1595 in literature

This article is a summary of the literary events and publications of 1595.

List of years in literature (table)


  • May 24 – The Nomenclator of Leiden University Library appears as the first printed catalog of an institutional library.
  • December 9 – Shakespeare's Richard II is possibly acted privately at the Canon Row house of Sir Edward Hoby, with Sir Robert Cecil attending.
  • unknown dates
    • The first part of Ginés Pérez de Hita's Historia de los bandos de los Zegríes y Abencerrajes (Guerras civiles de Granada) appears. Supposedly a chronicle of the Morisco rebellions in Granada based on an Arabic original, it is probably the earliest historical novel and certainly the first to gain popularity.
    • Lope de Vega leaves the service of the Duke of Alba and returns to Madrid, after the death of his first wife Isabel in the previous year.[1]

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