This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1567.

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  • October 14António Ferreira becomes Desembargador da Casa do Civel and leaves Coimbra for Lisbon.[1]
  • unknown dates
    • John Brayne builds the Red Lion theatre just east of the City of London. It is for touring productions and the first known playhouse to be purpose-built in the British Isles since Roman times. However, there is little evidence that the theatre survives beyond this summer's season. The only play known to be presented here is The Story of Sampson.[2][3]
    • Spanish playwright Lope de Rueda's works are published following his death in 1565 by Timoneda, who tones down certain passages.
  • Approximate date – Isabella Whitney becomes the earliest identified woman to publish secular poetry in the English language with The Copy of a Letter, Lately Written in Meter by a Young Gentlewoman: to her Unconstant Lover (signed "I.W."), The Admonition by the Author to all Young Gentlewomen: And to all other Maids being in Love and An Order Prescribed, by Is. W., to two of her Younger Sisters Serving in London.[4]

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