1804 United States House of Representatives elections in North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates[a]
North Carolina 1 Thomas Wynns Democratic-Republican 1802 (special) Incumbent re-elected. Thomas Wynns (Democratic-Republican)[b]
Thomas Harvey
North Carolina 2 Willis Alston Democratic-Republican 1798 Incumbent re-elected. Willis Alston (Democratic-Republican) 66.6%
John Binford (Federalist) 20.7%
William R. Davie (Federalist) 12.7%
North Carolina 3 William Kennedy Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Thomas Blount (Democratic-Republican) 51.4%
William Kennedy (Democratic-Republican) 48.6%
North Carolina 4 William Blackledge Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. William Blackledge (Democratic-Republican) 96.6%
John Stanly (Federalist) 3.4%
North Carolina 5 James Gillespie Democratic-Republican 1793
Incumbent re-elected.
Successor died January 5, 1805, triggering a special election.
James Gillespie (Democratic-Republican) 52.5%
Benjamin Smith (Federalist) 40.2%
Samuel Ashe (Democratic-Republican) 7.3%
North Carolina 6 Nathaniel Macon Democratic-Republican 1791 Incumbent re-elected. Nathaniel Macon (Democratic-Republican) 99.9%
North Carolina 7 Samuel D. Purviance Federalist 1803 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican gain.
Duncan McFarlan (Democratic-Republican) 36.8%
Joseph Pickett (Federalist) 31.7%
William Martin (Federalist) 31.1%
North Carolina 8 Richard Stanford Democratic-Republican 1796 Incumbent re-elected. Richard Stanford[c] (Democratic-Republican)
Duncan Cameron
Archibald Murphey
John Hinton Jr.
North Carolina 9 Marmaduke Williams Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Marmaduke Williams (Democratic-Republican) 98.9%
Theophilus Lacey (Democratic-Republican) 1.0%
North Carolina 10 Nathaniel Alexander Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Nathaniel Alexander (Democratic-Republican)[b]
North Carolina 11 James Holland Democratic-Republican 1800 Incumbent re-elected. James Holland (Democratic-Republican) 100%
North Carolina 12 Joseph Winston Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Joseph Winston (Democratic-Republican) 57.0%
Meshack Franklin (Democratic-Republican) 43.0%

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  1. ^ Only candidates with at least 1% of the vote listed
  2. ^ a b Numbers of votes missing or incomplete in source
  3. ^ Source does not give complete results, but partial results suggest a very large majority