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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2016-11-04/Arbitration report

This edition of the Arbitration Report covers the month of October 2016.

Michael Hardy case

On 1 October, the Michael Hardy case closed. ArbCom issued remedies, reminders were given to Michael Hardy and MjolnirPants, and ArbCom reminded itself to exercise care about scope creep when taking up future cases.

The Rambling Man case

The Rambling Man case closed on 13 October. The Rambling Man resigned his administrator role and is "prohibited from insulting and/or belittling other editors." Other remedies include The Rambling Man and George Ho having an interaction ban and George Ho being restricted from selecting main page content. ArbCom also encouraged the Wikipedia community "to review the selection process for the Did you know and In the news sections of the main page."

Administrator desysoped and banned

On 5 October, a CheckUser on Ricky81682, a ten-year administrator with more than 100,000 Wikipedia edits, revealed that they had used multiple accounts from 13 July to 7 August 2016. Activities included articles for deletion; the user did not account for the sock puppetry. The Committee removed Ricky's administration rights and banned them indefinitely. In the event the ban is lifted, the user will be eligible for a new request for adminship.

In brief

  • Changes in CheckUser and Oversight teams: Throughout the month of October, a change of positions in CheckUser and Oversight occurred. Coren had CheckUser permissions removed due to inactivity. Euryalus, FloNight, and Roger Davies also resigned from their teams. In their place, ArbCom appointed KrakatoaKatie as a CheckUser and Oversighter and MusikAnimal as a CheckUser. Ks0stm returned to Oversight duty after being inactive and Beeblebrox returned to the Oversight and CheckUser teams after resigning in May 2015.