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2016 WikiCup

The ten-month-long run of the tenth WikiCup competition is finally over, and the winners have been announced. Having taken place annually since 2007, the WikiCup encourages editors to improve Wikipedia and engage in the various featured content processes (and the lesser ones such as good articles and In the News) through friendly competition and encouragement.

The top three finalists were:

In addition to recognizing the achievements of the top contestants and everyone who worked hard to make it to the final round, we also want to acknowledge participants who were most productive in each of the WikiCup scoring categories:

  • Featured articles – Cas Liber (actually a three-way tie with themselves for two FAs in each of R2, R3, and R5).
  • Good articles – MPJ-DK had 14 GAs promoted in R3.
  • Featured lists – England Calvin999 (submissions) produced 2 FLs in R2
  • Featured pictures – Adam Cuerden restored 18 images to FP status in R4.
  • Featured portals – Yakutsk SSTflyer (submissions) produced the only FPO of the Cup in R2.
  • Featured topics – Connecticut Cyclonebiskit (submissions) and Calvin were each responsible for one FT in R3 and R2, respectively.
  • Good topics – MPJ-DK created a GT with 9 GAs in R5.
  • Did you know – MPJ-DK put 53 DYKs on the main page in R4.
  • In the news – India Dharmadhyaksha (submissions) and New York City Muboshgu (submissions), each with 5 ITN, both in R4.
  • Good article reviews – MPJ-DK completed 61 GARs in R2.

Over the course of the 2016 WikiCup the following content was added to Wikipedia (only reporting on fixed value categories): 17 featured articles, 183 good articles, 8 featured lists, 87 featured pictures, 40 in the news items, and 321 good article reviews. Thank you to all the competitors for your hard work and what you have done to improve Wikipedia.


Each finalist produced some excellent work. We've included a representative sample.