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1900 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

Years in sports

1900 in sports

Tommy Ryan was one of boxing's greatest champions

American footballEdit

College championship

Professional Championships

Association footballEdit



  • German Football Association (i.e., the Deutscher Fußball-Bund or DFB) founded in Leipzig by representatives of 86 clubs (28 January).
  • FC Bayern Munich founded on 27 February as Schwabinger Bayern at a meeting in Munich's Gisela Restaurant by dissident players from a club called MTV 1879. The name was later changed to Bayern Roten (Reds).


Olympic Games

  1. Upton Park FC (Great Britain)
  2. Club Française (France)
  3. Université de Bruxelles (Belgium)




Australian rules footballEdit

VFL Premiership


National championship


  • 1900 – Six cities, Boston, Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, agree to form baseball's American League.[3]
  • The National League contracts from twelve to eight clubs in a circuit of eight cities that will persist through 1952.
  • The Western League takes the name "American League" and moves teams into Chicago and Cleveland. The Chicago White Stockings win the pennant in this one season under the new name and the old minor league status.


Lineal world champions[4]



Victor Trumper led the Australian batting averages


  • Cricket is suspended in South Africa for the next three seasons on account of the Boer War.
  • Yorkshire completes the County Championship season unbeaten, the first time this has happened since the start of the official championship in 1890.
  • The Minor Counties Championship ends in a three-way tie between three future first-class clubs.




South Africa

West Indies

Figure skatingEdit

World Figure Skating Championships


Harry Vardon won his only US Open title in 1900

Major tournaments

Other tournaments

Horse racingEdit

Diamond Jubilee won the Triple Crown in England






Ice hockeyEdit

Stanley Cup

Other events

Motor racingEdit

Gordon Bennett Cup

Paris-Toulouse-Paris Trail

  • The Paris-Toulouse-Paris Trail is run on 25–28 July over 1347 km and won by Alfred Velghe (France) driving a Mors in a time of 20:50:09. The race is in retrospect sometimes referred to as the V Grand Prix de l'ACF.[9]

Olympic GamesEdit

1900 Summer Olympics

  • The 1900 Summer Olympics takes place in Paris but the Olympic status of the games is underplayed and many competitors do not realise that they have participated in the modern Olympics.
  • Women take part in the modern Olympics for the first time. The first sportswomen to compete in the games are Mme. Brohy and Mlle. Ohnier of France in croquet. The first female champion is Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain in tennis.
  • France wins the most medals (100), and the most gold medals (25).


The Boat Race

Rugby leagueEdit


Rugby unionEdit

Home Nations Championship

Speed skatingEdit

Speed Skating World Championships



  • 9 February — Davis Cup competition is established, the inaugural competition being called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge and involving only Great Britain and the USA.
  • 15 August — Dwight F. Davis and Holcombe Ward win the first Davis Cup over Englishmen E.D.Black and H.R.Barett. (3-0, when the last match was halted by rain after Davis won the first set 9-7)[10]




Davis Cup


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