Workers' Party

Workers' Party is a name used by several political parties throughout the world. The name has been used by both organisations on the left and right of the political spectrum. It is currently used by followers of Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, social democracy, democratic socialism, socialism and Trotskyism.

Current Workers' PartiesEdit

Country Party Political orientation
Algeria Workers' Party Trotskyist
Argentina Workers' Party Trotskyist
Australia Australian Workers Party Social democratic
Bangladesh Workers Party of Bangladesh Marxism-Leninism
Belgium Workers' Party of Belgium Marxist
Brazil Workers' Party Democratic socialist
Costa Rica Workers' Party Trotskyist
Czech Republic Workers' Party of Social Justice National Socialist
Egypt Workers Democratic Party Social democratic
Ecuador Workers' Party of Ecuador Communist
Finland Workers Party of Finland Socialist
Guinea-Bissau Workers' Party Socialist
Hungary Hungarian Workers' Party Marxist-Leninist
India (Maharashtra state) Peasants and Workers Party of India Marxist
India (West Bengal state) Workers Party of India Communist
Indonesia Worker's Party of Indonesia Democratic socialist
Ireland Workers' Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist
Montenegro Workers' Party Labour rights
Nepal Nepal Workers Peasants Party Juche
North Korea Workers' Party of Korea Juche
Paraguay Workers' Party Trotskyist
Singapore Workers' Party Social democratic
Spain Workers' Party Communist
Sweden (Västerbotten County) Workers' Party Trotskyist
Turkey Workers' Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist
United Kingdom Workers Revolutionary Party Trotskyist
United Kingdom Workers Party of Britain Socialist
United States Workers Party, USA Marxist-Leninist
United States Workers Party of Massachusetts Socialist
Uruguay Workers' Party Trotskyist

Defunct Workers' PartiesEdit

Defunct Workers' parties include:

Country Party Political orientation Reason defunct
Australia Workers Party Libertarian
Bahamas Workers' Party
Barbados Workers Party of Barbados Marxist Defunct due to unpopularity
Cambodia Workers' Party of Kampuchea (1960–1966) Communist Renamed to Communist Party of Kampuchea in 1966. Dissolved in 1981.
Canada Workers' Party of Canada (1922-1924) Communist Legal face of the illegal Communist Party until the government's ban was lifted.
Canada Workers' Party of Canada (1934-1937) Trotskyist Dissolved upon entry into the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. Reformed in 1939 as the Socialist Workers League.
Canada Revolutionary Workers Party (1946-1952) Trotskyist Entered the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation.
Croatia Croatian Workers Party (1906-1918) Left-wing populist
Czech Republic Workers' Party National Socialist Banned in 2010 by the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic
Estonia Estonian Workers' Party Communist
Ethiopia Workers' Party of Ethiopia Marxist-Leninist Overthrown in 1991
Finland Workers' Party of Finland Marxist Banned in 1923
France Workers' Party Trotskyist
Germany German Workers' Party Nationalist Renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1920
Germany National Socialist German Workers' Party National Socialist Dissolved and banned in 1945
Hungary Hungarian Workers' Party National Socialist Dissolved and regrouped
Ireland Irish Workers Party Communist Merged with the Communist Party of Northern Ireland to reconstitute the all-Ireland Communist Party of Ireland in 1962
Israel Workers Party of Eretz Israel (Mapai) Labor Zionism Merged into the Israeli Labor Party
Israel United Workers Party (Mapam) Labor Zionism Merged into Meretz
Israel Workers of Agudat Yisrael Haredi Judaism
Korea Workers' Party of North Korea
Workers' Party of South Korea
Merged to form the Workers' Party of Korea in 1949
Latvia Workers' Party Left-wing politics
Mexico Mexican Workers' Party Social democratic Merged with the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico to form the Mexican Socialist Party in 1987
New Zealand Workers Party of New Zealand Marxist Renamed to Fightback in 2013
North Macedonia Workers Party Left-wing politics
Poland Polish Workers' Party Communist Merged to form the Polish United Workers' Party in 1948
Poland Polish United Workers' Party Marxist-Leninist Self-dissolved in 1990
Poland Zionist Workers Party
Romania Romanian Workers' Party Communist Renamed the Romanian Communist Party in 1965
South Africa Workers Party of South Africa Trotskyist Banned in 1953
Spain Workers' Party of Marxist Unification Marxist Dissolved in 1980
Trinidad and Tobago Workers and Farmers Party Marxist Defunct due to unpopularity
Trinidad and Tobago British Empire Citizens' and Workers' Home Rule Party Garveyism Popularly known as the Butler Party, defunct due to unpopularity
Trinidad and Tobago Progressive Workers Democrat Movement Defunct due to unpopularity
Turkey Workers' Party Scientific socialist Renamed the Patriotic Party in 2015
United Kingdom International Leninist Workers Party Marxist-Leninist Dissolved into the Socialist Labour Party in 1996
United Kingdom Workers Party of Scotland Marxist-Leninist
United States Democratic Workers Party Marxist-Leninist Dissolved in 1986
United States Workers Party Trotskyist Renamed the Independent Socialist League in 1949
United States American Workers Party Musteite Merged into Workers' Party of the United States
United States Workers Party of America Marxist-Leninist Became Communist Party USA in 1929.
United States Workers' Party of the United States Trotskyist Absorbed into the Socialist Party of America in 1936

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