British Virgin Islands Athletics Association

The British Virgin Islands Athletics Association (BVIAA) is the governing body for the sport of athletics in the British Virgin Islands. Current president is Steve Augustine.[1] He was elected for the first time in 2016. [2]

British Virgin Islands Athletics Association
British Virgin Islands Athletic Association Logo.png
Founded1970 (1970)
Affiliation date1972 (1972)
Regional affiliationNACAC
HeadquartersRoad Town, Tortola
PresidentSteve Augustine
Vice president(s)Wendell M. Gaskin
SecretaryStephanie Russ Penn
ReplacedBritish Virgin Islands Amateur Athletic Association
Official website
British Virgin Islands


BVIAA was founded in September 1970 as British Virgin Islands Amateur Athletic Association and was affiliated to the IAAF in March 1972.[3] "Amateur" was dropped from the association’s name during an Executive Committee meeting on February 10, 2009.[2]


BVIAA is the national member federation for the British Virgin Islands in the following international organisations:

Moreover, it is part of the following national organisations:

National recordsEdit

BVIAA maintains the British Virgin Islands records in athletics.

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