Association of Panamerican Athletics

The Association of Panamerican Athletics (APA; Spanish: Asociación Panamericana de Atletismo) is a new regional confederation governing body of athletics for national governing bodies and multi-national federations within Northern, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean, replacing the Pan American Athletics Commission.[1]

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TypeSports federation
44 member federations
Puerto Rico Víctor López

The organization was founded on October 28, 2011, during the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The inaugural president is Víctor López from Puerto Rico,[2] former president of the Central American and Caribbean Athletic Confederation (CACAC).


APA organizes the following championships and cups:[3]

Member associationsEdit

Due to the constitution, membership in the Association shall consist of World Athletics member federations which are affiliated members of NACAC and CONSUDATLE as ratified by World Athletics.[4] At this time, APA consists of 44 member federations, 31 of them are member of NACAC, while 13 are member of CONSUDATLE. This means that the APA also comprises the 3 IAAF members without a recognized National Olympic Committee that are therefore no member of the Pan American Sports Organization namely Anguilla, Montserrat, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Nation Association Website
  Anguilla Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation
  Antigua and Barbuda Athletic Association of Antigua & Barbuda
  Argentina Confederación Argentina de Atletismo
  Aruba Arubaanse Atletiek Bond
  Bahamas Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations
  Barbados Athletics Association of Barbados
  Belize Belize Amateur Athletic Association
  Bermuda Bermuda National Athletics Association
  Bolivia Federación Atlética de Bolivia
  Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Atletismo
  British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Athletics Association
  Canada Athletics Canada
  Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Athletic Association
  Chile Federación Atlética de Chile
  Colombia Federación Colombiana de Atletismo
  Costa Rica Federación Costarricense de Atletismo
  Cuba Federación Cubana de Atletismo
  Dominica Dominica Amateur Athletic Association
  Dominican Republic Federación Dominicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo
  Ecuador Federación Ecuatoriana de Atletismo
  El Salvador Federación Salvadoreña de Atletismo
  Grenada Grenada Athletic Association
  Guatemala Federación Nacional de Atletismo de Guatemala
  Guyana Athletics Association of Guyana
  Haiti Fédération Haïtienne d'Athlétisme Amateur
  Honduras Federación Nacional Hondureña de Atletismo
  Jamaica Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association
  Mexico Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo
  Montserrat Montserrat Amateur Athletic Association
  Nicaragua Federación Nicaragüense de Atletismo
  Panama Federación Panameña de Atletismo
  Paraguay Federación Paraguaya de Atletismo
  Peru Federación Deportiva Peruana de Atletismo
  Puerto Rico Federación de Atletismo de Puerto Rico
  Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts & Nevis Amateur Athletic Association
  Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Athletics Association
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Team Athletics Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
  Suriname Surinaamse Atletiek Bond
  Trinidad and Tobago National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad & Tobago
  Turks and Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands Amateur Athletic Association
  United States USA Track & Field
  United States Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Track & Field Federation
  Uruguay Confederación Atlética del Uruguay
  Venezuela Federación Venezolana de Atletismo

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