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The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is a far-right European political party founded on 4 February 2015. The main member parties had been involved in the now defunct European National Front.

Alliance for Peace and Freedom
President/ChairmanRoberto Fiore
Vice ChairmanNick Griffin
Founded4 February 2015
14 September 2014 (unofficial)
Preceded byEuropean National Front
HeadquartersSentier de Montigny 6060, Gilly, Belgium
Think tankEuropa Terra Nostra
Hard Euroscepticism
Third Position
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNon-Inscrits
European Parliament
2 / 751
European Lower Houses
14 / 9,874

The party wishes to establish a network of nationalist movements across Europe that will cooperate to strengthen their shared ideals.[2] The party cooperates and supports other nationalist groups across Europe that are not members, these include former party member Golden Dawn, Tricolour Flame[3], Alternative for Sweden[4] and the ELAM[5]. The party is described as neo-Nazi by several newspapers,[6][7][8] and neo-fascist by others.[8][9][10]

The group differs from other far-right groups in its uninhibited ultranationalist discourse. The group works for the dissolution of the European Union, which it considers as an obstacle to the Europe of nations, and for the perennity and the safeguarding of the "ancestral" European traditions such as the Christian tradition.[11]


Europa Terra NostraEdit

The Europa Terra Nostra is the official European political foundation of the APF. The ETN was founded 3 July 2015 in Berlin where it continues to operate as the official think-tank of the APF and serves as the European framework for national foundations/think-tanks recognized by APF member-parties.[12][13]

International connectionsEdit

The AFP works to coordinate European nationalist parties across the continent. It helped establish the Italy for the Italians coalition composed of AFP member New Force along with Tricolour Flame. In 2017 the AFP aided in the formation of the National Identity Bloc in Europe coalition, AFP members, United Romania Party and Noua Dreaptă joined forces with the Greater Romania Party.[14] In 2019 The AFP played a part in forming the ADÑ Identidad Española coalition, composed of AFP member National Democracy, FE-JONS, Spanish Alternative and La Falange.[15]

The party also maintains contacts with the former leader of the National Rally, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was expelled from his party in 2015.[16] He joined the group in March 2018.[17]

The APF maintains contacts with conservative circles in Russia with the group being invited to conferences hosted by the Kremlin[18]. The party supports Vladimir Putin and United Russia's leadership of Russia, especially in the Ukraine crisis and Syrian Civil War.[19] The party is supportive of Alexander Lukashenko and maintains contacts with the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus.[20]

The APF strongly supports Serbian nationalists and is opposed to international recognition of Kosovo, it has worked in the past with the Serbian Radical Party.[21]

It maintains friendly relations with the Syrian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party government with Deputy Chairman, Nick Griffin being invited to Syria by Bashar al-Assad multiple times as an ambassador.[22] Meetings between the party and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party have been held with the AFP publicly supporting the SSNP.[23] The group maintains contacts with Hezbollah and has hosted at least one meeting with Hezbollah leaders.[24] The group has been in regular contact with Lebanese leader Michel Aoun and the ruling Free Patriotic Movement[25].

Member partiesEdit

Country Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Political group
in 2014–2019 term
European Parliament National lower houses Government
  Belgium Nation[12]
French: Nation
Nation Hervé Van Laethem [fr] Anti-immigration
Yellow vests movement[26]
0 / 21
0 / 150
  Czech Republic Workers' Party of Social Justice[12]
Czech: Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti
DSSS Tomáš Vandas Ultranationalism
0 / 21
0 / 200
  France Jeanne Committees[27] (Associate)
French: Comités Jeanne
CJ Jean-Marie Le Pen National conservatism
0 / 74
0 / 577
  Germany National Democratic Party of Germany[12]
German: Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands
NPD Frank Franz Neo-Nazism
0 / 96
0 / 709
  Greece Popular Greek Patriotic Union[28]
Greek: Λαικη Ελληνικη Πατριωτικη Ενωση
Romanized Greek Laike Ellenike Patriotike Enose
LEPEN Christos Rigas Metaxism
0 / 21
0 / 300
  Italy New Force[12]
Italian: Forza Nuova
FN Roberto Fiore Neo-fascism
Third Position
0 / 73
0 / 630
  Romania United Romania Party[12]
Romanian: Partidul România Unită
URN Robert Bugă Nationalism
National conservatism
0 / 32
0 / 136
New Right[3]
Romanian: Noua Dreaptă
ND Tudor Ionescu Ultranationalism
0 / 32
0 / 136
  Slovakia People's Party - Our Slovakia[12]
Slovak: Ľudová strana – Naše Slovensko
ĽSNS Marian Kotleba Ultranationalism
Right-wing populism
2 / 14
14 / 150
  Spain National Democracy[12]
Spanish: Democracia Nacional
DN Manuel Canduela Serrano [es] Ultranationalism
0 / 54
0 / 350

Former member partiesEdit

Country Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Left the AFP
  Denmark Party of the Danes
Danish: Danskernes Parti
DP Daniel Carlsen Ethnonationalism
2017 (party dissolved)[29]
  Greece Golden Dawn
Greek: Χρυσή Αυγή
ΧΑ Nikolaos Michaloliakos Neo-Metaxism
Right-wing populism
2017[citation needed]
  Sweden Party of the Swedes
Swedish: Svenskarnas parti
SvP Stefan Jacobsson Ultranationalism
2015 (party dissolved)[30]

Executive BoardEdit

Member Position Country Political party
Roberto Fiore[31] President/Chairman   Italy NF
Nick Griffin[31] Deputy Chairman   United Kingdom
Stefan Jacobsson[31] Secretary General   Sweden
Tomáš Vandas[31] Board member   Czech Republic DSSS
Gonzalo Martin Garcia[31] Board member   Spain DN
Hervé Van Laethem [fr][31] Board member   Belgium Nation
Olivier Wyssa[31] Board member   France
Martin Beluský[31] Board member   Slovakia ĽSNS
Ingo Stawitz [de][31] Board member   Germany NPD


Eighth European Parliament:

Member Political group
in 2014–2019 term
Country Political party
Jean Marie Le Pen Non-Inscrits   France CJ
Udo Voigt Non-Inscrits   Germany NPD

Ninth European Parliament:

Member Political group
in 2019–2024 term
Country Political party
Milan Uhrík Non-Inscrits   Slovakia ĽSNS
Miroslav Radačovský Non-Inscrits   Slovakia ĽSNS

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