 4 14 in), the winning height. Australia's two Soviet born vaulters Viktor Chistiakov and Dmitriy Markov were perfect before their adopted home crowd to that point, along with American Lawrence Johnson. With an earlier miss at 5.50m, Nick Hysong was in fourth place, but his first attempt clearance leapfrogged him into the lead, when the rest of the field failed to match him. Johnson was the only one to make it on his second attempt, putting him in silver position. 1992 champion Maksim Tarasov entered the height tied for fifth with Okkert Brits with three earlier misses, while Michael Stolle had already taken seven attempts to get over his first three bars. Both Tarasov and Stolle made 5.90m on their last attempt, but Tarasov had the tiebreaker to take the bronze. Markov saved one heroic attempt to snatch victory, but nobody could clear 5.96m.


All distances shown are in meters.

  • DNS denotes did not start.
  • DNF denotes did not finish.
  • DQ denotes disqualification.
  • NR denotes national record.
  • AR denotes area/continental record.
  • OR denotes Olympic record.
  • WR denotes world record.
  • PB denotes personal best.
  • SB denotes season best


Held on Wednesday, 27 September 2000.

The qualifying height was 5.75 m. For all qualifiers who did not achieve the standard, the remaining spaces in the final were filled by the highest jumps until a total of 12 qualifiers.

Rank Group Name Nationality 5.25 5.40 5.55 5.65 5.70 Result Notes
1 B Nick Hysong   United States o o o 5.70 q
2 B Danny Ecker   Germany xo o 5.70 q
3 A Dmitriy Markov   Australia o xo 5.70 q
4 A Viktor Chistiakov   Australia o xo xxo xo 5.70 q
5 B Michael Stolle   Germany o xxo 5.70 q
6 B Giuseppe Gibilisco   Italy o xo o xxo 5.70 q
7 A Yevgeniy Smiryagin   Russia o o o xx– 5.65 q
7 A Tim Lobinger   Germany o o o x– 5.65 q
7 B Okkert Brits   South Africa o o 5.65 q
7 B Alexander Averbukh   Israel o o 5.65 q
7 B Maksim Tarasov   Russia o 5.65 q
12 A Lawrence Johnson   United States xo o 5.65 q
12 A Montxu Miranda   Spain xo o o xxx 5.65 q
14 A Štěpán Janáček   Czech Republic xxo o o xxx 5.65
15 A Rens Blom   Netherlands o o xo xxx 5.65
16 A Jean Galfione   France o o xxx 5.55
16 B Paul Burgess   Australia o o xxx 5.55
16 B Kevin Hughes   Great Britain o o o xxx 5.55 SB
16 B Javier García   Spain o o xx– x 5.55
20 A Patrik Kristiansson   Sweden o xo xxx 5.55
20 A Danny Krasnov   Israel o xo xxx 5.55 SB
22 A Thibaut Duval   Belgium xo xxo xxx 5.55
22 B Ilian Efremov   Bulgaria o xo xxo xxx 5.55
22 B Martin Eriksson   Sweden xo xxo xxx 5.55
25 B Manabu Yokoyama   Japan xxo xxo xxx 5.55
26 A Pavel Gerasimov   Russia xo xxx 5.40
26 B Chad Harting   United States xo x– xx 5.40
26 B Dominic Johnson   Saint Lucia xo xxx 5.40
29 B João André   Portugal xo xo xxx 5.40
30 B Denys Yurchenko   Ukraine xxo x– 5.40
30 B Romain Mesnil   France xxo x– xx 5.40
32 A Nuno Fernandes   Portugal xxo xxx 5.25
A Sergey Bubka   Ukraine xxx NM
A Igor Potapovich   Kazakhstan xxx NM
A Robison Pratt   Mexico xxx NM
B Photis Stefani   Cyprus xxx NM
A Ruhan Işım   Turkey DNS


  • Held on Friday September 29, 2000
Rank Name Nationality 5.50 5.70 5.80 5.90 5.96 Result Notes
  Nick Hysong   United States o xo o o xxx 5.90 PB
  Lawrence Johnson   United States o o xo xxx 5.90
  Maksim Tarasov   Russia o xo xxo xxx 5.90 SB
4 Michael Stolle   Germany xxo o xo xxo xxx 5.90
5 Viktor Chistiakov   Australia o o o xxx 5.80 SB
5 Dmitriy Markov   Australia o o xx– x 5.80
7 Okkert Brits   South Africa o xo xxx 5.80
8 Danny Ecker   Germany o xo xo xxx 5.80
9 Montxu Miranda   Spain o xxo xxx 5.70
10 Giuseppe Gibilisco   Italy o xxx 5.50
10 Aleksandr Averbukh   Israel o xxx 5.50
10 Yevgeniy Smiryagin   Russia o xxx 5.50
13 Tim Lobinger   Germany xo xxx 5.50


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