Events from the year 2002 in Pakistan.


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January edit

  • 1 January – an earthquake strikes northern Pakistan.[1]
  • 12 January – President Musharraf declares a war on extremism.[2]
  • 18 January – President Musharraf, in an interview with CNN, says he believes that Osama bin Laden is dead.[3]

March edit

  • India shuns Pakistan's offer of talks.[2]

June edit

  • 22 June – A wedding feast in Pakistan's tribal areas ends in tragedy after an error during the celebratory firing of a mortar shell; fourteen people are killed.[4]

October edit

November edit

  • 21 November - A 6.3 Mw  earthquake strikes northern Pakistan, leaving sixteen dead, forty injured, and more than 1,000 buildings damaged.[5]
  • 26 November - The Pakistan army has to use helicopters to evacuate thousands of people following the earthquake, as roads are blocked and the temperature is falling due to the onset of winter.[6]

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References edit

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