1791 United States House of Representatives elections in North Carolina

Due to the cession of North Carolina's trans-Appalachian territory to form the Southwest Territory, the territory of the old 5th district was lost. North Carolina retained the same number of Representatives, and so it redistricted for the Second Congress.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1
Also called Yadkin Division
John Steele
Redistricted from the 4th district
Pro-Administration 1790 Incumbent re-elected. John Steele (Pro-Administration) 87.3%
Joseph MacDowell (Anti-Administration) 12.7%
North Carolina 2
Also called Centre Division
None (District created) New seat
Anti-Administration gain.
Nathaniel Macon (Anti-Administration)[1]
Alexander Mebane (Anti-Administration)
North Carolina 3 John Baptista Ashe
Redistricted from the 1st district
Anti-Administration 1790 Incumbent re-elected. Jonathan B. Ashe (Anti-Administration)[1]
North Carolina 4
Also called Albemarle Division
Hugh Williamson
Redistricted from the 2nd district
Anti-Administration 1790 Incumbent re-elected. Hugh Williamson (Anti-Administration)[2]
Charles Johnson (Anti-Administration)
North Carolina 5
Also called Cape Fear Division
Timothy Bloodworth
Redistricted from the 3rd district
Anti-Administration 1790 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Pro-Administration gain.
William B. Grove (Pro-Administration) 65.2%
Timothy Bloodworth (Anti-Administration) 34.6%
Benjamin Smith (Pro-Administration) 0.2%

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  1. ^ a b Source does not give numbers of votes or has incomplete data
  2. ^ Won by a margin of 896 votes