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Athletics at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games

The now-modernised Cardiff Arms Park.

At the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, the athletics events were held at Cardiff Arms Park in Cardiff, Wales in July 1958. A total of 29 athletics events were contested at the Games, 20 by men and 9 by women. Four Games records were improved during the competition and three world records were set (at 440 yards hurdles, women's javelin, women's 4 x 110 yards relay).


Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards   Keith Gardner (JAM) 9.66   Tom Robinson (BAH) 9.69   Mike Agostini (TRI) 9.79
220 yards   Tom Robinson (BAH) 21.08   Keith Gardner (JAM) 21.11   Gordon Day (SAF) 21.15
440 yards   Milkha Singh (IND) 46.71   Malcolm Spence (SAF) 46.9   Terry Tobacco (CAN) 47.05
880 yards   Herb Elliott (AUS) 1:49.32   Brian Hewson (ENG) 1:49.47   Mike Rawson (ENG) 1:50.94
1 mile   Herb Elliott (AUS) 3:59.03   Merv Lincoln (AUS) 4:01.80   Albie Thomas (AUS) 4:02.77
3 miles   Murray Halberg (NZL) 13:14.96   Albie Thomas (AUS) 13:24.37   Neville Scott (NZL) 13:26.06
6 miles   Dave Power (AUS) 28:48.16   John Merriman (WAL) 28:48.84   Arere Anentia (KEN) 28:51.48
Marathon   Dave Power (AUS) 2:22:46   Johannes Barnard (SAF) 2:22:58   Peter Wilkinson (ENG) 2:24:42
120 yards hurdles   Keith Gardner (JAM) 14.20w GR   Jacobus Swart (SAF) 14.30w   Ghulam Raziq (PAK) 14.32w
440 yards hurdles   Gert Potgieter (SAF) 49.73 (WR) GR   David Lean (AUS) 50.59   Bartonjo Rotich (KEN) 51.75
High jump   Ernle Haisley (JAM) 2.06 m   Chilla Porter (AUS) 2.03 m   Robert Kotei (GHA) 2.00 m
Pole vault   Geoff Elliott (ENG) 4.16 m   Robert Reid (CAN) 4.16 m   Merv Richards (NZL) 4.16 m
Long jump   Paul Foreman (JAM) 7.47 m   Deryck Taylor (JAM) 7.47 m   Muhammad Ramzan Ali (PAK) 7.33 m
Triple jump   Ian Tomlinson (AUS) 15.74 m (w)   Jack Smyth (CAN) 15.69 m   Dave Norris (NZL) 15.45 m
Shot put   Arthur Rowe (ENG) 17.57 m   Martyn Lucking (ENG) 16.50 m   Barry Donath (AUS) 15.79 m
Discus throw   Fanie du Plessis (SAF) 55.94 m   Les Mills (NZL) 51.73 m   Gerry Carr (ENG) 51.63 m
Hammer throw   Mike Ellis (ENG) 62.9 m   Muhammad Iqbal (PAK) 61.7 m   Peter Allday (ENG) 57.58 m
Javelin throw   Colin Smith (ENG) 71.29 m   Jalal Khan (PAK) 70.83 m   Hans Moks (CAN) 70.41 m
4×110 yards relay   England
Adrian Breacker
David Segal
Roy Sandstrom
Peter Radford
40.72   Nigeria
Jimmy Omagbemi
Smart Akrara
Thomas Obi
Victor Odofin
41.05   Australia
Hector Hogan
Jim McCann
Kevan Gosper
Terry Gale
4×440 yards relay   South Africa
Gerald Evans
Gert Potgieter
Gordon Day
Malcolm Spence
3:08.21   England
Derek Johnson
Ted Sampson
John Wrighton
John Salisbury
3:09.61   Jamaica
George Kerr
Gerald James
Keith Gardner
Malcolm Spence


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards   Marlene Willard (AUS) 10.7   Heather Young (ENG) 10.73   Madeleine Weston (ENG) 10.81
220 yards   Marlene Willard (AUS) 23.65 GR   Betty Cuthbert (AUS) 23.77   Heather Young (ENG) 23.9
80 metres hurdles   Norma Thrower (AUS) 10.72w GR   Carole Quinton (ENG) 10.77w   Gloria Wigney (AUS) 10.94w
High jump   Michele Mason (AUS) 1.70 m   Mary Donaghy (NZL) 1.70 m   Helen Frith (AUS) 1.65 m
Long jump   Sheila Hoskin (ENG) 6.02 m (w)   Mary Bignal (ENG) 5.97 m (w)   Bev Watson (AUS) 5.97 m (w)
Shot put   Val Sloper (NZL) 15.54 m   Suzanne Allday (ENG) 14.44 m   Jackie Gelling (CAN) 14.03 m
Discus throw   Suzanne Allday (ENG) 45.91 m   Jennifer Thompson (NZL) 45.29 m   Val Sloper (NZL) 44.93 m
Javelin throw   Anna Pazera (AUS) 57.40 m (WR)   Magdalena Swanepoel (SAF) 48.73 m   Averil Williams (ENG) 46.78 m
4×110 yards relay   England
Madeleine Weston
Dorothy Hyman
June Paul
Heather Young
45.37 (WR)   Australia
Betty Cuthbert
Kay Johnson
Marlene Mathews-Willard
Wendy Hayes
46.12   Canada
Diane Matheson
Eleanor Haslam
Freyda Berman
Maureen Rever

Medal tableEdit

Australia's Herb Elliott scored double gold with wins in the 880 yards and mile run.

  *   Host nation (Wales)

1  Australia (AUS)106622
2  England (ENG)87722
3  Jamaica (JAM)4217
4  South Africa (SAF)3418
5  New Zealand (NZL)2349
6  Bahamas (BAH)1102
7  India (IND)1001
8  Canada (CAN)0246
9  Pakistan (PAK)0224
10  Nigeria (NGR)0101
  Wales (WAL)*0101
12  Kenya (KEN)0022
13  Ghana (GHA)0011
  Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)0011
Totals (14 nations)29292987