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a WikiShark, on the hunt for unsuspected sockpuppets
Scientific classification
W. superbus
Binomial name
Wikisqualus superbus
Myconix, 2015
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WikiSharks are WikiFauna's fearsome dwellers of the digital abyss. WikiSharks are experienced editors, mostly engaged behind the scenes in taking care of enforcing Wikipedia's policies, but are in fact highly dangerous when protecting WikiRealm from aggressive and disruptive editors. WikiSharks are often misunderstood—being feared and wrongly blamed of overzealous deletion of articles and content and allegedly attacking seemingly unsuspecting editors. However, do not be fooled—a WikiShark possesses the original features of the WikiGryphon, being kind and helpful to new editors and actively assisting positive contributors, but attacking WikiVandals, WikiTrolls and WikiZombies and devouring WikiFallen sockmasters and their puppets, who are making too many "waves" on the surface, which attracts the predator from the abyss. Despite the fear around them, WikiSharks are highly beneficial WikiFauna, keeping the order and a healthy biosphere. A WikiShark sometimes plays violent games with WikiDragons and may become very confused upon encountering a WikiKraken.


WikiSharks are known for their overzealous deletion of misleading material added by sockpuppets and disruptive editors. WikiSharks often tends to delete any and all information they see without a citation, rather than flagging the information with [citation needed] as is proper etiquette. A WikiShark will always attempt to flag an article for deletion before making any attempts to rectify the article themselves. Many older WikiSharks are also versed Wikilawyers, and will attempt to bend the rules to their advantage.

A WikiShark's favorite prey are sockpuppets who are engaged in extensive edit-warring in the WikiRealm, but in fact are usually being created and maintained by a single sockpuppeteer editor, putting up relatively little resistance when discovered. WikiSharks tend to favor certain WikiProjects over others, as some tend to condone or even encourage their scrutinous feeding habits, although rarely without warrant.

Despite these behaviors, most WikiSharks rarely lash out into a personal attack. When such an event does occur, they usually do so by responding with "you" statements and snide, condescending comments in their edit summaries.

Comparison to other WikiFaunaEdit

WikiSharks are usually likened to a more superficially polite version of WikiGryphons; their actions usually drive away disruptive editors, keeping the WikiRealm's ecosystem healthy. On occasion, they may also resemble a WikiKing, as they may "occupy" a given article for a period of time, reverting most, if not all, edits suspected as sockpuppetry.

Responding to a WikiShark attackEdit

If a WikiShark bites you or your article, with no obvious reason—don't panic. WikiFauna members are not under mortal threat in a WikiShark attack, assuming their deeds and intentions are in line with the WikiRealm's rules. However, wounds can be sustained when encountering a zealous WikiShark hunting for its prey. Here are a few ways to defend yourself and your edits against a WikiShark:

  • Do not try to take sides with editors engaged in disruptive editing or suspected sockpuppets, thus enraging WikiSharks. Typically, things get calmer when such editors are caught and banned by administrative action.
  • The primary target for any WikiShark is material added by disruptive editors and sockpuppets in any amount. While there is no substitute for citing reliable sources, in case you consider the deleted material beneficial, calmly inform the WikiShark that applying common sense is sometimes better than a "letter of the law" interpretation of the rules, and the proper response if said information is not libelous or misleading is to use the [citation needed] flag, rather than to delete the information outright.
  • Pay attention to a WikiShark's edits. The three-revert rule should always be taken into account, by both yourself and the WikiShark.
  • If the WikiShark persists, one may wish to request a dispute resolution.

Self identificationEdit

WikiSharks may identify themselves by simply proclaiming it on their userpage. They can also use a spiffy userbox:

Note that the gray vertical border between the image and the text does not appear when transcluded elsewhere; the table below causes that to appear.
Code Result
{{User wikipedia/Shark}}
 This user is a WikiShark.

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