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Events from the year 2010 in Pakistan.

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  • 1 January – A suicide bombing occurs at a volleyball game in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least 95, and injuring over 100.[1]
  • 13 January – A train hit a school bus at an ungated railway crossing in Pakistan's Punjab Province near to the town of Mian Channu, killing 8 children and injuring several others.[2]
  • 30 January – A suicide bombing occurs at a military checkpoint within the town of Khar, in the Bajaur Agency, killing at least 16 people and injuring around 25 others.



  • 12 March – Three separate suicide bombings targeting Pakistani security forces occurred from 8 March till 12 March. It is known that more than 72 people were killed in these three-related suicide attacks and more than 190 others were injured.




  • 6 June – Cyclone Phet makes landfall near Karachi before wreaking havoc in coastal Balochistan province.
  • 28 June – An accidental truck blast caused by an exploding gas cylinder, kills at least 18 people and injured around 42 others within the southern Pakistani city of Hyderabad.[6]


  • Extensive flooding after monsoon rains. At least 1,600 people were killed.
  • 1 July – Twin suicide bombings targeted a Sufi shrine at the Data Durbar Complex, in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. At least 50 people are killed in these twin suicide attacks and more than 200 are injured.
  • 9 July – A suicide bomb attack occurs at a market within the Mohmand Agency of north-western Pakistan. At least 104 people are killed in this suicide attack and more than 120 others are injured.
  • 28 July – Crash of Airblue Flight 202, killing all 152 people aboard.


  • 3–6 August – Riots in Karachi after the assassination of MP Raza Haider.[7]
  • 13 August – President Asif Ali Zardari a curb on the traditional Independence Day in favour a more sombre response to the floods. Zardari will instead spend the day visiting the regions worst affected by flooding.[8]
  • 14 August – 12 suspected militants in North Waziristan are killed by a suspected American drone attack.[9]
  • 14 August – At least 16 people are killed following an outbreak of violence in Balochistan.[10]
  • 14 August – Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani announces that as many as 20 million Pakistanis have been hit by the floods, contradicting earlier United Nations estimates of 14 million.[11]
  • 15 August – Condemnations and the promise of a government inquiry follow the lynching of two teenaged brothers, Mughees and Muneeb Butt, by a mob in Sialkot. The killings, believed to have been sparked by a mistaken belief that the brothers were robbers, was caught on film by a Dunya TV reporter and aired on all private media channels.[12]
  • 24 August – Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani raises fears of disease epidemic in flood-hit areas of the country, following reports from doctors in the areas that diarrhoea and cholera were spreading.[13]


  • 1 September – At least 35 people are killed and more than 250 others injured, following a series of bomb attacks on a Shia Islamic procession in Lahore. The attacks, two of which were said to be from suicide bombers took place at a commemoration of the death of Ali ibn Abi Talib.[14]
  • 3 September – In a similar attack on Shia Muslims at least 50 people are killed in Quetta by a suicide bomber at a Shia rally. Responsibility is claimed by the Taliban who state that the killings were a revenge attack for the killing of a Sunni leader in 2009.[15]
  • 7 September – American actress Angelina Jolie visits flood-hit areas of the country as the UN launches a renewed appeal for aid.[16]
  • 10 September – Former leader General Pervez Musharraf announces his intention to return to Pakistan from self-imposed exile in London. He claims that he plans to establish a new political party in order to contest the 2013 elections.[17]
  • 16 September – Exiled politician Imran Farooq is found murdered near his home in exile in north London having been stabbed several times.[18][19] Violence erupted in his hometown Karachi following his murder. Several shops and vehicles were set on fire however no casualties were reported. MQM called for a 10-day strike to mourn Farooq's death.[20]
  • 25 September – Four people are killed in Miranshah in a suspected American drone attack.[21] Seven more die in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan in a similar attack the following day.[22]
  • 25 September – The three men accused of the 2008 Danish embassy bombing in Islamabad are acquitted by a Pakistani court because of insufficient evidence. The decision is to be challenged by the prosecution in the high courts.[23]
  • 26 September – Abdul Qayum Jatoi quits as Minister of Defence Production after claiming that the Pakistan Army was involved in political assassinations, including that of Benazir Bhutto.[24]
  • 27 September – Geo TV reveals that more than one third of cabinet ministers pay no taxes whatsoever and that Prime Minister Gillani had not paid taxes for any of the three years covered by the disclosure.[25]


  • 1 October – Pervez Musharraf launches his new political party, the All Pakistan Muslim League, at a club in London. At the launch Musharraf apologises for the "negative actions" he took whilst in power.[26]
  • 2 October – Nine more people are killed in the North-West in the latest in a series of American drone attacks on the bases of suspected militants.[27]
  • 20 October – Political and ethnic violence erupts in Karachi resulting in 35 deaths.[28]
  • 22 October – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces that the American government is to give US$2 billion in military aid.[29]


  • 1 November – An American drone attack kills six people in the northwest.[30]
  • 1 November – A suicide bomber kills two policemen and wounds 10 others as security forces tried to stop him from walking into their local headquarters in Swabi, 100 kilometres northwest of Islamabad.[31]
  • 3 November – Two government schools are destroyed by Taliban militants in an attack in the Mohmand area.[32]
  • 5 November – A bomb explodes in a mosque in Darra Adam Khel in North-West Pakistan, killing at least 55 people and injuring over 100. Later that same day a grenade attack on another mosque in the village of Sulemankhel near Peshawar claimed at least two lives. Both attacks occurred during daily prayer sessions.[33]
  • 5 November – 2010 Karachi Beechcraft 1900 crash
  • 9 November – The headquarters of the Pakistan police's Criminal Investigation Department in Karachi is attacked by militants. After the attack is repulsed in a gun battle a lorry load of explosives are detonated, destroying a perimeter wall. 200 deaths and over 100 injuries are reported.[34]
  • 28 November – Sun Way Flight 4412 crashes.


  • Car bombing of the Al-Zuhra mosque and maternity center.
  • 24 December – Taliban militants clash with troops in the north-west. 11 soldiers and 24 militants are estimated dead.[35]
  • 25 December – Bajaur bombing a female suicide bomber kills at least 43 people in Khar near the border with Afghanistan.[36]
  • 29 December – President Asif Zardari requests crisis talks after the Muttahida Qaumi Movement opts to withdraw two of its members from the cabinet in protest at government corruption. However, the MQM insists that it does not intend to bring down the government by going into opposition.[37]




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