1800 United States House of Representatives elections in North Carolina

Of the 10 North Carolina incumbents, 8 were re-elected.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Joseph Dickson Federalist 1798 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican gain.
James Holland (Democratic-Republican) 60.9%
Joseph Dickson (Federalist) 38.1%
North Carolina 2 Archibald Henderson Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected. Archibald Henderson (Federalist) 49.3%
Musendine Matthews (Federalist) 29.0%
Matthew Locke (Democratic-Republican) 21.7%
North Carolina 3 Robert Williams Democratic-Republican 1796 Incumbent re-elected. Robert Williams (Democratic-Republican) 75.1%
John Hamilton (Federalist) 24.9%
North Carolina 4 Richard Stanford Democratic-Republican 1796 Incumbent re-elected. Richard Stanford (Democratic-Republican) 61.6%
William Strudwick (Federalist) 38.4%
North Carolina 5 Nathaniel Macon Democratic-Republican 1791 Incumbent re-elected. Nathaniel Macon (Democratic-Republican) 97.4%
Scattering 2.6%
North Carolina 6 William H. Hill Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected. William H. Hill (Federalist) 65.2%
James Gillespie (Democratic-Republican) 34.8%
North Carolina 7 William Barry Grove Federalist 1791 Incumbent re-elected. William Barry Grove (Federalist) 77.8%
Samuel D. Purviance (Democratic-Republican) 22.2%
North Carolina 8 David Stone Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected.
Winner was also elected U.S. Senator, and therefore chose not to serve in the House in the next congress. A special election was held August 6, 1801.
David Stone (Federalist)
John H. Jaycocks (Federalist)
John White
North Carolina 9 Willis Alston Democratic-Republican 1798 Incumbent re-elected. Willis Alston (Democratic-Republican) 58.1%
Thomas Blount (Democratic-Republican) 41.9%
North Carolina 10 Richard Dobbs Spaight Democratic-Republican 1798 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Federalist gain.
John Stanly (Federalist) 60.1%
Richard Dobbs Spaight (Democratic-Republican) 39.9%

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