1816 in Canada

Events from the year 1816 in Canada.

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  • January 5 – Sir George Prevost dies before consideration of Commodore Yeo's charges; but the Duke of Wellington says: "He must have returned, after the fleet was beaten, I am inclined to think he was right. I have told ministers, repeatedly, that naval superiority, on the Lakes, is a sine qua non of success in war on the frontiers of Canada, even if our object should be wholly defensive."
  • June 19 – After several years of harassment, sabotage, and minor skirmishes between members of the Hudson's Bay and North West Companies, a full-scale battle (today known at Battle of Seven Oaks) breaks out between parties led by Cuthbert Grant and Robert Semple. The Hudson's Bay men, instigators of the confrontation though outnumbered nearly three to one, suffer 21 deaths, while Grant's party suffers two deaths, one Métis and one Native. The battle is frequently cited as a seminal moment in the history of the Métis people.
  • A steamboat PS Frontenac is first placed on Lake Ontario.