2011 in Pakistan

Events in the year 2011 in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Salmaan Taseer, governor of Punjab was shot in January.
  • January 3: The government enters into urgent talks with opposition parties after the Muttahida Qaumi Movement resigns from the coalition, depriving it of its majority.[1]
  • January 4: Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, is shot by one of his bodyguards near his home. Taseer dies of his wounds soon afterwards.[2] His killer, Malik Mumtaz Qadri, turns himself in and claims he killed the governor due to his opposition to the blasphemy law in Pakistan.[3]
  • January 11: Internationally acclaimed Pakistani painter and Pride of Performance winner Prof. A. R. Nagori passes away [4]
  • January 13: a reporter of Geo News, Wali Khan Babar is shot by unknown political gunmen in Karachi as target killing once again gripped the city.[5]
  • January 19: The 7.2 MwDalbandin earthquake shook a remote region of Balochistan with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong), causing moderate damage, leaving three dead and several injured.
  • January 25: At least thirteen people are killed while 70 others injured in a suicide bomb explosion in a mourning procession of Imam Hussain near its concluding point at Kerbala Gamay Shah at Bhat Gate in Lahore.[6]
  • January 25: A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden motorbike into a police van at Malir 15 area of Karachi, killing at least three people while 5 people were injured.[7]
  • January 27: A US diplomat, Raymond Davis, kills two men on a motorbike in Lahore allegedly in self-defence while a companion of the diplomat, who is also an American citizen, crushed to death a bike rider in a hit-and-run incident, following the shooting.[8]



March 1: The Minister for Minority Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian was assassinated in Islamabad

March 30: Pakistan plays Cricket World Cup semi-final with India.

March 30: Famous Comedian Liaquat Soldier dies.


  • April 22: Internationally renowned Pakistani actor, Moin Akhtar, dies at the age of 60 years in Karachi after suffering from a heart attack.



  • June 24 – The cell phone of Osama bin Laden's courier is reported to contain contacts with Harakat-ul-Mujahadeen, suggesting potential ties to Pakistan's intelligence agencies


During the months of July and August 2011, a number of targeted killings in Karachi, Pakistan left hundreds of people dead. The attacks are part of an ongoing terrorist campaign of political, ethnic and religious violence that has gripped the city in its worst form in the recent years. By late August and September 2011 the security situation in Karachi has stabilized and target killings have largely stopped, though isolated incidents still occur.







  • 4 January – Salmaan Taseer, 64, governor of Punjab, shot dead[3]
  • 10 January – Naseerullah Babar, 82, soldier and politician, Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (1976–1977) and Interior Minister (1993–1996).[9]
  • 11 January – Prof. A. R. Nagori, 71, renowned Pakistani artist.
  • 13 January – Babar, 28, journalist and reporter, shot dead.
  • 22 January – Aslam Khokhar, 91, cricketer.[10]
  • 23 January – Colonel Imam, who was kidnapped along with former ISI official Khalid Khawaja, British journalist Asad Qureshi and his driver in the tribal belt on March 26 last year, died due to a heart attack in the custody of his captors.[11] (body found on this date)
  • 2 March
  • 22 April – Moin Akhtar, 60, acclaimed Pakistani actor.
  • 2 May – Usama bin Laden, 54, Saudi terrorist.


These holidays were held in some provinces of Pakistan.

  • 5 January – All educational institutions, offices and banks remained closed in Punjab province to mourn the death of Salmaan Taseer.
  • 19 January – The Sindh government had declared January 19 (Wednesday) a provincial holiday on account of the Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.[12]
  • 25 January – The Sindh government declared a provincial holiday on the account of Chelum of Imam Hussain.[13]

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