Update: To this date, I have wondered about my future with Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia, so I may need to brainstorm before making decisions in the far future. I will figure out my reach and my appropriate scope while I continue contributing.

Formerly "Gh87". This is my real name; however, if there are more than one "George Ho", I apologize: give me a message in my talk page, so I will go to WP:Rename again someday.

One thing for sure: I am not the late Hong Kong entrepreneur, George Ho Ho-chi (何佐芝).

Actually, is Gấm, Gắm, Cẫm, or Củm;[1] is Khoăn or Khoan.[2]


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My longest-running DYK nominations: Template:Did you know nominations/Shooting of Walter Scott and Template:Did you know nominations/2015 Baltimore protests (86 days—tied)

"2015 Baltimore protests" article was nominated as previously a 2nd article for another article, "Death of Freddy Gray", which was nominated three days prior and then appeared In the News, rendering Death of... article ineligible.

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 Awarded The Barnstar of Diplomacy for this
 Awarded The Editor's Barnstar for creating and editing Sam and Diane
 Awarded The Original Barnstar for "rapid assistance with Panama Limited"
 Awarded The Citation Barnstar for real-world aspects of fictional gay porn video, A Young Man's World
 Awarded All Around Amazing Barnstar for maintaining WP:DYKSTATS
 Awarded The Original Barnstar for improving image rationales, earning me second chances from others
 Awarded The Teamwork Barnstar for improving 2014 Russian financial crisis with other editors
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 Awarded The Good Article Barnstar for promoting Herb Mitchell (actor) to GA status
 Awarded The Graphic Designer's Barnstar for a title screenshot of Ants in the Plants
 Awarded The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar for updating WP:Did you know/DYK hook count
 Awarded The Minor Barnstar for curating David Ogden Stiers
 Awarded The Original Barnstar for thanklessly job of relisting move discussions
 Awarded The Teamwork Barnstar for improving Roddy Piper article to be part of ITN's Recent Deaths ticker.
 Awarded The Resilient Barnstar
 Awarded The Teamwork Barnstar for DonitzLiebt's disruptive edits; the user was ultimately blocked by John Reaves.