1744 in Sweden

Events from the year 1744 in Sweden

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Ordre de l'Harmonie



  • 30 January - Execution of Skinnar Per Andersson.
  • March - The threatening war with Denmark is prevented by a treaty between Sweden and Denmark.
  • July - The Empire of Russia agree to recall their troops from Sweden.
  • 18 August - The wedding between Crown Prince Adolf Frederick and Louisa Ulrika of Prussia on Drottningholm Palace.
  • August - Creation of the L'Ordre de l'Harmonie.
  • By royal letter, the right to sell Tobacco in the Swedish cities is reserved for women in need of support, ruined male burghers and war invalids: this is confirmed a second time in 1772, then with the addition that the tobacco sellers are only permitted to employ females or non-adult males.[1]




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