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The 5th Canadian Parliament was in session from February 8, 1883, until January 15, 1887. The membership was set by the 1882 federal election on June 20, 1882. It was dissolved prior to the 1887 election. It was controlled by a Conservative/Liberal-Conservative majority under Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald and the 3rd Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was the Liberal Party, led by Edward Blake.

5th Parliament of Canada
Majority parliament
8 February 1883 – 15 January 1887
Parliament leaders

Rt. Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald
(3rd Canadian Ministry)
17 October 1878 – 6 June 1891
Leader of the
Edward Blake
4 May 1880 – 2 June 1887
Party caucuses
GovernmentConservative Party
OppositionLiberal Party
Third partiesLiberal-Conservative
Independent Conservative
House of Commons
Chambre des Communes 1882.png
Seating arrangements of the House of Commons
Speaker of the
Joseph-Goderic Blanchet
13 February 1879 – 7 February 1883
George Airey Kirkpatrick
8 February 1883 – 12 July 1887
Members242 seats MP seats
List of members
Speaker of the
The Hon. Sir David Lewis Macpherson
19 April 1880 – 16 October 1883
The Hon. William Miller
17 October 1883 – 3 April 1887
Senate Leader
Alexander Campbell
18 October 1878 – 26 January 1887
Senate Leader
Sir Richard William Scott
8 October 1878 – 27 April 1896
Senators97 seats senator seats
List of senators
1st Session
8 February 1883 – 27 May 1883
2nd Session
17 January 1884 – 19 April 1884
3rd Session
29 January 1885 – 20 July 1885
4th Session
25 February 1886 – 2 June 1886
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The Speaker was George Airey Kirkpatrick. See also List of Canadian electoral districts 1882-1887 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

There were four sessions of the 5th Parliament:

Session Start End
1st February 8, 1883 May 27, 1883
2nd January 17, 1884 April 19, 1884
3rd January 29, 1885 July 20, 1885
4th February 25, 1886 June 2, 1886


List of membersEdit

Following is a full list of members of the fifth Parliament listed first by province, then by electoral district.

Electoral districts denoted by an asterisk (*) indicates that district was represented by two members.

British ColumbiaEdit

Electoral district Name Party
Cariboo James Reid Liberal-Conservative
New Westminster Joshua Homer Liberal-Conservative
Vancouver David William Gordon Liberal-Conservative
Victoria* Edgar Crow Baker Conservative
Noah Shakespeare Conservative
Yale Francis Jones Barnard Conservative


Electoral district Name Party
Lisgar Arthur Wellington Ross Liberal-Conservative
Marquette Robert Watson Liberal
Provencher Joseph Royal Conservative
Selkirk Hugh McKay Sutherland Liberal
Winnipeg Thomas Scott Conservative

New BrunswickEdit

Electoral district Name Party
Albert John Wallace (unseated 1883) Liberal
John Wallace (by-election of 1883-07-10) Liberal-Conservative
Carleton David Irvine Liberal
Charlotte Arthur Hill Gillmor Liberal
City and County of St. John* Isaac Burpee (died 1 March 1885) Liberal
Charles Wesley Weldon Liberal
Charles Arthur Everett (by-election of 1885-10-20) Conservative
City of St. John Samuel Leonard Tilley (appointed New Brunswick's Lieutenant-Governor 12 November 1885) Liberal-Conservative
Frederick Eustace Barker (by-election of 1885-11-24) Conservative
Gloucester Kennedy Francis Burns Conservative
Kent Gilbert Anselme Girouard Liberal-Conservative
Pierre Amand Landry (by-election of 1883-09-22) Conservative
King's George Eulas Foster (election voided 1882) Conservative
George Eulas Foster (by-election of 1882-11-07, until Ministerial appointment) Conservative
George Eulas Foster (by-election of 1885-12-31) Conservative
Northumberland Peter Mitchell Independent
Queen's George Gerald King Liberal
Restigouche Robert Moffat Conservative
Sunbury Charles Burpee Liberal
Victoria John Costigan Liberal-Conservative
Westmorland Josiah Wood Conservative
York John Pickard Independent Liberal
Thomas Temple (by-election of 1884-06-29) Conservative

Nova ScotiaEdit

Electoral district Name Party
Annapolis William Hallett Ray Liberal
Antigonish Angus McIsaac Liberal
John Thompson (by-election of 1885-10-16) Liberal-Conservative
Cape Breton* Murray Dodd Conservative
William McDonald (until 1884 Senate appointment) Conservative
Hector Francis McDougall (by-election of 1884-07-03) Liberal-Conservative
Colchester Archibald Woodbury McLelan Conservative
Cumberland Charles Tupper (until 1884 High Commission appointment) Conservative
Charles James Townshend (by-election of 1884-06-26) Liberal-Conservative
Digby William Berrian Vail Liberal
Guysborough John Angus Kirk Liberal
Halifax* Malachy Bowes Daly Liberal-Conservative
Matthew Henry Richey (until 1883 Lieutenant-Governor appointment) Liberal-Conservative
John Fitzwilliam Stairs (by-election of 1883-07-24) Conservative
Hants William Henry Allison Conservative
Inverness Hugh Cameron Liberal-Conservative
Kings Douglas Benjamin Woodworth Liberal-Conservative
Lunenburg Thomas Twining Keefler (until 1883 voiding of election) Liberal
Charles Edwin Kaulbach (by-election of 1883-10-10) Conservative
Pictou* John McDougald Liberal-Conservative
Charles Hibbert Tupper Conservative
Queens James Fraser Forbes Liberal
Richmond Henry Nicholas Paint Conservative
Shelburne Thomas Robertson Liberal
Victoria Charles James Campbell Conservative
Yarmouth Joseph Robbins Kinney Liberal


Electoral district Name Party
Addington John William Bell Conservative
Algoma Simon James Dawson Conservative
Bothwell John Joseph Hawkins (until 1884 voiding of election) Liberal-Conservative
David Mills (by-election of 1884-02-25) Liberal
Brant North James Somerville Liberal
Brant South William Paterson Liberal
Brockville John Fisher Wood Liberal-Conservative
Bruce East Rupert Mearse Wells Liberal
Bruce North Alexander McNeill Liberal-Conservative
Bruce West James Somerville Liberal
Cardwell Thomas White (until 1885 ministerial nomination) Conservative
Thomas White (by-election of 1885-08-27) Conservative
Carleton John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative
Cornwall and Stormont Darby Bergin Liberal-Conservative
Dundas Charles Erastus Hickey Conservative
Durham East Arthur Trefusis Heneage Williams (died 4 July 1885) Conservative
Henry Alfred Ward (by-election of 1885-08-24) Conservative
Durham West Edward Blake Liberal
Elgin East John Henry Wilson Liberal
Elgin West George Elliott Casey Liberal
Essex North James Colebrooke Patterson Conservative
Essex South Lewis Wigle Conservative
Frontenac George Airey Kirkpatrick Conservative
Glengarry Donald Macmaster Conservative
Grenville South William Thomas Benson (died 8 June 1885) Conservative
Walter Shanly (by-election of 1885-07-04) Conservative
Grey East Thomas Simpson Sproule Conservative
Grey North Benjamin Allen Liberal
Grey South George Landerkin Liberal
Haldimand David Thompson (died 18 April 1886) Liberal
Charles Wesley Colter (by-election of 1886-09-08) Liberal
Halton William McCraney Liberal
Hamilton Francis Edwin Kilvert Conservative
Thomas Robertson Liberal
Hastings East John White Conservative
Hastings North Mackenzie Bowell Conservative
Hastings West Alexander Robertson Conservative
Huron East Thomas Farrow Conservative
Huron South John McMillan (resigned 1883) Liberal
Richard John Cartwright (by-election of 1883-12-10) Liberal
Huron West Malcolm Colin Cameron Liberal
Kent Henry Smyth (until election voided 31 December 1883) Conservative
Henry Smyth (by-election of 1884-01-29) Conservative
Kingston Alexander Gunn Liberal
Lambton East John Henry Fairbank Liberal
Lambton West James Frederick Lister Liberal
Lanark North Joseph Jamieson Conservative
Lanark South John Graham Haggart Conservative
Leeds North and Grenville North Charles Frederick Ferguson Liberal-Conservative
Leeds South George Taylor Conservative
Lennox John A. Macdonald (until election voided) Liberal-Conservative
David Wright Allison (by-election of 1883-11-26, until election voided) Liberal
Matthew William Pruyn (by-election of 1885-01-28) Conservative
Lincoln and Niagara John Charles Rykert Conservative
London John Carling Liberal-Conservative
Middlesex East Duncan Macmillan Liberal-Conservative
Middlesex North Timothy Coughlin Liberal-Conservative
Middlesex South James Armstrong Liberal
Middlesex West George William Ross (until election voided October 1883) Liberal
Donald Mackenzie Cameron (by-election of 1883-12-14) Liberal
Monck Lachlan McCallum Liberal-Conservative
Muskoka and Parry Sound William Edward O'Brien Conservative
Norfolk North John Charlton Liberal
Norfolk South Joseph Jackson Liberal
Northumberland East Edward Cochrane Conservative
Northumberland West George Guillet (unseated 1885) Conservative
George Guillet (by-election of 1885-04-07) Conservative
Ontario North Alexander Peter Cockburn Liberal
Ontario South Francis Wayland Glen Liberal
Ontario West George Wheler (resigned 1884) Liberal
James David Edgar (by-election of 1884-08-22) Liberal
Ottawa (City of)* Charles Herbert Mackintosh Conservative
Joseph Tassé Conservative
Oxford North James Sutherland Liberal
Oxford South Archibald Harley Liberal
Peel James Fleming Liberal
Perth North Samuel Rollin Hesson Conservative
Perth South James Trow Liberal
Peterborough East John Burnham Conservative
Peterborough West George Hilliard Liberal-Conservative
Prescott Simon Labrosse Liberal
Prince Edward John Milton Platt Liberal
Renfrew North Peter White Conservative
Renfrew South Robert Campbell Liberal
Russell Moss Kent Dickinson Conservative
Simcoe East Hermon Henry Cook Liberal
Simcoe North Dalton McCarthy Conservative
Simcoe South Richard Tyrwhitt Conservative
Toronto Centre Robert Hay Liberal
Toronto East John Small Conservative
Victoria North Hector Cameron Conservative
Victoria South Joseph Rutherford Dundas Conservative
Waterloo North Hugo Kranz Conservative
Waterloo South James Livingston Liberal
Welland John Ferguson Conservative
Wellington Centre George Turner Orton Liberal-Conservative
Wellington North James McMullen Liberal
Wellington South James Innes Liberal
Wentworth North Thomas Bain Liberal
Wentworth South Lewis Springer Liberal
West Toronto James Beaty Conservative
York East Alexander Mackenzie Liberal
York North William Mulock Liberal
York West Nathaniel Clarke Wallace Conservative

Prince Edward IslandEdit

Electoral district Name Party
King's County* Peter Adolphus McIntyre Liberal
James Edwin Robertson (until disqualified from office) Liberal
Augustine Colin MacDonald (by-election of 1883-04-26) Liberal-Conservative
Prince County* Edward Hackett Liberal-Conservative
James Yeo Liberal
Queen's County* Louis Henry Davies Liberal
John Theophilus Jenkins (until election voided) Liberal-Conservative
Frederick de Sainte-Croix Brecken (by-election of 1883-02-27, until postmaster appointment) Conservative
John Theophilus Jenkins (by-election of 1884-08-19) Liberal-Conservative


Electoral district Name Party
Argenteuil John Abbott Liberal-Conservative
Bagot Joseph Alfred Mousseau (until Quebec cabinet appointment) Conservative
Flavien Dupont (by-election of 1882-09-02) Conservative
Beauce Joseph Bolduc (until Senate appointment) Conservative
Thomas Linière Taschereau (by-election of 1884-10-31) Conservative
Beauharnois Joseph Gédéon Horace Bergeron Conservative
Bellechasse Guillaume Amyot Conservative
Berthier Edward Octavian Cuthbert Conservative
Bonaventure Louis Joseph Riopel Conservative
Brome Sydney Arthur Fisher Liberal
Chambly Pierre Basile Benoit (until Chambly Canal appointment) Conservative
Raymond Préfontaine (by-election of 1886-07-30) Liberal
Champlain Hippolyte Montplaisir Liberal-Conservative
Charlevoix Simon-Xavier Cimon Conservative
Chicoutimi—Saguenay Jean Alfred Gagné Conservative
Châteauguay Edward Holton Liberal
Compton John Henry Pope Liberal-Conservative
Dorchester Charles Alexander Lesage Conservative
Drummond—Arthabaska Désiré Olivier Bourbeau Conservative
Gaspé Pierre Fortin Conservative
Hochelaga Alphonse Desjardins Conservative
Huntingdon Julius Scriver Liberal
Iberville François Béchard Liberal
Jacques Cartier Désiré Girouard Conservative
Joliette Édouard Guilbault (until election voided 4 November 1882) Conservative
Édouard Guilbault (by-election of 1882-12-07) Independent Conservative
Kamouraska Charles Bruno Blondeau Conservative
Laprairie Alfred Pinsonneault Conservative
L'Assomption Hilaire Hurteau Liberal-Conservative
Laval Joseph-Aldéric Ouimet Liberal-Conservative
Lévis Joseph-Goderic Blanchet (until Customs appointment) Liberal-Conservative
Isidore-Noël Belleau (by-election of 1883-10-25, until unseated by court) Conservative
Pierre Malcom Guay (by-election of 1885-04-14) Liberal
L'Islet Philippe Baby Casgrain Liberal
Lotbinière Côme Isaïe Rinfret Liberal
Maskinongé Frédéric Houde (died 15 November 1884) Nationalist Conservative
Alexis Lesieur Desaulniers (by-election of 1884-12-22) Conservative
Mégantic Louis-Israël Côté alias Fréchette (until election voided 1 April 1884) Conservative
François Charles Stanislas Langelier (by-election of 1884-06-10) Liberal
Missisquoi George Barnard Baker Liberal-Conservative
Montcalm Firmin Dugas Conservative
Montmagny Auguste Charles Philippe Robert Landry Conservative
Montmorency Pierre Vincent Valin Conservative
Montreal Centre John Joseph Curran Conservative
Montreal East Charles-Joseph Coursol Conservative
Montreal West Matthew Hamilton Gault Conservative
Napierville Médéric Catudal Liberal
Nicolet François Xavier Ovide Méthot (until Quebec legislative council appointment 27 March 1884) Independent Conservative
Athanase Gaudet (by-election of 1884-04-16) Nationalist Conservative
Ottawa (County of) Alonzo Wright Liberal-Conservative
Pontiac John Bryson Conservative
Portneuf Joseph Esdras Alfred de Saint-Georges Liberal
Quebec-Centre Joseph Guillaume Bossé Conservative
Quebec County Adolphe-Philippe Caron Conservative
Quebec East Wilfrid Laurier Liberal
Quebec West Thomas McGreevy Liberal-Conservative
Richelieu Louis Huet Massue Liberal-Conservative
Richmond—Wolfe William Bullock Ives Conservative
Rimouski Louis Adolphe Billy Conservative
Rouville Georges Auguste Gigault Conservative
Saint Maurice Louis-Léon Lesieur Desaulniers Conservative
Shefford Michel Auger Independent Liberal
Sherbrooke (Town of) Robert Newton Hall Liberal-Conservative
Soulanges Jacques Philippe Lantier (died 15 September 1882) Conservative
Georges-Raoul-Léotale-Guichart-Humbert Saveuse de Beaujeu (by-election of 1882-10-27, until unseated 11 December 1883) Conservative
James William Bain (by-election of 1883-12-27, until election voided) Conservative
James William Bain (by-election of 1885-02-05) Conservative
Stanstead Charles Carroll Colby Liberal-Conservative
St. Hyacinthe Michel Esdras Bernier Liberal
St. John's François Bourassa Liberal
Terrebonne Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel (resigned to open seat for Chapleau) Conservative
Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau (by-election of 1882-08-16) Conservative
Three Rivers Hector-Louis Langevin Conservative
Témiscouata Paul Étienne Grandbois Conservative
Two Mountains Jean-Baptiste Daoust Conservative
Vaudreuil Hugh McMillan Conservative
Verchères Félix Geoffrion Liberal
Yamaska Fabien Vanasse Conservative


By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Haldimand September 8, 1886 David Thompson      Liberal Charles Wesley Colter      Liberal Death Yes
Chambly July 30, 1886 Pierre Basile Benoit      Conservative Raymond Préfontaine      Liberal Appointed Superintendent of the Chambly Canal. No
King's December 31, 1885 George Eulas Foster      Conservative George Eulas Foster      Conservative Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Marine and Fisheries. Yes
City of St. John November 24, 1885 Samuel Leonard Tilley      Liberal-Conservative Frederick Eustace Barker      Conservative Appointed Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. Yes
City and County of St. John October 20, 1885 Isaac Burpee      Liberal Charles Arthur Everett      Conservative Death No
Antigonish October 16, 1885 Angus McIsaac      Liberal John Sparrow David Thompson      Liberal-Conservative Appointed County Court Judge for District No. 6. No
Cardwell August 27, 1885 Thomas White      Conservative Thomas White      Conservative Recontested upon appointment as Minister of the Interior. Yes
Durham East August 24, 1885 Arthur Trefusis Heneage Williams      Conservative Henry Alfred Ward      Conservative Death Yes
Grenville South July 4, 1885 William Thomas Benson      Conservative Walter Shanly      Conservative Death Yes
Lévis April 14, 1885 Isidore-Noël Belleau      Conservative Pierre Malcom Guay      Liberal Unseated on a judgement of the Supreme Court. Yes
Northumberland West April 7, 1885 George Guillet      Conservative George Guillet      Conservative Election declared void Yes
Soulanges February 5, 1885 James William Bain      Conservative James William Bain      Conservative Election declared void. Yes
Lennox January 28, 1885 David Wright Allison      Liberal Matthew William Pruyn      Conservative Election declared void. No
Maskinongé December 22, 1884 Frédéric Houde      Nationalist Conservative Alexis Lesieur Desaulniers      Conservative Death. No
Beauce October 31, 1884 Joseph Bolduc      Nationalist Conservative Thomas Linière Taschereau      Conservative Called to the Senate. Yes
Ontario West August 22, 1884 George Wheler      Liberal James David Edgar      Liberal Resignation Yes
Queen's County August 19, 1884 Frederick de Sainte-Croix Brecken      Conservative John Theophilus Jenkins      Liberal-Conservative Appointed Postmaster of Charlottetown. Yes
Cape Breton July 3, 1884 William M. McDonald      Conservative Hector Francis McDougall      Liberal-Conservative Called to the Senate. Yes
York June 29, 1884 John Pickard      Independent Liberal Thomas Temple      Conservative Death No
Cumberland June 26, 1884 Charles Tupper      Conservative Charles James Townshend      Liberal-Conservative Appointed High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom. Yes
Mégantic June 10, 1884 Louis-Israël Côté dit Fréchette      Conservative François Langelier      Liberal Election declared void. No
Nicolet April 16, 1884 François-Xavier-Ovide Méthot      Independent Conservative Athanase Gaudet      Nationalist Conservative Appointed to the Legislative Council of Quebec. No
Bothwell February 25, 1884 John Joseph Hawkins      Liberal-Conservative David Mills      Liberal Election declared void. No
Kent January 29, 1884 Henry Smyth      Conservative Henry Smyth      Conservative Election declared void. Yes
Soulanges December 27, 1883 Georges-Raoul-Léotale-Guichart-Humbert Saveuse de Beaujeu      Conservative James William Bain      Conservative Election declared void. Yes
Middlesex West December 14, 1883 George William Ross      Liberal Donald Mackenzie Cameron      Liberal Election declared void. Yes
Huron South December 10, 1883 John McMillan      Liberal Richard John Cartwright      Liberal Resignation to provide a seat for Cartwright. Yes
Lennox November 26, 1883 John A. Macdonald      Liberal-Conservative David Wright Allison      Liberal Election voided. Macdonald was concurrently elected in Carleton and chose to sit for that riding. No
Lévis October 25, 1883 Joseph-Godéric Blanchet      Liberal-Conservative Isidore-Noël Belleau      Conservative Appointed Collector of Customs for the Port of Quebec. Yes
Lunenburg October 10, 1883 Thomas Twining Keefler      Liberal Charles Edwin Kaulbach      Conservative Election declared void. No
Kent September 22, 1883 Gilbert Anselme Girouard      Conservative Pierre-Amand Landry      Conservative Appointed customs collector for Richibucto. Yes
Halifax July 24, 1883 Matthew Henry Richey      Liberal-Conservative John Fitzwilliam Stairs      Conservative Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Yes
Albert July 10, 1883 John Wallace      Liberal John Wallace      Liberal-Conservative Election declared void. No
King's County April 26, 1883 James Edwin Robertson      Liberal Augustine Colin MacDonald      Liberal-Conservative Robertson disqualified as he was a member of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly at the time of the election. The seat was adjudicated to MacDonald. No
Queen's County February 27, 1883 John Theophilus Jenkins      Liberal-Conservative Frederick de Sainte-Croix Brecken      Conservative Jenkins' election being declared void, the seat was adjudicated to Mr. Brecken. Yes
Joliette December 7, 1882 Édouard Guilbault      Conservative Édouard Guilbault      Independent Conservative Election declared void. No
King's November 7, 1882 George Eulas Foster      Conservative George Eulas Foster      Conservative Election declared void. Yes
Soulanges October 27, 1882 Jacques Philippe Lantier      Conservative Georges-Raoul-Léotale-Guichart-Humbert Saveuse de Beaujeu      Conservative Death Yes
Bagot September 2, 1882 Joseph-Alfred Mousseau      Conservative Flavien Dupont      Conservative Resignation upon appointment as Premier of Quebec. Yes
Terrebonne August 16, 1882 Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel      Conservative Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau      Conservative Resignation to provide a seat for Chapleau. Yes


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