1991 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

The tenth legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu was held on 24 June 1991. The Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) – Indian National Congress (INC) alliance won the elections in a landslide and ADMK leader J. Jayalalithaa became the chief minister. This was her first term in office. The united strength of ADMK (after the merger of Jayalalitha and Janaki Ramachandran factions into a single party), the alliance with the Congress and the wave of public sympathy in the wake of Rajiv Gandhi assassination combined together to produce a massive victory for the ADMK. The M. Karunanidhi led Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) was hurt by the public perception that it had close ties with LTTE (which was behind the Rajiv Gandhi assassination) and was routed in the elections winning only 2 out of the 234 seats.

1991 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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All 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
118 seats needed for a majority
Turnout63.84% (Decrease5.85%)
  First party Second party
  J Jayalalithaa.jpg Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi.jpg
Leader J. Jayalalithaa M. Karunanidhi
Alliance INC+ NF
Leader's seat Bargur Harbour
Seats won 225 7
Seat change Increase172 Decrease164
Popular vote 14,738,042 7,405,935
Percentage 59.79% 30.05%

1991 tamil nadu legislative election map.png
1991 election map (by constituencies)

Chief Minister before election

M. Karunanidhi

Chief Minister

J. Jayalalithaa


President's ruleEdit

On 30 January 1991, the DMK government which had come to power after winning the 1989 assembly election, was dismissed by the Indian Prime minister Chandra Shekhar using Article 356 of the Indian Constitution. President's rule was imposed on Tamil Nadu from 31 January. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state and the DMK's alleged closeness to the LTTE. The union law minister Subramanian Swamy, cited (among others) the assassination of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) office bearers in Chennai on 19 June 1990 by the LTTE as the proof of collusion between the DMK government and the LTTE. The Samajwadi Janata Party government of Chandra Shekhar at the centre was dependent on the outside support of Rajiv Gandhi's Congress, which in turn was an ally of the ADMK in Tamil Nadu. The dismissal followed pressure on the Chandra Shekhar government by the Congress and ADMK to dismiss the DMK government. The Chandra Shekhar government fell on March 1991 after the Congress withdrew its outside support. Fresh elections for both the Indian parliament and Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly were scheduled for June 1991.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Unification of ADMKEdit

The ADMK which had contested and lost the 1989 elections as two different factions reunited under the leadership of Jayalalitha in February 1989. The Janaki Ramachandran faction merged with the Jayalalitha faction to form a single united party and Janaki retired from politics. The reunited party regained the popular "Two Leaves" symbol of the ADMK. (The Election Commission of India had frozen the symbol for the 1989 elections due to the split). The united ADMK was able to prove its strength immediately by winning the elections held for two constituencies -Marungapuri and Madurai East on 11 March 1989. (for these two constituencies elections had been postponed earlier due to technical reasons).The ADMK then allied with the Congress for the 1989 Parliamentary elections. The ADMK-Congress alliance won 38 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in that election routing the DMK-Janata Dal led National Front.[8][9]

Formation of PMKEdit

The 1991 elections was the first state elections contested by the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), a labour class based party. S. Ramadoss, the leader of the Vanniyar caste organisation which demanded proportional reservation in education and employment based on population ratio of each community – the Vanniyar Sangam converted into a political party and entered electoral politics with the 1989 parliamentary elections. The emergence of PMK cut into the DMK's political base in the northern districts of Tamil Nadu.[6][10]

Formation of TMKEdit

In 1991, the Thayaga Marumalarchi Kazhagam (TMK) was formed by the actor-politician Vijaya T. Rajendar after he split from the DMK. Later, some of the second rung leaders of the ADMK including Su. Thirunavukkarasar, K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran, S. D. Ugamchand, V. Karuppasamy Pandian split from the party. For the 1991 elections they formed a pact with T. Rajendar and contested as TMK candidates.[11][12][13]

Assassination of Rajiv GandhiEdit

On 21 May 1991, leader of the Indian National Congress and its prime ministerial candidate for the 1991 general elections was assassinated by a LTTE suicide bomber. The assassination took place at a campaign meeting at Sriperumpudur where he was campaigning for the Congress candidate Maragatham Chandrasekar. This assassination by the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, taken along with the perceived closeness of the DMK with the LTTE resulted in a massive sympathy wave in favour of the ADMK-Congress alliance and against the DMK.[1][6]


The two main political formations in this election were the DMK and ADMK led fronts. The DMK coalition comprised the Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM), Janata Dal (JD) and Thayaga Marumalarchi Kazhagam (TMK). The ADMK front had only two major parties – itself and the Congress. The ADMK also backed the ICS (SCS) candidate Sanjay Ramasamy in the Virudhunagar constituency. Several smaller parties like the PMK contested the elections alone.[14][15]

Seat allotmentsEdit

DMK FrontEdit

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam M. Karunanidhi 176
2. Communist Party of India (Marxist) Nallasivam 22
3. Janata Dal   Sivaji Ganesan 15
4. Thayaga Marumalarchi Kazhagam   Vijaya T. Rajendar 11
5. Communist Party of India P.Manickam 10

AIADMK FrontEdit

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam J.Jayalalithaa 168
2. Indian National Congress P V Narasimha Rao 65
3. Indian Congress (Socialist)   Sarat Chandra Sinha 1

Voting and resultsEdit

The polling for the state assembly elections were held simultaneously with the polling for the 1991 Parliamentary elections on 24 June 1991. The voter turnout was 63.92%.[16][17]

Results by Pre-Poll AllianceEdit

Election map of results based on parties. Colours are based on the results table on the left
e • d Summary of the 1991 May 1991 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election results
Sources: Election Commission of India [18]
Alliance/Party Seats won Change Popular Vote Vote % Adj. %
AIADMK+ alliance 225 +172 14,738,042 59.8%
AIADMK 164 +137 10,940,966 44.4% 61.1%
INC 60 +34 3,743,859 15.2% 56.2%
ICS(SCS) 1 +1 53,217 0.2% 56.1%
DMK+ alliance 7 -164 7,405,935 30.0%
DMK 2 -148 5,535,668 22.5% 29.9%
TMK 2 -1 371,645 1.5% 31.0%
CPI(M) 1 -14 777,532 3.2% 31.2%
JD 1 +1 415,947 1.7% 28.3%
CPI 1 -2 305,143 1.2% 29.9%
Others 2 -8 2,505,431 10.2%
PMK 1 +1 1,452,982 5.9% 7.0%
JP 0 -4 51,564 0.2% 0.7%
IND 1 -5 390,227 1.6% 1.7%
Total 234 24,649,408 100%

: ICS(SCS) contested in 13 different constituencies, but only the one contested by Sanjay Ramaswamy was endorsed by AIADMK.
: Vote % reflects the percentage of votes the party received compared to the entire electorate that voted in this election. Adjusted (Adj.) Vote %, reflects the % of votes the party received per constituency that they contested.

Constituency wise resultsEdit

List of winners and runners-up by constituency
Assembly Constituency Winner Party Runner-up Party Margin
Acharapakkam (SC) E. Ramakrishnan ADMK M. Jayapal DMK 24,725
Alandur S. Annamalai ADMK Pammal Nallathambi DMK 34,911
Alangulam S. S. Ramasubbu INC S. Gurunathan DMK 31,150
Alangudi S. Shanmuganathan ADMK S. Chitrarasu DMK 49,701
Ambasamudram R. Murugaiah Pandian ADMK S. Chellappa CPM 29,214
Anaicut K. Dharmalingam ADMK S. P. Kannan DMK 35,533
Andhiyur (SC) V. Periasamy ADMK Radha Rukmani DMK 31,062
Andimadam K. R. Thangaraju INC M. Gnanamoorthy PMK 7,672
Andipatti K. Thavasi ADMK P. Asaiyan DMK 42,267
Anna Nagar A. Chellakumar INC S. M. Ramachandran DMK 27,298
Arakkonam (SC) Lata Priyakumar INC G. Mani DMK 30,982
Arantanki S. Thirunavukkarasu TMK Kuzha Chelliah ADMK 21,421
Aravakkurichi Mariyamul Asia ADMK Monjanur P. Ramasamy DMK 20,952
Arcot G. Viswanathan ADMK T. R. Gajapathi DMK 34,273
Ariyalur S. Manimegalai ADMK K. Chinnappa DMK 23,129
Arni I. R. Jaison Jacob ADMK E. Selvarasu DMK 34,312
Aruppukottai V. G. Manimeghalai ADMK R. M. Shanmuga Sundaram DMK 19,919
Attur V. Tamilarasu ADMK A. M. Ramasamy DMK 36,585
Athoor S. M. Durai ADMK I. Periyasamy DMK 46,097
Avanashi (SC) M. Seeniammal ADMK M. Arumugham CPI 46,149
Bargur J. Jayalalitha ADMK T. Rajendar TMK 37,215
Bhavani S. Muthusamy ADMK M. C. Duraisamy DMK 40,470
Bhavanisagar V. K. Chinnasamy ADMK O. Subramaniam DMK 42,587
Bhuvanagiri G. Malliga ADMK R. T. Sabapathy Mohan DMK 20,634
Bodinayakkanur V. Panneerselvam ADMK G. Ponnu Pillai DMK 37,044
Chengalpattu C. D. Varadarajan ADMK V. Tamilmani DMK 16,798
Chengam (SC) P. Veerapandiyan ADMK K. Munusamy JD 37,617
Chepauk Zeenath Sheriffdeen INC K. Anbazhagan DMK 4,456
Cheranmadevi R. Puthunainar Adithan ADMK P. H. Pandian IND 34,468
Cheyyar A. Devaraj ADMK V. Anbazhagan DMK 35,955
Chidambaram K. S. Alagiri INC M. R. K. Panneerselvam DMK 19,653
Chinnasalem R. P. Paramasivam ADMK R. Mookkappan DMK 39,042
Coimbatore East V. K. Lakshmanan INC K. C. Karunakaran CPM 17,525
Coimbatore West K. Selvaraj INC M. Ramanathan DMK 16,498
Colachel A. Pauliah INC R. Bathakbishnan JD 33,015
Coonoor (SC) M. Karuppasamy ADMK E. M. Mahaliappan DMK 22,151
Cuddalore P. R. S. Venkatesan INC E. Pugazhendhi DMK 15,175
Cumbum O. R. Ramachandran INC P. Ramar DMK 24,203
Dharapuram (SC) P. Eswaramurthi ADMK T. Shanthakumari DMK 37,945
Dharmapuri P. Ponnusamy INC R. Chinnasamy DMK 26,893
Dindigul B. Nirmala ADMK S. A. Thangarajan CPM 44,004
Edapadi K. Palanisamy ADMK P. Kolandai Gounder PMK 41,266
Egmore (SC) Parithi Elamvazhuthi DMK D. Yasodha INC 1203
Erode C. Manickam ADMK A. Ganeshamurthy DMK 43,688
Gingee S. S. R. Eramasass INC N. Ramachandran DMK 23,474
Gobichettipalayam K. A. Sengottaiyan ADMK V. P. Shanmugadas Udayaram DMK 39,212
Gudalur K. R. Raju ADMK T. P. Kamalatchan CPM 12,306
Gudiyatham V. Dhandaydapani INC R. Paramasivam CPM 34,899
Gummidipundi R. Sakkubai ADMK K. Venu DMK 32,919
Harbour M. Karunanidhi DMK K. Suppu INC 890
Harur (SC) P. Abaranji INC P. V. Kariyamal PMK 42,464
Hosur K. A. Manoharan INC B. Venkataswamy JD 8,746
Ilayangudi M. S. M. Ramachandran ADMK N. Nallasethupathi DMK 24,130
Jayankondam K. K. Chinnappan INC S. Durairaju PMK 16,168
Kadaladi V. Sathiamoorthy ADMK K. Kalimuthu DMK 29,454
Kadayanallur S. Nagoor Meeran ADMK Samsudeen alias Kathiravan DMK 27,710
Kalasapakkam M. Sundarasami INC P. S. Thiruvengadam DMK 32,944
Kancheepuram C. P. Pattabiraman ADMK P. Murugesan DMK 27,266
Kandamangalam (SC) V. Subramaniam ADMK S. Alaguvelu DMK 35,280
Kangayam J. Jayalalitha ADMK N. S. Rajkumar Mandradiar DMK 33,291
Kanyakumari M. Ammamuthu ADMK C. Krishnan DMK 34,359
Kapilamalai P. Saraswathi ADMK S. Moorthy DMK 43,853
Karaikudi M. Karpagam ADMK C. T. Chidambaram DMK 38,311
Karur M. Chinnasamy ADMK M. Vasuki DMK 44,092
Katpadi K. M. Kalaiselvi ADMK Durai Murugan DMK 26,139
Kattumannarkoil (SC) N. R. Rajendiran ADMK G. Vetriveeran PMK 26,318
Kaveripattinam K. P. Munusamy ADMK V. C. Govindasamy DMK 47,236
Killiyur D. Kumaradas JD Pon. Robert Singh INC 1,168
Kinathukadavu N. S. Palanisamy ADMK K. Kandasamy DMK 32,566
Kolathur (SC) S. Kulandaivelu ADMK V. Raju TMK 65,312
Kovilpatti R. Shyamala ADMK L. Aiyalusamy CPI 28,251
Krishnarajapuram (SC) A. Arivalagan ADMK R. Natarajan DMK 56,436
Kulittalai A. Pappa Sundaram ADMK S. P. Sethuraman DMK 47,341
Kumbakonam R. Eramanathan ADMK S. Kumarasamy JD 36,309
Krishnagiri K. Munivenkatappan ADMK T. H. Mushtaq Ahmed DMK 39,968
Kurinjipadi K. Sivasubramanian ADMK N. Ganeshmoorthy DMK 12,471
Kuttalam S. Asaimani ADMK Ko. Si. Mani DMK 22,751
Lalgudi J. Logambal INC K. N. Nehru DMK 13,517
Madurai Central A. Deivanayagam INC M. Tamilkudimagan DMK 20,608
Madurai East O. S. Amarnath ADMK P. M. Kumar CPM 30,088
Madurai West S. V. Shanmugam INC Pon. Muthuramalingam DMK 26,922
Maduranthakam P. Chockalingam ADMK S. D. Ugamchand TMK 18,403
Manamadurai (SC) V. M. Subramaniam ADMK K. Kasilingam DMK 38,288
Mangalore (SC) S. Puratchimani INC V. Ganesan DMK 35,753
Mannargudi K. Srinivasan ADMK V. Veerasenan CPI 7,396
Marungapuri K. Ponnusamy ADMK N. Selvaraj DMK 41,904
Mayiladuturai M. M. S. Abul Hassan INC A. Senguttuvan DMK 23,308
Melmalayanur G. Janakiraman INC R. Panchatcharam DMK 26,492
Melur K. V. V. Rajamanickam INC N. Palanisamy CPM 52,772
Mettupalayam L. Sulochana ADMK B. Arunkumar DMK 41,739
Mettur S. Sundarambal ADMK G. K. Mani PMK 26,543
Modakkurichi Kavinilavu Dharmaraj ADMK K. Elanchezhiyan DMK 36,475
Morappur K. Singaram ADMK A. Arunachalam PMK 29,504
Mudukulathur S. Balakrishnan INC S. John Pandian PMK 11,044
Mugaiyur R. Savithiri Ammal ADMK A. G. Sampath DMK 25,420
Musiri M. Thangavel ADMK R. Natarasan DMK 31,244
Mylapore T. M. Rangarajan ADMK Nirmala Suresh DMK 26,696
Nagapattinam R. Kodimari ADMK G. Veeraiyan CPM 9,934
Nagercoil M. Moses INC S. Retnaraj DMK 30,052
Namakkal (SC) S. Anbalagan ADMK R. Mayavan DMK 49,895
Nanguneri V. Natesan Paulraj ADMK M. Mani Achiyur DMK 44,220
Nannilam (SC) K. Gopal ADMK M. Manimaran DMK 17,208
Natham M. Andi Ambalam INC P. Chelliam DMK 47,778
Natrampalli R. Indrakumari ADMK N. K. Raja DMK 47,529
Nellikuppam C. Damodharan ADMK C. Govindarajan CPM 35,108
Nilakkottai (SC) A. S. Ponnammal INC M. Arivazhagan DMK 37,060
Oddanchatram A. T. Chellamuthu ADMK T. Mohan DMK 42,464
Omalur C. Krishnan ADMK K. Sadasivam PMK 37,353
Orathanad Alagu Thirunavukkarasu ADMK L. Ganesan DMK 20,880
Ottapidaram (SC) S. X. Rajamannar ADMK C. Chelladurai DMK 27,325
Padmanabhapuram K. Lawrence ADMK S. Noor Mohammad CPM 23,293
Palacode M. G. Sekhar ADMK K. Arunachalam JD 39,259
Palani (SC) A. Subburathinam ADMK V. Balasekar CPM 39,813
Palayamkottai P. Dharmalingam ADMK V. Karuppasamy Pandian TMK 6,891
Palladam K. S. Duraimurugan ADMK M. Kannappan DMK 32,724
Pallipet A. Eakambara Reddy INC L. S. Annamalai IND 30,740
Panamarathupatti K. Rajaram ADMK S. R. Sivalingam DMK 50,355
Panruti S. Ramachandran PMK R. Devasundaram ADMK 1,122
Papanasam S. Rajaraman INC S. Kalyanasundaram DMK 21,925
Paramakudi (SC) S. Sundararaj ADMK N. Chandran CPI 38,466
Park Town U. Balaraman INC A. Rahman Khan DMK 11,835
Pattukkottai K. Balasubramaniam ADMK K. Annadurai DMK 28,736
Pennagaram V. Purushothaman ADMK N. M. Subramaniam PMK 18,828
Perambalur (SC) T. Sezhiyan ADMK M. Devarajan DMK 50,334
Perambur (SC) M. P. Sekar ADMK Chengai Sivam DMK 15,452
Peravurani R. Singaram INC M. R. Govindhan DMK 44,542
Periyakulam M. Periyaveeran ADMK L. Mookiah DMK 42,042
Pernamallur A. K. Srinivasan ADMK G. Subramanian DMK 27,172
Pernambut (SC) J. Parandaman ADMK V. Govindan DMK 42,498
Perundurai V. N. Subramanian ADMK T. K. Naliappan CPI 53,217
Perur K. P. Raju ADMK A. Natarasan DMK 29,659
Pollachi V. P. Chandrasekar ADMK M. N. Nachimuthu DMK 32,541
Polur T. Vediyappan ADMK A. Rajendran DMK 38,625
Pongalur S. R. Balasubramaniyam INC P. Vijayalakshmi DMK 41,062
Poompuhar M. Poorasamy ADMK M. Mohammad Siddik DMK 19,371
Ponneri (SC) E. Ravikumar ADMK K. Parthasarathy DMK 41,253
Poonamallee D. Sudarsanam INC D. Rajarathnam DMK 24,152
Pudukkottai C. Swaminathan INC V. N. Mani DMK 43,399
Purasawalkam B. Ranganathan INC Arcot N. Veerasamy DMK 22,832
Radhakrishnan Nagar E. Madhusudhanan ADMK V. Rajasekaran JD 24,952
Radhapuram Ramani Nallathambi INC N. Sargunaraj DMK 32,731
Rajapalayam (SC) T. Sathiah ADMK D. Danushkodi DMK 31,488
Ramanathapuram M. Thennavan ADMK M. A. Kader DMK 30,369
Ranipet N. G. Venugopal ADMK M. Abdul Latheef DMK 32,872
Rasipuram K. Palaniammal ADMK B. A. R. Elangovan DMK 50,230
Rishivandiyam M. Govindaraju ADMK M. Thangam DMK 33,131
Royapuram D. Jayakumar ADMK R. Mathivanan DMK 16,653
Saidapet M. K. Balan ADMK R. S. Sridhar DMK 22,762
Salem – I S. R. Jayaraman INC G. K. Subash DMK 41,094
Salem – II M. Natesan ADMK Veerapandy S. Arumugam DMK 39,907
Samayanallur (SC) M. Kalirajan ADMK N. Soundarapandian DMK 55,456
Sankarankoil (SC) V. Gopalakrishnan ADMK S. Thangavelu DMK 26,848
Sankari (SC) V. Saroja ADMK R. Varadarajan DMK 51,959
Sankarapuram C. Ramaswamy ADMK S. Arunachalam DMK 45,078
Sathankulam Kumari Ananthan INC M. A. Ganesa Pandiyan JD 35,825
Sathyamangalam A. T. Saraswathy ADMK T. K. Subramaniam DMK 36,938
Sattur K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran TMK Sannasi Karuppasamy DMK 2,239
Sedapatti R. Muthiah ADMK A. Athiyaman DMK 24,469
Sendamangalam (ST) K. Chinnasamy ADMK S. Sivaprakasam TMK 55,561
Sholavandan A. M. Paramasivan ADMK A. M. M. Ambikapathy DMK 35,313
Sholinghur A. M. Munirathinam INC C. Manickam DMK 34,110
Singanallur P. Govindaraj ADMK R. Sengaliappan JD 21,970
Sirkazhi (SC) T. Moorthy ADMK M. Panneerselvam DMK 33,984
Sivaganga K. R. Muruganandam ADMK B. Manoharan DMK 45,871
Sivakasi J. Balaganghadaran ADMK B. Boopathy Rajaram DMK 47,726
Sriperumbudur (SC) Polur Varadhan INC E. Godandam DMK 32,436
Srirangam P. A. Krishnan ADMK R. Jayabalan JD 51,544
Srivaikuntam S. Daniel Raj INC S. David Selvin DMK 27,314
Srivilliputhur R. Tamaraikani IND R. Vinayagamoorthi ADMK 1,169
Talavasal (SC) K. Kandasamy INC S. Gunasekaran DMK 53,447
Tambaram S. M. Krishnan INC M. A. Vaidialingam DMK 46,848
Taramangalam R. Palanisamy INC S. Ammasi PMK 8,334
Tenkasi S. Peter Alphonse INC S. Ramakrishnan DMK 36,879
Thalli M. Venkatarama Reddy INC V. Ranga Reddy BJP 10,561
Thandarambattu M. K. Sundaram ADMK D. Ponmudi DMK 36,863
Thanjavur S. D. Somasundaram ADMK S. N. M. Ubayadullah DMK 19,861
Theni V. R. Nedunchezhiyan ADMK L. S. R. Krishnan DMK 41,300
T. Nagar S. Jayakumar ADMK S. A. Ganesan DMK 31,313
Thirumangalam T. K. Radhakrishnan ADMK R. Saminathan DMK 31,262
Thirumayam S. Regupathy ADMK Rama Govindarasan TMK 44,731
Thirunavalur J. Pannerselvam ADMK A. V. Balasubramaniyam DMK 27,986
Thirupparankundram S. Andi Thevar ADMK C. Ramachandran DMK 30,257
Thiruthuraipundi (SC) G. Palanisamy CPI V. Vedaiyan INC 12,066
Thiruvadanai Ramasamy Ambalam INC Sornalingam JD 30,536
Thiruvaiyaru P. Kaliaperumal ADMK Durai Chandrasekaran DMK 20,399
Thiruvarambur T. Rathinavel ADMK Pappa Umanath CPM 26,522
Thiruvarur (SC) V. Thambusamy CPM M. Ramasamy INC 5,247
Thiruvattar R. Nadesan INC J. Hemachandran CPM 16,829
Thiruvidaimarudhur N. Panneerselvam INC S. Ramalingam DMK 25,131
Thiruvonam K. Thangamuthu ADMK M. Ramachandran DMK 34,968
Thondamuthur C. Aranganayagam ADMK U. K. Vellingiri CPM 47,144
Thottiam N. R. Sivapathi ADMK K. Kannaiyan DMK 52,726
Thousand Lights K. A. Krishnaswamy ADMK M. K. Stalin DMK 16,981
Tindivanam S. Panneerselvam INC R. Masilamani DMK 19,035
Tiruchendur A. Chelladurai ADMK A. S. Pandian DMK 22,648
Tiruchengode T. M. Selvaganapathi ADMK V. Ramasamy CPM 78,659
Tiruchy – I S. Arokiasamy ADMK A. Malaramannan DMK 14,935
Tiruchy – II G. R. Mala Selvi ADMK Anbil Poyyamozhi DMK 20,544
Tirunelveli D. Veliah ADMK A. L. Subramanian DMK 30,285
Tiruppattur (41) A. K. C. Sundarvel ADMK B. Sundaram DMK 35,904
Tiruppattur (194) S. Kannappan ADMK S. Seventhiappan DMK 31,456
Tirupporur (SC) M. Dhanapal ADMK G. Chockalingam DMK 30,564
Tiruppur V. Palanisamy ADMK C. Govindasamy CPM 36,641
Tiruttani K. Thanigai Babu alias Rasan babu ADMK C. Chiranjeevulu Naidu JD 22,192
Tiruvallur D. Sakkubai Devaraj ADMK C. Subramani DMK 26,420
Tiruvannamalai V. Kannan INC K. Pitchandi DMK 28,919
Tiruvottiyur K. Kuppan ADMK T. K. Palanisamy DMK 27,322
Triplicane Mohammad Asif ADMK Nanjil K. Manoharan DMK 12,452
Tuticorin V. P. R. Ramesh ADMK N. Periasamy DMK 41,395
Udagamandalam H. M. Raju INC H. Nataraj DMK 25,887
Udumalpet K. P. Manivasagam ADMK R. T. Mariappan DMK 30,272
Ulundurpet (SC) M. Anandan ADMK Pon Mayil Vahanan DMK 45,285
Uppiliapuram (ST) V. Ravichandran ADMK M. Sundaravadanam DMK 37,356
Usilambatti R. Pandiammal ADMK P. N. Vallarasu FBL 3,194
Uthiramerur Kanchi Panneerselvam ADMK K. Sundar DMK 34,094
Valangiman (SC) K. Panchavarnam ADMK S. Senthamil Chelvan DMK 27,688
Valparai (SC) A. Sridharan ADMK A. T. Karuppiah CPI 21,184
Vandavasi (SC) C. K. Thamizharasan ADMK V. Rajagopal DMK 29,494
Vaniyambadi E. Sampath INC A. Abdul Hameed DMK 19,831
Vanur (SC) S. Arumugam ADMK N. V. Jayaseelan DMK 36,469
Varahur (SC) E. T. Ponnuvelu ADMK C. Thiyagarajan DMK 28,229
Vasudevanallur (SC) R. Eswaran INC R. Krishnan CPM 20,314
Vedaranyam P. V. Rajendran INC M. Meenakshi Sundaram DMK 16,868
Vedasandur S. Gandhirajan ADMK P. Muthusamy DMK 67,090
Vellakoil Durai Ramasamy ADMK Subbulakshmi Jegadeesan DMK 29,587
Veerapandi K. Arjunan ADMK P. Venkatachalam DMK 56,274
Vellore C. Gnanasekaran INC A. M. Ramalingam DMK 23,066
Vilathikulam N. C. Kanagavalli ADMK S. Mavelraj DMK 21,709
Vilavancode M. Sundaradas INC D. Mony CPM 11,309
Villivakkam E. Kalan INC W. R. Varadarajan CPM 46,233
Villupuram D. Janardhanan ADMK K. Deivasigamoni alias Ponmudi DMK 17,440
Virudhunagar Sanjay Ramaswamy ICS(SCS) G. Veerasamy JD 19,401
Vridachalam R. D. Aranganathan ADMK A. Rajendiran PMK 14,297
Yercaud (ST) C. Perumal ADMK Dhanushkodi Vedan DMK 45,579
* Elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu


The ADMK coalition won a massive victory in this election capturing 225 of 234 seats. The DMK coalition was routed with only 7 victories. DMK itself could win only 2 seats including that of its leader M. Karunanidhi. Though Karunanidhi won from the Harbour constituency, he resigned his seat immediately. The victory of ADMK-Congress has been attributed mainly to the sympathy wave following the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Other factors which helped their victory were the consolidation of the ADMK votes under the unified ADMK party, successful projection by Jayalalitha as the true political heir to M. G. Ramachandran (MGR), successful portrayal of DMK as anti-woman (by playing up the events in the Assembly on 25 March 1989) and pro-LTTE and the PMK cutting into the DMK's vote bank in the northern districts. This election saw the first electoral success of the PMK, when its candidate Panruti Ramachandran was elected from the Panruti constituency.[1][6][19][20]


Nedunchezhiyan became the finance minister in Jayalalitha's first Cabinet.

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