CONSUDATLE (Spanish: Confederación Sudamericana de Atletismo; South American Athletics Confederation) is the continental confederation governing body of athletics for national governing bodies and multi-national federations within South America. CONSUDATLE is one of six area associations of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). CONSUDATLE was founded on May 24, 1918, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[1] Therefore, the ConSudAtle claims to be the oldest athletics area federation of the world. The founder members were Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. Successively, the other nations joined: Brazil in 1922, Ecuador and Perú in 1925, Bolivia in 1930, and Colombia in 1937. Venezuela and Paraguay followed later, and Panamá, Guyana and Suriname joined within the last decades.[1]

TypeSports federation
13 member federations
Brazil Roberto Gesta de Melo
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The current president Roberto Gesta de Melo was re-elected in 2010 for the period 2011-2015 in Rio de Janeiro.[2][3] Former presidents can be found here.[1]

Name Country Presidency
Carlos Fanta T.   Chile 1918–1919
Francisco Ghigliani   Uruguay 1919–1920
Alfredo W. Betteley   Chile 1920–1921
Francisco Ghigliani   Uruguay 1921–1926
Alfredo W. Betteley   Chile 1927–1928
Alfredo Benavides Canseco   Peru 1929–1930
Próspero Alemandri   Argentina 1930–1931
Juan Astengo   Uruguay 1931–1933
Luis Mandujano Tobar   Chile 1934–1935
Luis Aranha   Brazil 1936–1937
Luis Gálvez Chipoco   Peru 1937–1960
Pedro J. Gálvez Velarde   Peru 1960–1989
Jacobo Bucaram   Ecuador 1989–1993
Roberto Gesta de Melo   Brazil 1993–


The ConSudAtle organizes the following championships, tournaments, and circuits:[4]

Member associationsEdit

Nation Organisation Link
  Argentina Confederación Argentina de Atletismo [1]
  Bolivia Federación Atlética de Bolivia [2]
  Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Atletismo [3]
  Chile Federación Atlética de Chile [4]
  Colombia Federación Colombiana de Atletismo [5]
  Ecuador Federación Ecuatoriana de Atletismo [6]
  Guyana Athletics Association of Guyana [7]
  Panama Federación Panameña de Atletismo
  Paraguay Federación Paraguaya de Atletismo [8]
  Peru Federación Deportiva Peruana de Atletismo [9]
  Suriname Surinaamse Atletiek Bond [10]
  Uruguay Confederación Atlética del Uruguay [11]
  Venezuela Federación Venezolana de Atletismo [12]

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