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  • February 20: Kees Kousemaker and his wife Evelien publish Wordt Vervolgd. Stripleksikon der Lage Landen, the follow-up to their earlier comics encyclopaedia Strip voor Strip (1979).[5]







  • With issue #70, Marvel publishes the final issue of The Tomb of Dracula, ending writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan's uninterrupted six-year run on the title.
  • August 25: IPC Magazines merged two comic books 2000 AD and Starlord and Tornado into "2000 AD and Tornado".




  • December: The final issue of the Dutch adult comics magazine Gummi/De Ballooen is published.[9]




  • February 9: Daniël Jansens, Belgian comics writer (Bessy, Lombok, Bakelandt, Kramikske), dies from a heart attack at the age of 47.
  • February 15: Roy d'Ami, Italian comics writer, artist and founder of the Studio Creazioni d'Ami, passes away at age 55.[11]
  • February 22: John Coleman Burroughs, American illustrator and comics artist (John Carter of Mars, David Innes of Pellicudar), dies at age 65. [12]




  • July 4: Pagsilang Rey Isip, Filipino-American comics artist, painter, photographer and musician, passes away at age 68 from a heart attack. [13]
  • July 19: Paul Bransom, American comics artist, illustrator and painter (The Latest News from Bugville), dies at age 94.[14]


  • August 10: Emmerich Huber, German comics artist (Das Neueste von Onkel Jup, Hans und Lottchen, Meine Lustige Fibel, Die Himmelswerkstatt, Bei Tüddelwitt im Zwergenwald, Bilderbogen von Emmerich Huber, Familie Kindermann), illustrator and advertising artist, dies at age 75.[15]
  • August 15: Walter Berndt, American comics artist (Smitty), passes away at age 80.[16]
  • August 26: Mika Waltari, Finnish novelist and comics writer (wrote for Asmo Alho [17]), dies at age 70. [18]



  • October 16: René Brantonne, French illustrator and comics artist, dies at age 76.[21]
  • October 30: Oscar Conti, aka Oski, Argentine cartoonist, caricaturist, animator and comics artist (Cascabel, The True History of the Indies), dies at age 65. [22]


Specific date unknownEdit

  • Garrett Price, American comics artist, cartoonist and illustrator (White Boy (later renamed Skull Valley), dies at age 81 or 82.[28]



Eagle AwardsEdit

Presented in 1980 for comics published in 1979:

First issues by titleEdit

DC ComicsEdit

The Best of DCDigest size title

Release: September /October

All-Out WarDollar Comics title

Release: September /October Editor: Murray Boltinoff

Time WarpDollar Comics title

Release: October /November Editor: Jack C. Harris

Marvel ComicsEdit

Amazing Adventures vol. 3

Release: December. Reprinting the original X-Men title.[33]

Doctor Who Magazine

Release: October 11 by Marvel UK.

Hulk Comic

Release: March 7 by Marvel UK. Editor: Dez Skinn.

Man-Thing vol. 2

Release: November. Writer: Michael Fleisher. Artists: Jim Mooney and Bob Wiacek.

Marvel Spotlight vol. 2

Release: July. Editor: Roger Stern.


Release: January. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artist: Michael Golden.

Rom: Spaceknight

Release: December. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artist: Sal Buscema.

Shogun Warriors

Release: February. Writer: Doug Moench. Artist: Herb Trimpe.

Tales to Astonish vol. 2

Release: December. Reprinting edited versions of the 1968 Sub-Mariner title.[33]

Independent titlesEdit

Battle of the Planets
Release: June by Gold Key Comics. Writer: Gary Poole. Artist: Win Mortimer.
Best Buy Comics
Release February by Apex Novelties. Writers and Artists: Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky
Release: April by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd..

Initial appearances by character nameEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit


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