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Events from the year 1885 in Canada.

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  • Banff Hot Springs Reserve is established. It will be renamed Rocky Mountains Park in 1887 – the first national park in Canada – and then Banff National Park in 1930.
  • Canada outlaws the potlatch ceremony among Northwest Coast tribes. The law, often ignored, is repealed in 1951.


Gordon Daniel Conant

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Historical documentsEdit

Account of battle at Duck Lake[1]

Account of battle at Cut Knife Hill[2]

Two settler women travel with Chief Big Bear's Cree band after Frog Lake Massacre[3]

Accounts of battle at Batoche[4]

Opposition Leader Edward Blake's speeches on fighting in Northwest [5]

Convicted of treason, Chief Big Bear pleads for relief of his people[6]

Louis Riel's statement at his trial[7]

Report of psychiatric physician who visited Louis Riel in prison[8]

Newspaper report of Louis Riel's execution[9]

Air clears when women vote in Ontario municipal election[10]

Montrealers' resistance to vaccination during smallpox outbreak turns to rioting [11]

Illustration: vaccinating passengers against smallpox on train to U.S.A.[12]

Photo: Sitting Bull, while on visit to Montreal with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show[13]


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