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1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games

The 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games (Welsh: Gemau Ymerodraeth Prydain a'r Gymanwlad 1958) were held in Cardiff, Wales, from 18–26 July 1958.

VI British Empire and Commonwealth Games
1958 Cardiff Wales.png
Host city Cardiff, Wales
Nations participating 35
Athletes participating 1122
Events 94
Opening ceremony 18 July
Closing ceremony 26 July
Queen's Baton Final Runner Ken Jones
Main venue Cardiff Arms Park
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Thirty-five nations sent a total of 1,130 athletes and 228 officials to the Cardiff Games and 23 countries and dependencies won medals, including, for the first time, Singapore, Ghana, Kenya and the Isle of Man.

The Cardiff Games introduced the Queen's Baton Relay, which has been conducted as a prelude to every British Empire and Commonwealth Games ever since.



The British Empire and Commonwealth Games, including the opening and closing ceremonies, were held at the Cardiff Arms Park in the centre Cardiff. A new Wales Empire Pool was constructed for the event. The Sophia Gardens Pavilion was used for the boxing and wrestling events, and Maindy Stadium was used for cycling. 178,000 tickets were eventually sold during the Games.[1][2]

Participating teamsEdit

Countries that participated

36 countries and territories[3] were represented (and 1,100 athletes),[4] being the largest number to date, with a significant number of teams competing for the first time at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

At Cardiff Arms Park, an anti-apartheid crowd protested at the all-white South African team; games organisers responded that non-white South Africans were ineligible as their associations were not affiliated to the international federations.[5] South Africa left the Commonwealth in 1961 and next appeared at the Games in 1994.[4]

(Teams competing for the first time are shown in bold).

Participating Commonwealth countries and territories

Medals by countryEdit

  Host nation (Wales)

Original poster from the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games
Postage stamp
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1   England 29 22 29 80
2   Australia 27 22 17 66
3   South Africa 13 10 8 31
4   Scotland 5 5 3 13
5   New Zealand 4 6 9 19
6   Jamaica 4 2 1 7
7   Pakistan 3 5 2 10
8   India 2 1 0 3
9   Singapore 2 0 0 2
10   Canada 1 10 16 27
11   Wales 1 3 7 11
12   Northern Ireland 1 1 3 5
13   Bahamas 1 1 0 2
  Barbados 1 1 0 2
15   Malaya 0 2 0 2
16   Nigeria 0 1 1 2
17   British Guiana 0 1 0 1
  Uganda 0 1 0 1
19   Southern Rhodesia 0 0 2 2
  Kenya 0 0 2 2
  Trinidad and Tobago 0 0 2 2
22   Ghana 0 0 1 1
  Isle of Man 0 0 1 1
  Northern Rhodesia 0 0 1 1
Total 94 94 104 292

Medals by eventEdit




Boxing Events were at Sophia Gardens Pavilion, Cardiff.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight Men   Jackie Brown (SCO)   Tommy Bache (ENG)   Peter Lavery (NIR)
  Donald Braithwaite (WAL)
Bantamweight Men   Howard Winstone (WAL)   Oliver "Frankie" Taylor (AUS)   Olfred Owen (SCO)
  Richard Hanna (NIR)
Featherweight Men   Wally Taylor (AUS)   Malcolm Collins (WAL)   Gert Coetzee (SAF)
  John McClory (NIR)
Lightweight Men   Dick McTaggart (SCO)   James Jordan (NIR)   John Cooke (ENG)
  Paddy Donovan (NZL)
Light Welterweight Men   Henry Loubscher (SAF)   Robert Kane (SCO)   Joseph Jacobs (ENG)
  Raymond Galante (CAN)
Welterweight Men   Joseph Greyling (SAF)   Thomas Kawere (UGA)   Robert Dickson Scott (SCO)
  Brian Nancurvis (ENG)
Light Middleweight Men   Grant Webster (SAF)   Stuart Pearson (ENG)   James Arthur Walters (CAN)
  Bill Brown (WAL)
Middleweight Men   Terry Milligan (NIR)   Philippus du Plessis (SAF)   Robert Piau (CAN)
  John Caiger (ENG)
Light Heavyweight Men   Tony Madigan (AUS)   Robert Higgins (WAL)   William Bannon (SCO)
  Gerhardus Jacobus De Bruyn (SAF)
Heavyweight Men   Daniel Bekker (SAF)   David Thomas (ENG)   Roger Pleace (WAL)
  Gbadegesin Salawu (NGR)



The track cycling events were held at the Maindy Stadium in Cardiff.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time Trial Men   Neville Tong (ENG) 00:01:12   Warren Scarfe (AUS) 00:01:12   Warwick Dalton (NZL) 00:01:13
Sprint Men   Dick Ploog (AUS)   Karl Barton (ENG)   Lloyd Binch (ENG)
Individual Pursuit Men   Norman Sheil (ENG) 00:05:10   Tom Simpson (ENG) 00:05:11   Warwick Dalton (NZL) 00:05:15
10 Miles Scratch Men   Ian Browne (AUS) 00:21:40   Warren Johnston (NZL)   Don Skene (WAL)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Road Race Men   Ray Booty (ENG) 05:16:34   Frank Brazier (AUS) 05:19:22   Stuart Slack (IOM) 05:19:22


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Foil Men   Raymond Paul (ENG)   Ivan Lund (AUS)   René Paul (ENG)
Foil - Team Men   England (ENG)   Australia (AUS)   Wales (WAL)
Épée Men   Bill Hoskyns (ENG)   Mike Howard (ENG)   Allan Jay (ENG)
Épée - Team Men   England (ENG)   Canada (CAN)   Australia (AUS)
Sabre Men   Bill Hoskyns (ENG)   Ralph Cooperman (ENG)   Mike Amberg (ENG)
Sabre - Team Men   England (ENG)   Australia (AUS)   Wales (WAL)
Foil Women   Gillian Sheen (ENG)   Barbara McCreath (AUS)   Mary Glen-Haig (ENG)


The rowing events were held on Llyn Padarn in Llanberis.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single Sculls Men   Stuart MacKenzie (AUS) 00:07:20   James Hill (NZL) 00:07:24   Russell Carver (ENG) 00:07:27
Double Sculls Men   Mike Spracklen & Geoffrey Baker (ENG) 00:06:54   Mervyn Wood & Stuart MacKenzie (AUS) 00:07:01   Norman Suckling & James Hill (NZL) +0.75 lgths
Coxless pair Men   Bob Parker & Reg Douglas (NZL) 00:07:11   Jonathan Hall & Stewart Douglas-Mann (ENG) 00:07:14   Stephen Roll & Kevin Webb (AUS) 00:07:33
Coxless four Men   Roger Pope, Keith Shakell, David Young & Creighton Redman (ENG) 00:06:34   Glen Smith, Malcolm Turnbull, Richard McClure & John Madden (CAN) 00:06:39   David Edwards, John Fage, David Prichard & John Edwards (WAL) 00:06:48
Coxed four Men   Colin Porter, John Vigurs, Simon Crosse, Michael Beresford & Richard Gabriel (ENG) 00:06:46   Donald Arnold, Walter D'Hondt, David Helliwell, Lawrence Stapleton & Sohen Biln (CAN) 00:06:53   Graeme Allen, Ralfe Currall, Kevin Evans, Lionel Robberds & Roland Waddington (AUS) NTT
Eights Men   A.A. MacKinnon, D.J. Arnold, D.W. Pretty, G.A. Mervyn, I.W. d'Hondt, L.K. Loomer, R.A. Wilson, S. Biln, & W.A. McKerlich (CAN) 00:05:51   Bruce Leonard Evans, Graeme Keith Allan, Kenneth Philip Railton, Kevin John Evans, Lionel Philip Robberds, Neville John Clinton, Ralph Raymond Currall, Roland Peter Waddington, & Victor Albert Schweikert (AUS) 00:05:56   A.C. Hancox, D.S.S. Elliot, Dennis R. Mount, H.A. Wober, J.A. Stephenson, J.F.C. Badcock, J.P. McK. Thomson, R.J. Workman, & R.L. Penney (ENG) 00:06:10


Swimming events were held at the Wales Empire Pool in Cardiff.

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle   John Devitt (AUS) 56.6   Gary Chapman (AUS) 56.6   Geoff Shipton (AUS) 57.0
440 yd freestyle   John Konrads (AUS) 4:25.9   Ian Black (SCO) 4:28.5   Gary Winram (AUS) 4:32.4
1650 yd freestyle   John Konrads (AUS) 17:45.4   Gary Winram (AUS) 18:17.2   Murray McLachlan (SAF) 18:19.2
110 yd backstroke   John Monckton (AUS) 1:01.7   John Hayres (AUS) 1:03.5   Robert Wheaton (CAN) 1:06.5
220 yd breaststroke   Terry Gathercole (AUS) 2:41.6   Peter Rocchi (SAF) 2:44.9   Chris Walkden (ENG) 2:47.3
220 yd butterfly   Ian Black (SCO) 2:22.6   Graham Symonds (ENG) 2:25.5   Brian Wilkinson (AUS) 2:31.0
4×220 yd freestyle relay   Australia (AUS)
Gary Chapman
Brian Wilkinson
John Konrads
John Devitt
8:33.4   Scotland (SCO)
Athole Still
Ian Black
James Leiper
Bob Sreenan
8:54.2   Canada (CAN)
Kenneth Williams
Peter Bell
Cam Grout
William Slater
4×110 yd medley relay   Australia (AUS)
Gary Chapman
John Monckton
John Devitt
Terry Gathercole
4:14.2   Canada (CAN)
George Park
Kenneth Williams
Peter Bell
Bob Wheaton
4:26.3   England (ENG)
Christopher Walkden
Graham Sykes
Graham Symonds
Neil McKechnie

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle   Dawn Fraser (AUS) 1:01.4   Lorraine Crapp (AUS) 1:03.8   Alva Colquhoun (AUS) 1:04.0
440 yd freestyle   Ilsa Konrads (AUS) 4:49.4   Dawn Fraser (AUS) 5:00.8   Lorraine Crapp (AUS) 5:06.7
110 yd backstroke   Judy Grinham (ENG) 1:11.9   Margaret Edwards (ENG) 1:12.6   Philippa Gould (NZL) 1:13.7
220 yd breaststroke   Anita Lonsbrough (ENG) 2:53.5   Jackie Dyson (ENG) 2:58.2   Christine Gosden (ENG) 2:58.4
110 yd butterfly   Beverley Bainbridge (AUS) 1:13.5   Tessa Staveley (NZL) 1:14.4   Margaret Iwasaki (CAN) 1:15.9
4×110 yd freestyle relay   Australia (AUS)
Alva Colquhoun
Dawn Fraser
Lorraine Crapp
Sandra Morgan
4:17.4   Canada (CAN)
Gladys Priestley
Margaret Iwasaki
S.J. Sangster
Sara Barber
4:30.0   England (ENG)
B.O. Noakes
Diana Wilkinson
Judy Grinham
M.A. Marshall
4×110 yd medley relay   England (ENG)
Judy Grinham
Anita Lonsbrough
Christine Gosden
Diana Wilkinson
4:54.0   Australia (AUS)
Alva Colquhoun
Barbara Evans
Beverley Bainbridge
Gergaynia Beckett
4:55.1   Canada (CAN)
Gladys Priestley
I.C.B. Service
Margaret Iwasaki
Sara Barber


Diving events were held at the Wales Empire Pool in Cardiff.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 Metres Springboard Diving Men   Keith Collin (ENG) 126.78   Bill Patrick (CAN) 124.62   Peter Tarsey (ENG) 118.81
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Men   Peter Heatly (SCO) 147.79   Brian Phelps (ENG) 144.49   Ray Cann (ENG) 138.5
3 Metres Springboard Diving Women   Charmain Welsh (ENG) 118.81   Irene MacDonald (CAN) 117.01   Liz Ferris (ENG) 113.3
10 Metres Highboard [Platform] Diving Women   Charmain Welsh (ENG) 77.23   Ann Long (ENG) 73.69   Molly Wieland (ENG) 65.82


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Bantamweight - Overall Men   Reginald Gaffley (SAF) 299   Ronald Brownbill (ENG) 285.5   Marcel Gosselin (CAN) 274
Featherweight - Overall Men   Tan Ser Cher (SIN) 310.5   Chung Kum Weng (MAS) 306   Rodney Wilkes (TRI) 304
Lightweight - Overall Men   Tan Howe Liang (SIN) 358   Harry Webber (SAF) 340   Ben Helfgott (ENG) 340
Middleweight - Overall Men   Blair Blenman (BAR) 360.5   Winston McArthur (BGU) 360.5   Adrian Gilbert (CAN) 356
Light Heavyweight - Overall Men   Phil Caira (SCO) 396.5   Sylvanus Blackman (BAR) 385.5   Jack Kestell (SAF) 385.5
Middle Heavyweight - Overall Men   Manny Santos (AUS) 403.5   Tan Kim Bee (MAS) 392   Leonard Treganowan (AUS) 378.5
Heavyweight - Overall Men   Ken McDonald (ENG) 455.5   Dave Baillie (CAN) 446.5   Arthur Shannos (AUS) 394.5


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight Men   Ian Epton (SAF)   Shujah-ud-Din (PAK)   Fred Flannery (CAN)
Bantamweight Men   Muhammad Akhtar (PAK)   Geoff Jameson (AUS)   Daniel van der Walt (SAF)
Featherweight Men   Abraham Geldenhuys (SAF)   Siraj-ud-Din (PAK)   Albert Aspen (ENG)
Lightweight Men   Muhammad Ashraf (PAK)   Alastair Duncan (SCO)   Anthony Ries (SAF)
Welterweight Men   Muhammad Bashir (PAK)   Lachmi Kant Pandey (IND)   Coenraad de Villiers (SAF)
Middleweight Men   Hermanus van Zyl (SAF)   George Farquhar (SCO)   Ray Myland (ENG)
Light Heavyweight Men   Jacob Theron (SAF)   Muhammad Ali (PAK)   Bob Steckle (CAN)
Heavyweight Men   Lila Ram Sangwan (IND)   Jacobus Hanekom (SAF)   Ray Mitchell (AUS)


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