AS Béziers Hérault

Association Sportive Béziers Hérault (Occitan: Associacion Esportiva de Besièrs Erau), often referred to by rugby media simply by its location of Béziers, is a French rugby union club currently playing in the second level of the country's professional rugby system, Pro D2. They earned their most recent promotion as 2011 Fédérale 1 champions,[1] but the club also won 11 Top 14 titles since its establishment in 1911.

UnionFédération Française de Rugby
Founded1911; 112 years ago (1911)
LocationBéziers, France
Ground(s)Stade Raoul-Barrière (Capacity: 18,555)
PresidentCédric Bistué
Coach(es)Manny Edmonds
Christophe Hamacek
League(s)Pro D2
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2nd kit
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Béziers was a major force in French rugby throughout the 1970s and 1980s; however, at the end of 2004–05 season they were relegated to Pro D2. After some years playing in French second division, they finished bottom of the table in 2008–09 and were relegated to amateur Fédérale 1,[2] before returning to Pro D2 after their 2011 title. They are based in Béziers in Occitania, and play at Stade Raoul-Barrière (capacity 18,555). The club colors are red and blue.


The club was established in 1911. Their first notable honour was being runners-up in the Coupe de France. However it would not be until the 1960s when the club began its rise to prominence. Béziers made their first championship appearance in the 1960 season. On May 22 they faced FC Lourdes in the final, losing 14 points to 11 in Toulouse. Béziers found mixed success during the 1960s following their first championship loss to Lourdes. The next season they won their first championship, defeating US Dax 6 points to 3 in Lyon. They were also runners-up in the Challenge Yves du Manoir that season. They also contested the domestic championship in 1962, though they lost to SU Agen 14 to 11 in the final. Béziers performed well in the 1964 season as well; losing the championship final to Section Paloise, and winning the Challenge Yves du Manoir.

After the success during the early 1960s Béziers became a powerful club in the 1970s. In 1971 Béziers made it to the final of the domestic championship; defeating RC Toulon 15 points to 9 in Bordeaux. The following season Béziers captured the championship, defeating Brive 9 points to nil in Lyon, and winning the Challenge Yves du Manoir as well. The club won championships in 1974 and 1975, defeating RC Narbonne and Brive respectively, both times at Parc des Princes in Paris. They were also involved in the 1976 final, though they lost to Agen, 13 to 10. The following season they won the championship again, defeating Perpignan 12 to 4 in the final. They also won the Challenge Yves du Manoir as well.

The next season they successfully defended their domestic title; defeating ASM Clermont Auvergne 31 points to 9 in the championship game in Paris. They however did not win back-to-back Challenge Yves du Manoir titles; though they came close, being runners-up. The success continued in the early 1980s as well, winning the championship of the 1980 season, defeating Toulouse 10 to 6 in the final, as well as being Challenge Yves du Manoir runners-up that season. Béziers repeated this again the next season; actually defeating Toulouse in the championship final again, and were runners-up in the Challenge Yves du Manoir. They were champions again in 1983 and 1984, defeating RC Nice and Agen in the finals respectively. They also won the Coupe de France in the 1986 season.

Béziers returned to the professional ranks in 2011–12 following their 13–6 win over Périgueux in the 2011 Fédérale 1 final on June 26. Both finalists were assured of promotion to Pro D2.

They struggled in their return season in Pro D2, finishing next-to last on the league table and well out of the safety zone. However, when ninth-place Bourgoin were forcibly relegated to Fédérale 1 for financial reasons,[3] Béziers remained in Pro D2 for 2012–13.


Finals resultsEdit

French championshipEdit

Date Winner Runner-up Score Venue Spectators
22 May 1960 FC Lourdes AS Béziers 14–11 Stadium Municipal, Toulouse 37.200
28 May 1961 AS Béziers US Dax 6–3 Stade de Gerland, Lyon 35.000
27 May 1962 SU Agen AS Béziers 14–11 Stadium Municipal, Toulouse 37.705
24 May 1964 Section Paloise AS Béziers 14–0 Stadium Municipal, Toulouse 27.797
16 May 1971 AS Béziers RC Toulon 15–9 AP Parc Lescure, Bordeaux 27.737
21 May 1972 AS Béziers CA Brive 9–0 Stade de Gerland, Lyon 31.161
12 May 1974 AS Béziers RC Narbonne 16–14 Parc des Princes, Paris 40.609
18 May 1975 AS Béziers CA Brive 13–12 Parc des Princes, Paris 39.991
23 May 1976 SU Agen AS Béziers 13–10 AP Parc des Princes, Paris 40.300
29 May 1977 AS Béziers USA Perpignan 12–4 Parc des Princes, Paris 41.821
28 May 1978 AS Béziers AS Montferrand 31–9 Parc des Princes, Paris 42.004
25 May 1980 AS Béziers Stade Toulousain 10–6 Parc des Princes, Paris 43.350
23 May 1981 AS Béziers Stade Bagnérais 22–13 Parc des Princes, Paris 44.106
28 May 1983 AS Béziers RC Nice 14–6 Parc des Princes, Paris 43.100
26 May 1984 AS Béziers SU Agen 21–21 Parc des Princes, Paris 44.076

Challenge Yves du ManoirEdit

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1961 Stade Montois 17–8 AS Béziers
1964 AS Béziers 6–3 Section Paloise
1972 AS Béziers 27–6 AS Montferrand
1973 RC Narbonne 13–6 AS Béziers
1977 AS Béziers 19–18 FC Lourdes
1978 RC Narbonne 19–19
(more tries scored)
AS Béziers
1980 Aviron Bayonnais 16–10 AS Béziers
1981 FC Lourdes 25–13 AS Béziers

Coupe de FranceEdit

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1950 FC Lourdes 16–3 AS Béziers
1986 AS Béziers 40–9 Stade Aurillacois

Trophée Jean-Prat (Fédérale 1)Edit

Date Winner Score Runner-up Venue Spectators
26 June 2011 AS Béziers 13–6 CA Périgueux Stade Sapiac, Montauban

Current standingsEdit

Pos Team Pld W D L B PF PA PD Pts Qualification
1 Oyonnax 18 14 1 3 10 559 226 +333 68 Top 14 promotion play-offs
2 Mont-de-Marsan 18 12 0 6 6 449 382 +67 54
3 Agen 18 10 0 8 9 367 314 +53 49
4 Colomiers 18 11 0 7 4 391 380 +11 48
5 Biarritz 18 9 2 7 6 433 368 +65 46
6 Grenoble 17 9 3 5 3 334 339 −5 42[a]
7 Vannes 18 8 1 9 7 379 372 +7 41
8 Béziers 18 8 0 10 8 405 393 +12 40
9 Nevers 18 8 1 9 5 365 356 +9 39
10 Aurillac 17 9 0 8 2 322 387 −65 38
11 Provence 18 7 2 9 5 369 380 −11 37
12 Rouen 18 8 0 10 4 358 436 −78 36
13 Carcassonne 18 7 1 10 2 290 382 −92 32
14 Montauban 18 7 1 10 3 388 442 −54 31[a]
15 Soyaux Angoulême 18 5 0 13 5 343 453 −110 25 Relegation to Nationale
16 Massy 18 5 0 13 3 306 448 −142 23
Updated to match(es) played on 29 January 2023. Source: Pro D2
Rules for classification: When two teams have the same points total, position is determined by head-to-head results before points difference.
  1. ^ a b Grenoble and Montauban will be penalised 5 competition points as the season progresses, for financial and administrative issues that made the clubs "non-compliant with the regulatory provisions and decisions of the CCCP".[4][5]

Current squadEdit

The Béziers squad for the 2022–23 season is:[6]

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union
Wilmar Arnoldi Hooker   South Africa
Clement Esteriola Hooker   France
Yvann Lalevee Hooker   France
Marco Pinto-Ferrer Hooker   Spain
Giorgi Akhaladze Prop   Georgia
Yannick Arroyo Prop   France
Ferdinand Changel Prop   France
Francisco Fernandes Prop   Portugal
Jamie Hagan Prop   Ireland
John-Hubert Meyer Prop   South Africa
Jon Zabala Prop   Spain
Gillian Benoy Lock   Belgium
Clement Bitz Lock   France
Pierre Gayraud Lock   France
Yasmin Maamry Lock   France
John Madigan Lock   Ireland
Steyl Barnard Back row   South Africa
Jean-Baptiste Barriere Back row   France
Pierrick Gunther Back row   France
Thomas Hoarau Back row   France
Maxence Lemardelet Back row   France
Sias Koen Back row   South Africa
Eloi Massot Back row   France
William Van Bost Back row   Belgium
Player Position Union
Jean-Victor Goillot Scrum-half   France
Mitch Short Scrum-half   Australia
Josh Valentine Scrum-half   Australia
Victor Dreuille Fly-half   France
Adrien Latorre Fly-half   France
Romain Uruty Fly-half   France
Maxime Espeut Centre   France
Jarrod Poi Centre   New Zealand
Paul Reau Centre   France
Paul Recor Centre   France
Dries Swanepoel Centre   South Africa
James Tofa Centre   New Zealand
Paul Alquier Wing   France
Raffaele Costa-Storti Wing   Portugal
Pierre Courtaud Wing   France
Nicolas Plazy Wing   France
Watisoni Votu Wing   Fiji
Gabin Lorre Fullback   France
Charly Malie Fullback   France

Espoirs squadEdit

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union
Enzo Ayela Hooker   France
Luca Nouchi Prop   France
Julien Rasamoelina Prop   France
Clement Samper Prop   France
Paul Beltran Lock   France
Anthony Bermond Lock   France
Matthys Louw Lock   South Africa
Romain Amigo Back row   France
Thomas Canaleta Back row   France
Baptiste Delage Back row   France
Antoine Payrastre Back row   France
Joaquim Selma Back row   France
Player Position Union
Gauthier Laborde Scrum-half   France
Lean Sanchis Scrum-half   France
Arnaud Sola Centre   France
Maxime Mazzella Wing   France
Mathias Duchaux Fullback   France

Notable former playersEdit

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