1994 Tooheys 1000

1994 Tooheys 1000
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The 1994 Tooheys 1000 was a motor race held on 2 October 1994 at the Mount Panorama Circuit near Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia. It was the 35th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. The race was open to cars complying with CAMS Group 3A Touring Car regulations, later known as V8 Supercars and those complying with FIA Class II Touring Car regulations, later known as Super Touring cars. In the lead up to the 2003 event, Wheels Magazine voted the 1994 Bathurst 1000 to be the greatest of all time.

The race was won by Dick Johnson and John Bowe in their Dick Johnson Racing entered Ford EB Falcon, with the latter driver holding off a late-race challenge from then-rookie Craig Lowndes in a Holden Racing Team entered VP Commodore he shared with Brad Jones, which eventually finished second. Larry Perkins and Gregg Hansford were third in their Holden VP Commodore entered by Perkins Engineering.

Class AEdit

For 5.0 litre cars, later to become known as V8 Supercars, it consisted of V8 engined Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores.

Class BEdit

For 2.0 litre cars, later to become known as Super Touring cars, it consisted of BMW 318i, Hyundai Lantra, Peugeot 405, Toyota Carina, Toyota Corolla, a modified DTM Mercedes-Benz 190E and older modified Group A BMW M3s and Ford Sierras.

Tooheys Top TenEdit

The Toohey Top Ten was restricted to the top ten cars from Qualifying. The results of this runoff determined the first ten places on the grid for the race. Additional prize money was paid to all entries in the Tooheys Top Ten.[1]

Pos No Team Driver Car TT10 Qual
Pole 1 Peter Jackson Racing   Glenn Seton Ford EB Falcon 2:12.1464 2:12.03
2 05 Holden Racing Team   Peter Brock Holden VP Commodore 2:12.3639 2:12.99
3 2 Winfield Racing   Mark Skaife Holden VP Commodore 2:12.3646 2:12.36
4 25 Benson & Hedges Racing   Tony Longhurst Holden VP Commodore 2:12.7549 2:13.90
5 4 Coca-Cola Racing   Wayne Gardner Holden VP Commodore 2:12.9670 2:13.46
6 30 Peter Jackson Racing   Alan Jones Ford EB Falcon 2:13.1276 2:13.44
7 18 Shell-FAI Racing   Allan Grice Ford EB Falcon 2:13.1959 2:12.71
8 11 Castrol Perkins Racing   Larry Perkins Holden VP Commodore 2:13.2338 2:12.90
9 015 Holden Racing Team   Brad Jones Holden VP Commodore 2:13.5126 2:13.15
10 17 Shell-FAI Racing   Dick Johnson Ford EB Falcon 2:13.6164 2:12.43

* Glenn Seton took his first ever pole position at Bathurst in his Ford EB Falcon. It was also the first Ford V8 on pole at Bathurst since Allan Moffat put his XB Falcon on pole in 1976. All other Ford pole positions since then (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992) had been achieved in the turbocharged 4 cyl Ford Sierra RS500.
* After having an earlier time disallowed in qualifying due to a technical infringement, Peter Brock, in his first race at Bathurst for a factory backed Holden team since 1986, then qualified 6th in his Holden Racing Team VP Commodore. He improved in the shootout to qualify second for his first front row start since claiming pole position in a Ford Sierra RS500 in 1989.
* Dick Johnson qualified for his 17th straight Top Ten runoff having been the only driver to compete in every one since its inception in 1978. After qualifying 3rd, Johnson fell to 10th after the shootout when he ran wide and hit the wall coming out of The Cutting causing large amounts of tyre smoke from the right rear for the rest of the lap, though his time was only 1/10th slower than the HRT Commodore of Brad Jones.
* 1986 and 1990 race winner Allan Grice, who missed the race in 1993, made his first start at Bathurst in a Ford after 19 starts for Holden (1973-1992) and one start in a Fiat 124 Sport in 1968. He qualified his Dick Johnson Racing EB Falcon in 7th in the shootout, faster than team leader Dick Johnson who ended up 10th.
* Tony Longhurst and Brad Jones both equalled the record for driving different makes of cars in the Top Ten shootout. Longhurst had previously qualified for Ford (1988-1990) and BMW (1992), while Jones had previously qualified in a Mitsubishi (1986) and a Ford (1989). Both qualified their respective Holden VP Commodores for the 1994 Tooheys Top Ten. The record had been held solely by 1976 race winner Bob Morris who had qualified in the Top Ten for Holden (1978, 1979, 1983), Ford (1980, 1981, 1982) and Mazda (1984).

Official resultsEdit

Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 A 17 Shell-FAI Racing   Dick Johnson
  John Bowe
Ford EB Falcon 161 3 10
2 A 015 Holden Racing Team   Brad Jones
  Craig Lowndes
Holden VP Commodore 161 7 9
3 A 11 Castrol Perkins Racing   Larry Perkins
  Gregg Hansford
Holden VP Commodore 161 5 8
4 A 25 Benson & Hedges Racing   Tony Longhurst
  Charlie O'Brien
Holden VP Commodore 161 10 4
5 A 7 Coca-Cola Racing   Win Percy
  Russell Ingall
Holden VP Commodore 161 11
6 A 6 Winfield Racing   Colin Bond
  Anders Olofsson
Holden VP Commodore 161 12
7 A 18 Shell-FAI Racing   Allan Grice
  Steven Johnson
Ford EB Falcon 160 4 7
8 A 9 Allan Moffat Enterprises   Andrew Miedecke
  Jeff Allam
Ford EB Falcon 157 16
9 A 47 Daily Planet Racing   John Trimbole
  Garry Waldon
Holden VP Commodore 156 19
10 B 46 Diet Coke Racing   Paul Morris
  Altfrid Heger
BMW 318i 155 31
11 B 45 Diet Coke Racing   Craig Baird
  Brett Riley
BMW 318i 152 35
12 B 48 Benson & Hedges Racing   Warwick Rooklyn
  John Blanchard
BMW 318i 152 32
13 A 39 Challenge Motorsport   Chris Smerdon
  Cameron McConville
Holden VP Commodore 151 21
14 A 20 Palmer Promotions   Ian Palmer
  Brett Peters
Holden VP Commodore 151 25
15 A 36 Schembri Motorsport   Neil Schembri
  Rodney Crick
Holden VP Commodore 149 23
16 A 12 Ampol Max 3 Racing   Bob Jones
  Troy Dunstan
Holden VP Commodore 148 17
17 A 54 Ed Lamont   Ed Lamont
  Graham Gulson
Holden VP Commodore 146 22
18 A 37 Scotty Taylor Racing   Alan Taylor
  Roger Hurd
  Stephen Bell
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 145 36
19 B 52 M3 Motorsport   Peter Doulman
  John Cotter
BMW M3 2.0L 144 38
20 A 38 Brian Callaghan   Barry Graham
  Brian Callaghan Jr
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 143 29
21 A 35 Steven McLaine Motorsport   Richard Wilson
  Troy Nicholson
  Ric Shaw
Holden VP Commodore 143 27
22 A 14 Stuart McColl   Stuart McColl
  Peter Gazzard
Holden VP Commodore 142 24
23 B 56 Bruce Miles   Greg Murphy
  James Kaye
Toyota Carina 136 33
24 A 3 Lansvale Smash Repairs   Steve Reed
  Trevor Ashby
Holden VP Commodore 134 15
25 B 16 Phil Ward Racing   Peter McKay
  Jamie Miller
Mercedes-Benz 190E 126 43
26 A 44 Group Motorsport   Mike Conway
  George Ayoub
  Kevin Heffernan
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 123 37
DNF A 24 Pinnacle Motorsport   Tony Scott
  Greg Crick
Holden VP Commodore 158 14
DNF A 05 Holden Racing Team   Peter Brock
  Tomas Mezera
Holden VP Commodore 138 6 2
NC A 41 Garry Willmington Performance   Garry Willmington
  Jeff Barnes
Ford EB Falcon 109 28
NC A 10 Phil Ward Racing   Phil Ward
  Steven Ellery
Holden VP Commodore 100 13
DNF A 4 Coca-Cola Racing   Wayne Gardner
  Neil Crompton
Holden VP Commodore 99 9 5
NC A 42 Glenn Mason   Greg Fahey
  Dennis Cribbin
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 97 42
DNF A 27 Terry Finnigan   Terry Finnigan
  Steve Williams
Holden VP Commodore 95 18
DNF A 60 Peter McLeod   Ryan McLeod
  Peter McLeod
  Kevin Burton
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 83 26
DNF A 1 Peter Jackson Racing   Glenn Seton
  Paul Radisich
Ford EB Falcon 82 1 1
DNF A 62 Novacastrian Motorsport   Wayne Russell
  Bernie Gillon
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 71 34
DNF B 57 Darrel Dixon   Bill Sieders
  Allan Letcher
Peugeot 405 Mi16 63 41
DNF A 30 Peter Jackson Racing   Alan Jones
  David Parsons
Ford EB Falcon 52 8 6
DNF A 2 Winfield Racing   Mark Skaife
  Jim Richards
Holden VP Commodore 39 2 3
DNF B 98 Knight Racing   Peter Hills
  Dennis Rogers
Ford Sierra 34 44
DNF B 8 Hyundai Automotive   Steve Hardman
  Geoff Full
Hyundai Lantra 26 45
DNF A 49 Malcolm Stenniken   Brett Youlden
  Malcolm Stenniken
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV 24 30
DNF A 28 Playscape Racing   Kevin Waldock
  Mike Preston
Ford EB Falcon 19 20
DNF B 89 Phoenix Motorsport   Ken Mathews
  Matthew Martin
Peugeot 405 Mi16 17 39
DNF B 51 Inspired Racing   Andrew Reid
  Melinda Price
  Garry Jones
Toyota Corolla Seca 16 40
DNS A 26 Don Watson   Don Watson1
  Ian Love
Holden VP Commodore
DNS A 50 Easton Motorsport   Gregg Easton2
  Kevin Heffernan
Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV


  • ^1 - Don Watson was killed in an accident at the Chase during Thursday qualifying, which resulted in his entry being withdrawn from the race.
  • ^2 - Greg Easton's car was badly damaged after an accident during Friday qualifying, and was subsequently withdrawn. Co-driver Kevin Heffernan was later moved into the #44 Holden Commodore VL SS Group A SV of Mike Conway & George Ayoub.


  • Provisional Pole Position - #1 Glenn Seton - 2:12.0290
  • Pole Position - #1 Glenn Seton - 2:12.1464
  • Fastest Lap - #17 Dick Johnson - 2:14.1458 - Lap 108
  • Winners' Race Time - 7:03:45.8425 [2]
  • Winners' Average Speed - 142.63 km/h [2]

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