2007 NACAC Championships in Athletics

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The 2007 North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships was a regional track and field competition held at the Flor Blanca National Stadium in San Salvador, El Salvador, from July 13–15, 2007. It was the inaugural edition of a senior track and field championship for the NACAC region.[1] A total of forty-three events were contested, 22 by male and 21 by female athletes.[2]

I NACAC Championships
Logo for the 2007 NACAC Championships
Host citySan Salvador,
El Salvador El Salvador
Date(s)July 13–15, 2007
Main stadiumFlor Blanca National Stadium
Participation275 athletes from
26 nations

The championships served as preparation for the 2007 Pan American Games, held later that month, for many of the senior athletes. Canada and Cuba, two of the region's strongest countries in the sport, did not send a delegation to participate. One further event—the women's 10,000 metres—was initially scheduled for the championships, but was subsequently not held in San Salvador.[3]

The United States sent the largest contingent to the competition and, although many were developmental athletes, Americans dominated the competition, winning twenty-eight of the events and fifteen minor medals for a total of 43. Mexico were the next best performers, claiming four golds, fourteen silvers and two bronze medals. Trinidad and Tobago took three golds in their eleven medal haul, while the hosts El Salvador also won three events.

Mary Jayne Harrelson completed an 800/1500 metres double win. Americans Calvin Smith Jr. and Debbie Dunn took the 400 metres individual titles, before going on the help the relay teams to another gold. Cristina López of El Salvador won the 10 km walk title and went on to win Pan American gold later that month. The NACAC high jump silver medallist Romary Rifka improved to the gold at that tournament.

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see 2007 NACAC Championships – Results.


Richard Thompson won the men's 100 m gold medal.
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Richard Thompson (TRI) 10.322   Monzavous Edwards (USA) 10.327   Abidemi Omole (USA) 10.34
200 metres   Jordan Vaden (USA) 20.17   Michael Mitchell (USA) 20.48   Chris Lloyd (DMA) 20.73
400 metres   Calvin Smith Jr. (USA) 45.52   Arismendy Peguero (DOM) 45.63   Nery Brenes (CRC) 46.00
800 metres   Golden Coachman (USA) 1:49.01   Pablo Solares (MEX) 1:49.28   Moise Joseph (HAI) 1:50.25
1500 metres   Pablo Solares (MEX) 3:45.29   Isaías Haro (MEX) 3:48.53   Luis Soto (PUR) 3:49.69
5000 metres   Ben Bruce (USA) 14:27.90   Julio Perez (MEX) 14:29.45   Jose Garcia (GUA) 14.33.31
10,000 metres   Julio Perez (MEX) 29.38.31   Jose Garcia (GUA) 29.42.11 Only two competitors
110 m hurdles   Dexter Faulk (USA) 13.35   Decosma Wright (JAM) 13.67   Linnie Yarbrough (USA) 13.70
400 m hurdles   LaRon Bennett (USA) 48.76   Jonathan Williams (BLZ) 48.88   Javier Culson (PUR) 49.31
3000 m steeplechase   Michael Spence (USA) 8.39.51   Josafat Gonzalez (MEX) 8.43.08   Ben Bruce (USA) 8.56.09
4 × 100 m relay   United States (USA)
Abidemi Omole
Jordan Vaden
Michael Mitchell
Monzavous Edwards
38.99   Jamaica (JAM)
Decosma Wright
Orlando Reid
Tristan Taylor
Carl Barret
39.77   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Niconnor Alexander
Richard Thompson
Rondel Sorrillo
Emmanuel Callander
4 × 400 m relay   United States (USA)
Reuben McCoy
Calvin Smith Jr.
Michael Mitchell
David Neville
3:02.78   Jamaica (JAM)
DeWayne Barrett
Lansford Spence
Bryan Steele
Michael Manson
3:04.32   Dominican Republic (DOM)
Carlos Santa
Pedro Mejía
Yoel Tapia
Arismendy Peguero
20 km track walk   Walter Sandoval (ESA) 1:28.29   David Mejia (MEX) 1:28.51   Allan Segura (CRC) 1:29.50
High jump   Adam Shunk (USA) 2.23 m   Gerardo Martínez (MEX) 2.21 m   Julio Luciano (DOM) 2.17 m
Pole vault   José Montano (MEX) 5.15 m   Cristian Sanchez (MEX) 4.80 m   Jeremy Scott (USA) 4.80 m
Long jump   Carlos Jorge (DOM) 7.89 m   Tyrone Harris (USA) 7.83 m   Le Juan Simon (TRI) 7.71 m
Triple jump   Marc Kellman (USA) 16.50 m   Allen Simms (PUR) 16.37 m   Le Juan Simon (TRI) 15.72 m
Shot put   Rubin Williams (USA) 18.43 m   Tyron Benjamin (DMA) 16.81 m   Jorge Castro (GUA) 13.91 m
Discus throw   Nick Petrucci (USA) 56.17 m   Adonson Shallow (VIN) 52.39 m   Jesús Sánchez (MEX) 50.15 m
Hammer throw   Jake Freeman (USA) 70.32 m   Luis Saavedra (MEX) 62.62 m   Roberto Sawyers (CRC) 61.98 m
Javelin throw   Justin St. Clair (USA) 73.16 m   Darwin Garcia (DOM) 69.64 m   Rigoberto Calderón (NIC) 66.50 m
Decathlon   Darwin Colón (HON) 6330 pts   Adolphus Jones (SKN) 6092 pts Only two competitors


Lavern Spencer won the women's high jump.
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Mechelle Lewis (USA) 11.37   Alexis Weatherspoon (USA) 11.43   Carol Rodríguez (PUR) 11.47
200 metres
(wind: 2.2 m/s)
  Virgil Hodge (SKN) 22.73 w   Shareese Woods (USA) 22.97 w   Latonia Wilson (USA) 23.14 w
400 metres   Debbie Dunn (USA) 52.68   Clora Williams (JAM) 53.27   Kineke Alexander (VIN) 53.52
800 metres   Mary Jayne Harrelson (USA) 2:05.10   Lizaira Del Valle (PUR) 2:05.73   Sheena Gooding (BAR) 2:06.01
1500 metres   Mary Jayne Harrelson (USA) 4:30.09   Yamilé Alaluf (MEX) 4:37.64   Sonny Garcia (DOM) 4:49.62
5000 metres   Whitney McDonald (USA) 16:42.12   Marisol Romero (MEX) 17:00.47   Elsa Monterosso (GUA) 17:59.85
100 m hurdles   Candice Davis (USA) 13.12   Tiffany Ofili (USA) 13.27   Monique Morgan (JAM) 13.39
400 m hurdles   Latosha Wallace (USA) 56.54   Carlene Robinson (JAM) 57.25   Sherlenia Green (USA) 58.26
3000 m steeplechase   Kristin Anderson (USA) 10:21.82   Sandra Lopez Reyes (MEX) 11:04.79   Gabriela Trana (CRC) 11:11.17
4 × 100 m relay   Jamaica (JAM)
Nadine Palmer
Rose Whyte
Anneisha McLaughlin
Peta-Gaye Dowdie
43.73   United States (USA)
Shameka Marshall
Alexis Weatherspoon
Candice Davis
Mechelle Lewis
43.91   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Ayanna Hutchinson
Sasha Springer
Nandelle Cameron
Fana Ashby
4 × 400 m relay   United States (USA)
Latosha Wallace
Shareese Woods
Latonia Wilson
Debbie Dunn
3:29.15   Jamaica (JAM)
Ronetta Smith
Carlene Robinson
Rose Whyte
Clora Williams
3:30.16   El Salvador (ESA)
Veronica Quijano
Josselin Escobar
Natalia Santamaria
Jessica Bautista
10 km track walk   Cristina López (ESA) 44:16.21   Veronica Colindres (ESA) 47:39.93   Evelyn Nunez (GUA) 47:40.36
High jump   Levern Spencer (LCA) 1.89 m   Romary Rifka (MEX) 1.87 m   Juana Arrendel (DOM) 1.87 m
Pole vault   Becky Holliday (USA) 4.15 m   Cecilia Villar (MEX) 3.60 m   Glayds Quijada (ESA) 3.50 m
Long jump   Shameka Marshall (USA) 6.34 m   Nolle Graham (JAM) 6.26 m   Tanika Liburd (SKN) 6.12 m
Triple jump   Ayanna Alexander (TRI) 13.29 m (w)   Tiombe Hurd (USA) 13.22 m   Amy Seward (PUR) 12.93 m
Shot put   Cleopatra Borel-Brown (TRI) 17.53 m   Annie Alexander (TRI) 15.89 m   Shernelle Nicholls (BAR) 15.82 m
Discus throw   Stephanie Trafton (USA) 59.27 m   Annie Alexander (TRI) 53.63 m   Shernelle Nicholls (BAR) 51.15 m
Hammer throw   Jessica Cosby (USA) 65.15 m   Candice Scott (TRI) 60.52 m   Jessica Ponce (MEX) 58.95 m
Javelin throw   Ana Gutierrez (MEX) 51.52 m   Anna Raynor (USA) 50.86 m   Erma-Gene Evans (LCA) 47.95 m
Heptathlon   Gabriela Carrillo (ESA) 5022 pts   Mariana Abuela (MEX) 4824 pts   Natoya Baird (TRI) 4611 pts

Medal tableEdit

Debbie Dunn won 400 m individual and relay golds for the United States.
Allen Simms took triple jump silver for Puerto Rico.

  *   Host nation (El Salvador)

1  United States289643
2  Mexico414220
3  Trinidad and Tobago33511
4  El Salvador*3126
5  Jamaica1719
6  Dominican Republic1247
7  Saint Kitts and Nevis1113
8  Saint Lucia1012
9  Honduras1001
10  Puerto Rico0246
11  Guatemala0145
12  Dominica0112
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines0112
14  Belize0101
15  Barbados0033
  Costa Rica0033
17  Haiti0011
Totals (18 nations)434340126

Participating nationsEdit


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