Anupamaa is an Indian drama television series that premiered on 13 July 2020 on Star Plus. It is produced by Rajan Shahi under Director's Kut Productions.[2] It is based on Star Jalsha's Bengali series Sreemoyee.[3] It stars Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey.[4]

Screenplay byBhavna Vyas
Story byNamita Vartak
Zama Habib
Leena Gangopadhyay
Directed byRomesh Kalra[1]
Creative director(s)Ketaki Walawalkar
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes120
Producer(s)Rajan Shahi
Deepa Shahi
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20–24 minutes
Production company(s)Director's Kut Productions
Original networkStarPlus
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release13 July 2020 (2020-07-13) –
Related showsSreemoyee
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Anupamaa is a devoted housewife, mother, and daughter-in-law who loves her family and fulfills all their needs, ignoring her own. Bereft of the same love and respect in her house from her own family members, she realises the bitter truth and sets out to live her life on her own terms.

She often gets humiliated by her husband Vanraj, mother-in-law Leela, and her children Paritosh and Paakhi, for being a simple housewife with an incomplete degree. Only her younger son Samar, her brother-in-law Sanjay, her father-in-law Hasmukh, Leela's brother Jignesh and her domestic help Jhilmil stand in her support. Vanraj develops an attraction towards his colleague Kavya, while Kavya feels insecure due to Anupamaa. Anupamaa wins the funfair held at Paakhi's school and receives a job offer as a cooking teacher. Vanraj is initially against the idea but Kavya convinces him to let Anupamaa work. However, she gets fired soon owing to her unpunctuality caused by Vanraj. After Kinjal's mother becomes skeptical about Paritosh and Kinjal's marriage having seen Anupamaa, Paritosh and Paakhi humiliate her for not having a degree. Soon, Devika notices something strange about Kavya and Vanraj's friendship and warns Anupamaa who confronts Devika, expressing her faith in Vanraj.

Despite Rakhi humiliating the Shahs, Paritosh leaves their home to stay with them for marrying Kinjal, making Vanraj furious. Vanraj becomes even more furious on Rakhi's condition for Paritosh and Kinjal's marriage, while Anupamaa brings him back home. Anupamaa meets Rakhi at the cafe and talks about Paritosh and Kinjal's marriage, while Rakhi agrees with a motive to break the marriage somehow. Soon, Anirudh reveals Vanraj and Kavya's relationship to Anupamaa but she refuses to believe him. Eventually, Paritosh and Kinjal get engaged. Later, Kavya asks Vanraj to marry him on his Silver Jubilee before he marries Anupamaa. Vanraj accepts this. Nandini gets to know about Vanraj and Kavya's extramarital affair and confronts her while rituals for Anupamaa and Vanraj's silver jubilee anniversary begin, while Kavya sees them and follows them, secretly. Vanraj and Kavya book for their marriage in the temple on the same day of his and Anupamaa's marriage anniversary, but he could not go there and Kavya becomes furious while Vanraj and Anupamaa get remarried. Soon after, on seeing Vanraj and Kavya confessing their love and getting intimate, Anupamaa gets shattered and faints. On recovering from the shock, despite knowing Vanraj's truth, she does not reveal it to the family and breaks her relation with Vanraj. This becomes a turning point in Anupamaa's life, as she decides to live her life on her own terms. Supported by Devika, Anupamaa creates a virtual barrier between herself and Vanraj.

Meanwhile, the secret keeps getting revealed to more people. Soon, Samar comes to know the truth and joins forces with Anupamaa against his father. Having gained strength from having Samar, Nandini, Kinjal and Devika on her side, Anupamaa tries to end the oppressive rule in the house that she has tolerated for the previous 25 years.



  • Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa Shah: Vanraj's wife and Paritosh, Samar and Paakhi's mother. She is an ideal housewife, a talented Kathak dancer, but with an incomplete degree because of which she gets humiliated by everybody except Samar, Jignesh, Sanjay, Hasmukh and Jhilmil. (2020–present)
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj Shah: Anupamaa's husband and Paritosh, Samar and Paakhi's father. He has an affair with his colleague Kavya without the knowledge of Anupamaa and always underestimates the latter, considering her for only domestic purposes. (2020-present)
  • Madalsa Sharma as Kavya Gandhi: Vanraj's colleague and girlfriend, Anirudh's wife. After separating from Anirudh, she has an affair with Vanraj. (2020–present)
  • Paras Kalnawat as Samar Shah: Vanraj and Anupamaa's second son, Paritosh's younger brother and Paakhi's elder brother. He has a passion for western dance and drops out of college. He always stands by Anupamaa despite the circumstances. He likes Kavya's niece Nandini (2020–present)


  • Aashish Mehrotra as Paritosh Shah: Anupamaa and Vanraj's elder son and Samar and Paakhi's elder brother. He often humiliates Anupamaa for being a simple housewife. He is engaged to Kinjal. (2020–present)
  • Muskaan Bamne as Paakhi Shah a.k.a. Sweety: Anupamaa and Vanraj's daughter and Paritosh and Samar's sister. She also humiliates Anupamaa for being a housewife just like Paritosh. (2020–present)
  • Arvind Vaidya as Hasmukh Shah: Vanraj and Dolly's father. He has a zest of heart and stands for Anupamaa. (2020-present)
  • Alpana Buch as Leela Shah: Vanraj and Dolly's mother. She dislikes Anupamaa and blames her for everything. (2020-present)
  • Bhakti Chauhan as Jhilmil: Shah family's household helper who also supports Anupamaa. (2020-present)
  • Ekta Saraiya as Dolly Patel: Leela and Hasmukh's daughter, Vanraj's sister, Sanjay's wife, and Meenali's mother. She is a working woman. (2020-present)
  • Paresh Bhatt as Sanjay Patel: Dolly's husband and Meenali's father. He considers Anupamaa as his own sister and warns Vanraj when he comes to know his affair with Kavya and to support Anupamaa. (2020-present)
  • Stuti Zakarde as Meenali Patel a.k.a. Meenu: Sanjay and Dolly's daughter. (2020-present)
  • Madhavi Gogate as Anupamaa's mother. She gets Anupamaa married dropping her degree midway with the demise of her husband. (2020-present)
  • Mehul Nisar as Bhavesh Joshi: Anupamaa's brother and he is a cable mechanic. (2020-present)
  • Jasveer Kaur as Devika: Anupamaa's childhood best friend who warns her about Vanraj and Kavya's relationship. She consoles when Anupamaa breaks down after knowing Vanraj's affair and warns both Vanraj and Kavya. (2020-present)
  • Shekhar Shukla as Jignesh: Leela's brother and Vanraj and Dolly's uncle. He is a very light-hearted man who supports Anupamaa and has a tendency to forget things and also says a catchphrase "I know Manne remember chhe" which means I know it, remember it. (2020-present)
  • Nidhi Shah as Kinjal Dave: Pramod and Rakhi's daughter and Paritosh's fiancee. Kinjal likes Anupamaa and also supports her. (2020-present)
  • Tasneem Sheikh as Rakhi Dave: Pramod's wife and Kinjal's mother. She is owner of a coaching centre and judges people by their reputation. She tries to break Kinjal and Paritosh's marriage indirectly. (2020-present)
  • Farrukh Saeed as Pramod Dave: Rakhi's husband and Kinjal's father. He is a businessman who always tries to advise Rakhi for her wrongdoings. (2020-present)
  • Anagha Bhosale as Nandini Iyer: Kavya's niece and Samar's love interest. She also supports Anupama. (2020–present)
  • Rushad Rana as Anirudh Gandhi: Kavya's husband. Despite Kavya's demands for a divorce from him, he still loves her realising his past mistakes. Aware of Kavya and Vanraj's relationship, he warns and tries to expose them to everyone. (2020-present)

Cameo appearancesEdit

  • Payal Nair as Parul Sharma: Paakhi's school principal. Having faith in Anupamaa she offers the job of a cooking teacher but soon fires her for her unpunctuality.[5] (2020)
  • Tulika Patel as Kamini: Leela's niece-in-law. (2020)
  • Vivaan Singh Rajput as Sid: An eve-teaser who constantly bothers Paakhi. (2020)



In February 2020, Rajan Shahi, the producer of the Marathi remake of Sreemoyee titled Aai Kuthe Kay Karte on Star Pravah announced his plan to produce its Hindi remake Anupamaa stating, "This interesting concept around a mother’s journey has been so inspirational that Star wants to bring it in Hindi too."[6][7]

In early August 2020, the cast of the series recorded a special song for the Raksha Bandhan sequence in their own voices.[8]


Based on the backdrop of Gujarat, the series is mainly filmed at the sets at Film City in Mumbai.[9][10] Some initial sequences were shot at Ahmedabad in early March 2020.[11]

Premiere and broadcastEdit

Earlier locked to be premiered on 16 March 2020, it was postponed to 13 July 2020 amid COVID-19 outbreak in India when the filming of Indian television and films were stalled indefinitely from 19 March 2020.[12] Speaking on it, Rupali Ganguly said, "Anupamaa is a show that will strike an emotional chord with audiences. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in our country, it is in the best interest of the show and the unit to delay the launch. This is a very special project for all of us and it’s a big decision to postpone the launch. When I see Anupamaa from an audience’s perspective, I feel each episode is shot beautifully. Blessed to be a part of this show and to get so much love from everyone. May we tide over these trying times with safety and precaution."[13] After more than three months, the filming resumed and the series premiered on 13 July 2020.[14][15]


Rupali Ganguly was cast as the main lead Anupamaa, returning to television after seven years.[16] Sudhanshu Pandey was cast as Anupamaa's husband, Vanraj.[17] Besides, Muskan Bamne, Paras Kalnawat, Aashish Mehrotra, Alpana Buch, Additi Gupta, Madhavi Gagote, Ekta Saraiya, Stuti Zakarde, Mehul Nisar, Arvind Vaidya and Bhakti Chauhan were cast.[18][19][20][21][22][23] However, days before the filming resumed after Covid-19 outbreak in late June, Additi Gupta was confirmed infected with the virus and thus, she was replaced by Madalsa Sharma and the sequences earlier shot by Gupta were reshot by Sharma.[24][25] Days after premiere in July 2020, Shekhar Shukla was roped in to play Jignesh, and soon after, Nidhi Shah, Farrukh Saeed, Tasneem Sheikh, Anagha Bhosale and Rushad Rana entered the show.[26][27][28][29][30][31]



India Today stated, "Rupali Ganguly fits the character perfectly and aces the role of a Gujarati homemaker. The show strikes a chord with the homemakers as they can identify with the protagonist. Anupamaa has the right amount of emotions, drama, and spice. The show has the right mix of family values and a modern outlook. The show is a heartwarming tale."[32]



Anupamaa had an average television rating point of 2.1 in the urban region during its debut week, occupying the seventh position.[32] The next week (week 29 of 2020), it jumped to second position garnering 5.9 million urban impressions and 7.8 million impressions overall.[33] The following week, it maintained its position in urban with 5.8 million impressions and 7.7 million impressions overall.[34] The following week, it maintained its second position in urban with 6 million impressions and overall the fifth most watched Hindi GEC with 8 million impressions.[35][36] The following week also, it maintained its urban position with 6.5 million impressions and was overall the sixth most watched Hindi GEC with 8.4 million impressions.[37] The following week, it further increased to 7.4 million impressions in urban holding its second position consecutively following Kundali Bhagya, and 9.5 million impressions overall occupying fourth position.[38][39][40] The next week it maintained its urban position with 7.2 million impressions and 9.6 million impressions overall becoming third most watched Hindi GEC.[41][42] However after the end of Janmashtami track the ratings started to drop marginally while the following week it slipped to 6.6 million impressions in urban, despite occupying second position and 8.5 million impressions overall occupying fifth position.[43][44][45] Maintaining the same positions in both urban and overall the following week, however the viewership dropped to 6.5 million impressions and 8.4 million impressions.[46][47] Occupying the same positions the following week, it garnered 6.7 million impressions in urban and 8.7 million impressions overall.[48][49] The following week despite maintaining its second position in urban, the viewership dropped to 6.1 million impressions and at sixth position overall with 8 million impressions.[50][51] The following week it maintained its second position at urban with 6.7 million impressions and 9.2 million impressions overall occupying fourth position.[52][53] Occupying the same positions as like previous week, the viewership increased to 7.2 million impressions in urban and 9.6 million impressions overall.[54][55] The following week with Anupamaa and Vanraj's silver jubilee track, it became the most watched Hindi GEC in urban with 8.1 million impressions and 11.01 million impressions overall occupying third position.[56][57] With Vanraj and Kavya's affair revelation to Anupamaa, the following week it garnered its peak rating of 8.66 million impressions in urban and 11.56 impressions overall maintaining its positions as last week.[58][59][60] The following week it maintained its positions with 8.7 million impressions in urban and 11.54 million impressions overall.[61][62] It became the second most watched Hindi GEC overall with 11.28 million impressions and most watched Hindi GEC in urban garnering 8.51 million impressions.[63][64] Maintaining the same positions, the following week it garnered 8.54 million impressions in urban and 11.37 million impressions overall.[65][66]


Soon after the launch, it became one of the most watched Indian Television show in UK.[67] For the first time, it became the most watched on 16 July 2020 with 63.6K viewers.[68] Soon, it crossed more than 100 K viewers for first time on 28 September 2020 with 109.4 K viewers being most watched.[69][70] On week ending 4 October 2020, it maintained its top position with 136.2 K viewership and the following week with 160.8 K viewership.[71][72] The Vanraj and Kavya's truth revelation to Anupamaa episode on 22 October 2020 garnered 116.7 K viewership maintaining its top position.[73] In the week ending 25 October 2020, it was at top position with 144.2 K viewership.[74] In the week ending 1 November 2020, the viewership further increased to 198.2 K being its highest rating ever there maintaining its top position.[75] In the week ending 15 November 2020 it achieved a peak rating of 221.5 K viewership maintaining its top position.[76]


Bengali channel Star Jalsha's series Sreemoyee is adapted in various Indian languages including this series as listed below.[77] Rajan Shahi produces both the Hindi and Marathi versions of the series under Director's Kut Productions.[14] Language Title Original release Network(s) Notes
1 Bengali Sreemoyee
19 June 2019 – present Star Jalsha Original series
2 Kannada Inthi Nimma Asha[78]
ಇಂತಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಆಶಾ
21 August 2019 – present Star Suvarna Remake
3 Marathi Aai Kuthe Kay Karte![79]
आई कुठे काय करते!
23 December 2019 – present Star Pravah Remake
4 Malayalam Kudumbavilakku[80]


27 January 2020 – present Asianet Remake
5 Telugu Intinti Gruhalakshmi[81]

ఇంటింటి గృహలక్ష్మి

3 February 2020 – present Star Maa Remake
6 Tamil Baakiyalakshmi[82]


27 July 2020 – present Star Vijay Remake

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref
2020 Gold Awards Dynamic Actor Sudhanshu Pandey Won [83]


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